Thursday, March 29, 2007

Oh No He Didn't!

Oh yeah, he absolutely did.

Someone finally came right out and told, the truth. < insert gasps here >

"Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of UN Watch, delivered a scorching speech before the UN Human Rights Council 4th Session, accusing the body of blatant hypocrisy in ignoring gross rights violations worldwide except when committed by Israel."

But of course, to lend even more credence to his words (much like the oh so violent murdering Islamic nut jobs running around murdering innocent people like the nut jobs that they are in reaction to the suggestion that they are violent murderers...Oo)...

"The speech was then repudiated by the Council Chairman, who refused to thank Neuer as is customary and then threatened to strike from the record similar statements in the future."

Read more: UN Watchdog censured after accusing Human Rights Council of hypocrisy.

Better yet, watch the video documenting the hypocrisy in the face of truth.

OK, this was just too rich to not take the time to post. Back to my regularly scheduled "I'm in spring cleaning/home improvement/standardized testing/flu bug or something worse/company arriving soon hell." The company arriving soon part is not hell though, I actually like that part.

Regular posting will resume again shortly! Hope you're all able to hang in there without me for just a little longer (I know it's been most difficult). ;)