Monday, May 01, 2006

Steal Your Neighbor's Job Day

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Organizers are predicting an unprecedented turnout for Monday's rallies against a proposed crackdown on illegal immigration and a widespread boycott of jobs, schools and businesses meant to show the economic power of immigrants.

So, if you are looking for a job, today is your lucky day! Let's see if we can turn this ugly scene into something more positive, snap those jobs up, folks. ;)

Illegal Immigration Roundup

Malkin- A DAY TO HATE THE YANQUIS (Michelle also provides links on this topic.)

Fmragtops is Live Blogging The Boycott (Exciting stuff happening over there! Ok, not really, but maybe later.)

Insolublog's Still Beating the Drum (A must read!)

Rooster Cashews goes all poetic on us with A Poem For The May 1st Protest (Funny but true.)

Striving for Average asks all the right questions. (No, really.)

On a more personal note, the CUG asks for all our prayers. For the nonreligious, I'm sure some words of encouragement would be appreciated as well (you heathen). I kid, I kid. I know in situations like this, it's hard to know what to say, everything just seems so darn lame, but I also know that just a few words of support from others does make a difference when we are going though a tough time. So, go leave a lame comment for the CUG and family already.

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