Saturday, September 27, 2008

North Carolina is So HOT...

Well, "How hot is it?!", you ask?

It's pretty danged hot, complete with Saturday linky-love action. Yeah, baby. ;)

In celebration of making the cut in the Babes of the 50 States over at SYLG, representing my state of North Carolina (and conservative babes in general, no doubt) where there are just so many hot babes across the land to choose from, I present more photographic and babelicious evidence.

Oh wait, that's not it. That's pre-hotness preparation...the part babes like to hide and pretend never happened. Heh.

Here we go...

Relax.... You're getting very sleepy... Look deeply into my eyes....

Now stop voting for moonbats!

And if that doesn't convince, try the evil conservative gypsy on for size.

But what does it really mean to be a North Carolina babe?

NASCAR, bikinis, flannel and flora... Obviously.

I know, you're scrolling for the bikini shot right now, since I mentioned it. Sorry, no such luck.

That's the evil conservative in me right there. ;)

We now return to our regularly scheduled intelligent conversations on topics that matter, like feminism and sin.

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As always, if I missed anyone.. Just whine in comments!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and thanks for visiting PJ Max!


Buckaroo Banzai said...

Oh damn, I forgot about the red tank top photo!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link... and also for that picture of your posterior.

Wait! Did I say that out loud? Oh well, there it is.

PS> I don't know what's wrong with Wyatt. Your blog is accessible worldwide, so I say you should be the babe for all 50 states. Maybe he just didn't have 50 different pics of you...

Anonymous said...

I will go crawl back under my troll bridge, now. :)

Was that first picture your attempt at being a mime? ;P''''

You're beautiful, dahhhhhling!

Stew Magoo said...

Marry me...



Thanks for that. I can now live another week.

Insolublog said...

Thanks for the linky love and the lovely link (this post)! It adds a touch of beauty to the ugly canvas of current affairs.

John DuMond said...

Wow, love the pics. And thanks for the link.

Uber said...

Thanks again for the linky-love and all, Earpy! *passes tissues*

LOL Woody! Saying things right out loud..tsk, tsk. It's to be expected amongst a buncha evil conservatives though..

RT- Thank you dahling! And it's a yes on the mime. Uber-teen, sneaking up on me, unable to speak so gave her my best, "Oh, you best not!" look. Obviously it didn't work, but fun to pass that one around. Personal profiles, email, now the blog... haha And hey, high-fantasy writer here, I LOVE troll bridges!

Yo, Stew..I thought you were an Episc...not a..whatever that religion is that collects wives. But wait..there's the issue with that "wayward" Episc. thingy..*g*

Insolu- Any time! Hope I managed to lighten the mood and give everyone a much needed chuckle, or.. something. haha

Hiya, John! My pleasure. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linky-dink. You should do a lipstick ad.