Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Socialist “Bailout” Could Spark Collapse

Came across an accurate assessment here, concerning the bailout scheme.

A few highlights of the article-

While many of the talking heads and pundits on TV have been providing calming words of reassurance about proposed federal intervention in the financial system, analyst Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital has been accurately warning for years about a financial meltdown and says that the worst, if Congress eventually passes the “bailout” bill, is yet to come.

Asked for comment on current media coverage of the financial meltdown, he told Accuracy in Media, “Absent when they have me on, it’s pretty bad.”

Many commentators, Schiff said, are telling people that if the bailout doesn’t go forward, there will be an economic crisis. However, “if we do it, there will be a bigger crisis,” he predicts.

Schiff had shocking advice for ordinary Americans.

“The first thing you do if you have a mortgage is you stop making the payments,” he said. “That’s the number one thing for people who have mortgages based on this plan. And use that money to buy gold or stock up on food. You’re going to need it. Meanwhile, no one is going to kick you out of your house. You’re going to be able to live in your house for probably a year or two before the government calls you up to give you a lower mortgage because nobody is going to foreclose on you right now. Why would you foreclose? You sell the loan to the government. This plan is a huge moral hazard and it’s going to lead to a surge in mortgage delinquencies.”

Schiff, who labels the proposed government takeover of the financial sector as socialism and refers to the Federal Reserve Board chairman as “Comrade Bernanke,” told AIM, “The government doesn’t have the authority to do any of this stuff. This whole bailout bill is illegal. They don’t have the authority to buy up mortgages. Nothing in the Constitution says they can do this.”

“Who needs Bolsheviks when you have the Fed?” he has written.

The author of “Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse,” Schiff said that “The government doesn’t solve problems. It makes them bigger. So if we’re broke, which is the reality―that’s why these mortgages are not worth much because Americans can’t afford to pay the money back that they borrowed―the bottom line is we’ve borrowed and spent ourselves into bankruptcy following the government’s advice. They’re the ones that encouraged all this reckless borrowing and spending.”

Fast track to fascism?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Chillin'

Sunday, that one day a week that I just chill out...

I stop worrying about work, appointments, eating healthy, exercise, bills, the disgusting and only slightly less disgusting. All of the bs will still be here tomorrow, no?

So, come away with me, if so inclined.

A nature walk always clears my mind, camera in tow, of course. In fact, I'll be starting a photography blog really soon, where I will be sure to invite you all to come and chill with me when the mood arises, but until then, I'll share some here.

The following is a small collection of nature photographs, all taken in North Carolina (this past summer for the most part), for several projects that working on, really rocked.

I'm off to eat my weight in tacos then grab the camera and head out to see what's buzzing (if I can still move).

Enjoy the day!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

North Carolina is So HOT...

Well, "How hot is it?!", you ask?

It's pretty danged hot, complete with Saturday linky-love action. Yeah, baby. ;)

In celebration of making the cut in the Babes of the 50 States over at SYLG, representing my state of North Carolina (and conservative babes in general, no doubt) where there are just so many hot babes across the land to choose from, I present more photographic and babelicious evidence.

Oh wait, that's not it. That's pre-hotness preparation...the part babes like to hide and pretend never happened. Heh.

Here we go...

Relax.... You're getting very sleepy... Look deeply into my eyes....

Now stop voting for moonbats!

And if that doesn't convince, try the evil conservative gypsy on for size.

But what does it really mean to be a North Carolina babe?

NASCAR, bikinis, flannel and flora... Obviously.

I know, you're scrolling for the bikini shot right now, since I mentioned it. Sorry, no such luck.

That's the evil conservative in me right there. ;)

We now return to our regularly scheduled intelligent conversations on topics that matter, like feminism and sin.

OR, you could just go visit the wise InsolubBlog and check out The Leaking Baloon,Wyatt Earp's to read More Wisdom From Philadelphia Politicians, The CUG's place to see just how screwed we really are, get answers to all your questions via Vox (or be entertained at the very least), be more smarter by visiting Woody's Place, stop thinking about it and go to The Right Place, snicker with the amazing Spacemonkey, Tell Tommy exactly who is in charge here, check out some All-American Hunks over at RT's Public Ponderings, get some Radioactive Liberty (yeah, you know you want it!), Peakah's place for your hilarity, Nobody Move! for a bit of sad news, The McPeak Mama for yummy eats and tasty treats (dimples on side bar sure to melt the coldest evil conservative's heart even should the treats fail), and speaking of eats, Frank J. offers the cheese(resisting "cutting cheese" puns!), watch Stew kick ass and take names later, Lin takes David Letterman to task (was he EVER funny??) and where is Dr. Phat Tony? Promises, promises..

As always, if I missed anyone.. Just whine in comments!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and thanks for visiting PJ Max!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Will the Real Voter Fraud Please Stand Up?

*Updated Information Follows Original Post*

Blogs For Victory bring us-

Voter Fraud Groups Gear Up For Election Day Shennanigans

Oddly enough, the headline here is, “Watchdogs Gird for Election Day Troubles” - which means that the author is either amazingly ignorant of voter fraud in the United States, or a mere shill for the left:

These people will be around to gather bogus stories of disenfranchisement and, as necessary, file suits to keep polls open long enough for Democrats to find out how many more votes they need to tip a State’s electoral votes to Obama.

As has been truly said, they can’t cheat if we don’t allow it to be close - in 2004, we managed to wrack up several million more votes than the Democrats and that made it impossible for them to manufacture enough votes to take the election. If the 2008 result boils down to a few thousand votes in one or more States, then this effort will go gangbusters to muddy the waters and manufacture votes for Obama.

I recall a humorous yet still very telling clip from The Tony Snow Show in 04, in which he reported that while almost all of the noise about voter fraud was coming from left-leaning groups (just all kinds of accusations across the nation, but especially in key states), after further investigation there was almost no valid instance of voter fraud from the right at all, and a whole lot of proven instances of voter fraud from the left. The link to that report, which I linked to long ago, is now dead, but I'm still looking and will repost if it can be found. At the time, I'd also stumbled upon a second source to back up this claim, as PBS did a very thorough study themselves. Looking for that as well. Meanwhile, check out the Voter Fraud archives of Bill Hobbs.

File this one under, "Know Your Enemy!"

Oh, and speaking of fraud...

Since John D., of Nobody Move! and InsoluBlog have been so kind as to share links to more information, I'm updating and plan to gather all I find on this topic in a single post as it develops (upcoming election, it's bound to develop).

Feel free to grab a link for a post topic or drop one in the comments for me to add to our collection here.

Voter Registration Fraud Allegations Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg, Says Employment Policies Institute

The Acorn Indictments

McCain Fears Voter Fraud

Elections Officials Look Into Voter Fraud

ACORN and Voter Fraud

$100 Million More in Funding for the Left-Wing Housing Entitlement Thugs and Heavily Tax-Subsidized Fraudsters at ACORN

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Vacation 08 - Take Deux - And Trois

*&^% Blogger!

Vacation 08 - Take Deux - And Trois

After I spent pretty much the entire afternoon milking the last vacation for another post, Blogger went haywire and all was lost. Well, not all. Blogger turned me on to a little recovery trick.. which recovered 1/4 of the post. Woohoo. (They should be stabbed for this.)

So, instead of a super long post, complete with photos and witty commentary, you just get photos with much lighter commentary (unless it's one of me in a compromising position and I feel like I should explain a whole bunch, anyhow.) because I have a hot date with Mister Bubble and Malibu rum. Heh.

If that last line doesn't drum up the hits, nothing will.

Trying one more time..

Since I have lots of work to do today, the sun is out and it's Saturday, I decided there was no better time-

To sit indoors and blog! (I should be stabbed for that.)

I did promise to share more vacation photos, and haven't shared any at all from the New Orleans trip, so here we are. (Maybe.)

I'd never been to New Orleans and while it might not have been my first vacation choice, we did have lots of fun (plus the liberal in my life offered to cover travel expenses and accommodations if we'd go, and not only can you not beat that, it's an anomaly).

Yeah, baby! (Okay, I'm feeling much happier again, that did rock.)

I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but it was something along the lines of "All Mardi Gras, All the Time" involving lots of drunken and even some naked people. I was wrong. (That didn't begin until 7pm each evening and ran all night long.)

It was a very interesting vacation, to say the least, but New Orleans does offer some of the best food one could hope for and I'm officially a fan of Blue Moon and even dabbled in a Hand grenade (or two). (I'd be feeling even better if a had one, or two, of those right now.)

(I don't know why I'm providing commentary to my commentary, but I'm telling me it's cured by drink). Oo

Photos- A shot of the street from the balcony of a restaurant, and our pretty room at the Ambassador, before we cluttered it all up.

One of the hotel halls, which were all designed like a mad rat maze. I guess the uber-teen photographed it so I wouldn't forget the story because I'm just that old. ;) Anyhow, I bumped into a young man in that hall who was searching for a room number (his room) which didn't appear to exist. As I was searching for the uber-teen (who was hanging out by the snack machines, talking on her cell with friends), we agreed to help one another and kept getting lost and bumping into one another again and again during the search. The uber-teen finally appeared, all freaked out "because some strange and creepy dude was wondering the halls, saying her name and looking for a room that didn't exist". haha Speaking of creepy, the second was taken from outside a shop window.

We ran into this couple on the street. I'll bet you can't guess where they were headed. :p 

Of course I popped inside too, for scientifical purposes..

I found this display in the window of the "Trashy Diva" to be pretty ironic considering all of the promises to "land and keep that man via trashy corsets and lingerie". Maybe this is plan B.

The following was a charity event which involved the donning of little red dresses (and free beer). The other was an art event which involved, um,..art, I think (and free Vodka shots).

This probably should have creeped me out as much as it did the uber-teen, but I really just found it kind of amusing for some strange reason. Now, the "I heart Satan" bumper stickers, newt eyes and bat's feet inside the shop? Totally freaky stuff there. We played one stooge short of The Three Stooges getting back out that door.

Lots of art to be found about New Orleans, lots of fun to just walk around taking it all in.

The first photo was our last night on the town (poor quality, sorry, not my camera) and yes, that is a grenade in my hand, don't hurt the eyes squinting ;) The second was my last day there, out and about trying to get as many photos as I could and looking every bit like I'd been hit by a grenade (or two) the night before. 

While we did enjoy ourselves quite a lot in N.O., I still say nothing quite compares to the beauty of the coast. Not even tons of booze and the prospect of a liver transplant . :)

Hope you guys enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them and have a fantastic weekend!