Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

OK, so I've been preparing and cooking for many days now, am totally unprepared and have no Thanksgiving post.

The uber-teen, in an attempt to help me with my bloggy woes, suggests I blog about her. "Tell them how pretty I am!"

There's a nice long (and totally unrelated) post for ya.

The uber-teen is pretty.

Really, really pretty.

How about Thanksgiving questions and advice?


Have any pressing Turkey Day questions? Put them in the comments. Answers and advice will follow (probably after Thanksgiving has passed and it's no longer relevant, of course).

Ah well, just be sure to ignore all of the stupid health advice you're hearing all over your TV, radio, and Internet today.

Eat too much, drink too much, watch some football...nap it off and do it again! C''s just one day...

Happy Thanksgiving!


Peakah said...

The only advice I can give as my wife is the master chef in our house is, Eat Way Too Much...

Have a great Thanksgiving Uber and the Beautiful and Talented Uber-Teen!

Tyler said...

YAY for NAPS!!! Yay for stuffing!!

YAY for Stuffed NAPS!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sezme said...

Lots of food, naps, and laughing at the insane antics of others works for me. Laughing is good for the heart. :)

Happy Thanksgiving.

Crazy Politico said...

Definitely had too much food, wine and football. I'm sure I'll hate myself in the morning, but today, I loved every minute of it.

Hope you had a great holiday!

Buckaroo Banzai said...

I have a question: What's the deal with cranberry sauce, and how cool is the sucking sound it makes when taken from a can?

Anonymous said...

My uber-teen daughter ran away from home. I finally heard from her and thank goodness she's okay. That's what I'm thankful for at the moment. If y'all pray, pray that she comes home really soon. She's my heart and soul...miss you Uber..take care hon

Anonymous said...

Being based in Germany, it's normally just another cold,dreary, non festive time of year. Your great post, almost inspired me enough to make a run up the autobahn, to "little America" in Mannheim to go buy and cook up a Lil Butterball. Just wish those suckers came with "Uber Stuffing" rather than the complimentary bag of gonads, as rumor has it, its the greatest stuffing to be had anywhere !

Seriously, Frau Uber, hoping your holiday season is a great one, and if you find yourself with a case of the wobbles please: 1) Try remember happier holidays from before and 2) I'll be here to prop ya back up, and am fairly certain, there will be a lot of volunteers among your fans and followers here to assist in that endeavor, and amazingly, most of them of the male variety. And as a side note, assuming the Uber teen looks anything like her Mom,which I am certain she does, she can't help but be pretty.

Anonymous said...

What do you do with a handful of T. cards that you've already addressed and written notes in when it takes at least a week to arrive at their destination? I did get some mailed, a few at a time. but I've had these long enough to get the job done! I think I need to start on Xmas cards today! heh

kateykakes said...

A day late and a dollar short (but the sentiment is heartfelt)...

Hope you and Uber Teen had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

Uber said...

Thanks Peakah!

Tyler- Exactly right, it's not really Thanksgiving until your rubbing the tum-tum moaning "owie" til ya fall asleep. lol

rt- Not only that, but also provides a great workout for the abs! :)

CP- Worth every single "owie" too, wasn't it? ;)

Earpy- That jiggly stuff is just amazing and always has a spot on the table though nobody ever eats a bite of it. lol

WHM- I'm so sorry to hear about this. Of course all who read will say a prayer (or I'll hafta HURT them!). If you need anything, even just a shoulder, I'm but an email away. *hugs*

FG- So schweet! I thank you, the uber-teen thanks you...and last but not least, an anonymous uneaten turkey thanks you. ;)

Lin- Do exacly what I'm gonna do with the Halloween and Thanksgiving card I have addressed but not sent to you...wait til Christmas and send um all at once. *g*

Thanks so much Katey (it's not over til the turkey is all gone, btw). Hope your Thanksgiving was terrific! :)

Dr. Phat Tony said...

I haven't had a drop to drink this 4 day weekend. Am I getting to old to get drunk, or is it that I need a better reason than not having to work the next day?

Insolublog said...

I know this is late, but I hope you ignored the negative health advice. When will you post some Uber recipes?


1 1/2 cup all purpose flour sifted
1 1/2 cup lukewarm milk
1/3 stick of melted butter
1 Tblsp vegetable oil
1/2 tsp salt
3 eggs

Beat them together until smooth. Let stand for twenty minutes, to let the flour hydrate. Stick a large twelve spot muffin tin in a 485deg F oven until it hits temperature. Add a 1/2 tsp oil to each cup. Let it heat for another 5min.

Remove the tin and quickly fill each cup 3/4 the way to the top. Stick it in the oven for twenty minutes. Have your kids watch them puff up to enormous size. Turn the oven down to 325degF without opening the door. Bake another 25mins.

A great subsitute for bread, for wiping up gravy and cran sauce. Also makes a wonderful morning treat with hot butter and jam.

Anonymous said...

I considered drawing a Santa hat on the turkey and writing MC over HT, but have decided to venture out to the PO and send them on their way! At least they'll know I was thinking about them! And I really am going to start on C cards!

I like cranberry sauce! It's good when eaten with the dressing .

Did you see the receipe for a salad with cut-up Snickers on AWTM? I'm curious as to how it tastes but that sounds like a sugar overload!

Did you join the horde of shoppers? Just driving amongst them is scary enough for me!

Ssssteve said...

Sorry I'm late Uber!! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I'm here in Louisville now but had a great thanksgiving with the family!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you gorged yourself thoroughly!

Uber said...

Doc- You need a better reason because you're too old! haha It's ok, I'm just ahead of you (ok, by more than a few years), only able to handle the occasional glass of wine or slipping stuff in my coffee little by little like a lil ole lady. lol

Insolu- Thanks for the recipe, sounds great, I'll try it soon. And that's a really good idea for a future holiday post, a recipe trade! Those found randomly on the web scare me after the garlic chicken fiasco (yeah ended up ordering pizza lol).

Uber recipes coming teased!

Lin- The late card idea is so good I shall have to steal it! lol
I think maybe I'm just too "country" for Snickers just aint natural. *g* Maybe I'll make it especially for the gay liberal sometime though. ;)
Oh, and I've NEVER been shopping the day after Thanksgiving...not on purpose anyhow. Oo Scary indeed...

Ssssteve- Yay! Thanks. Now get ready to do it all over again in less than a month. *g*

Damian- Back at ya! And not only did I, I cried "Why oh why did I do that?!" Then napped and did it again. ;)