Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Contests and Yummy Recipes

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Update: One winter print has been completed. Click here to view. I think the next will be my favorite of the season, though, because kids are so darn cute. Be teased! :)

Yeah, we're still making "the list"...but the post will no longer float as there's even more holiday fun in store. But first, I'll share some yummy recipes (next post down). If you'd like to share a recipe (or two) in return, leave it in the comments and I'll give it a taste. ;)

Now for the contest.

There are three categories and there will be three winners, one from each category.

Best Christmas Poetry (any style)

Best Christmas Story (fiction please)

Best Christmas Memory/Story (non-fiction please)

Whether the submissions are humorous, political, religious or plain ole mushy in nature...please try to work Christmas in there somewhere!

Bloggers, please post submissions on your own blog and either link back or leave a comment letting me know you're submitting an entry. Those of you who do not have your own blogs can either leave your submission in the comments or email it to me at Again, I'll choose one winner per category so be sure to let me know which category you're entering.

Our winners will receive their choice Christmas (or winter themed) image on an 11oz mug, 9.25" x 7.75" mouse pad, 4"x3" magnet, or large key chain (exact size of key chain is undisclosed). I'll be using's printing services and have never used them before so quality is unknown (although I've personally heard good things). I will add the Christmas or winter themed images to my Photobucket gallery then post the link to the gallery so winners can choose an image. I hope to have three or more photography, digital art (or combinations of both) images to choose from...but no huge promises there because I have no idea how many friends will be taking me up on the free portraits offer this year and may run short on time.

Winners will need to share their address with me via email so I can have their item of choice shipped directly to them via Photobucket prints, and I hereby promise to never stalk you. Unless you're single, hot (and male)...then I might just happen to bump into you in the bushes in front of your house. I kid, I kid! Seriously, I completely understand those of you who may be uncomfortable with sharing such personal information and the only alternate solution I can think of is to send a very high quality image to any potentially nervous winner via email so they are able to order their own product (be it a mug, print...etc) from wherever they like, or they can just click on "order prints" themselves once the gallery link is made available (in which case they'll have to pay for it themselves). Whaddyado?

As for everyone else, when the gallery link is posted, you are welcome to click on "order prints" in photobucket as well (not that I could stop you anyhow, just sayin'). :)

The contest deadline is midnight, December 18th. You have exactly one week from midnight tonight to enter.

So start writing!


Anonymous said...

Woman, you should spend less time putting the food on your blog and more time putting it in my stomach! :|

I'm joking, please don't hurt me.

Anonymous said...

Did the uber-teen just say "woman" whilst communicating with her mom?

Does she know that she's old enough to help put the food on the table? When I was her age....

Well, when I was her age I could make an excellent lemon ice box pie! heh

Peakah said...

Christmas Poem I wrote when I was young and in boot camp (yeah, I entered boot camp right before Christmas) Oh and thanks for giving me a reason to dust this off...

It smacks of the longing for the comforts of home in the midst of screaming seargents at boot camp. Forgive it's simplicity however it was directly from my heart that night as I scribbled in my notebook on December 24th 1997.

This Christmas Night

The breeze is speaking through the trees of that which we cannot perceive.

Here alone is where I fight,
Here alone on Christmas Night.

Sitting in the dorm room den, in the company of 12 men.

All together- each in sight- each alone this Christmas Night.

Our country's what we must defend for the services that they lend.

For our country we all shall fight. We're still alone this Christmas night.

I'll feel better as I kneel in Church for there is where I will soul search- to seek an answer that seems right why we're all here this Christmas Night.

I understand the value of the family that I came from.

I wish I may, I wish I might- be with them this Christmas Night.

I hear the breeze it speaks again. This time I understand- It said "don't worry, remember when- You were young and strong and bright. Just like you are this Christmas Night."

Anonymous said...

I'm with Linda. The nerve of some people's kids these days. Why just chatting recently with both a mom and her daughter..the daughter referred to the mom as "Dorkbread"!! Can ya believe that? The Mom could care less. I would have made a mini lil Dorkloaf out of her in a heartbeat..or banged her upside the head with a bag of gummi bears..

Anyway, Frau Uber, my receipe and this is not for submission but general holiday cheer is quite simple. A shot of Jack Daniels applied in a glass with a few ice cubes..oh hell.its holiday season..lets make that 2 shots..optional Stuttgarter Hofbrau for a Chaser..and no receipe could be happier or simpler. Oh yea, and love the word "whilst" I need to use it more often..

Anonymous said...

I believe the uber-teen when she says she's just joking. I'm sure her mom raised her right. I was just ribbing her alittle bit. I have a similar relationship with my daughter. We kid around, but I am the alpha mom.

Gummi bears for punishment-heh, never thought of that! And I like knowing that you agree with me! Feel free to use "whilst" whenever the mood strikes thee! teehee

Have an old-fashioned Xmas, faded!

Uber said...

I see the uber-teen has graced me with her presence, and as usual it involves her stomach. haha

Lin- I see much ramen and dorkbread in that girl's future!

FG- The only thing I'll be drinking over ice is super-sweet tea. Well ok, maybe just a little Baileys Irish cream.;)

Peakah- That is really awesome, beautiful even, thanks!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

There once was an elf from Nantucket...

Meh. It's no use.
Great pic, Uber. Wow.

Have a blessed Christmas. :)

Uber said...

"There once was an elf from Nantucket..."

Thanks, and I have to admit that I'm intrigued here. This is one that's just begging to be written (if it hasn't been already). lol

Merry Christmas to you too. ;)

Insolublog said...

I can't wait to see the 'teaser'. Hmm. I am not a fiction specialist, which makes it such a tempting challenge. I hope I am not too late to come up with something,

Insolublog said...

May I use a scaled down version of your picture in the post?

Uber said...

Insolu- Sure, and not only are you not too late, it would appear that the competition is waning, to say the least. *g*

Insolublog said...

Trackbacks do not seem to be an option with this version of blogger.

So here it is.

Stew Magoo said...

Am I too late? Hopefully not.


Uber said...

Oh it is never too late to amuse us all, Stew. Like a somewhat wise monkey once said..."Veddy veddy nice!" *g*