Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vain Memester...

...why dost strive my quirks to type?

Because memes are fun, that's why!

Here are the rules.

1. Let others know who tagged you.

InsoluBlog: Always separates when shaken

Otherwise known as... The Great Wise Insolukuta.

Ah, memories.

OK now, that was just cruel. Moving on...

2. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.

Relax, we'll get to that.

3. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.

Mission accomplished!

4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

That's right, because tagging without informing is just not cool.

Here we go, 8 random facts.

1. I scream inside at every single spammish e-mail alert all day long. I'm slowly bringing myself closer and closer to a stroke because I get all excited at the sound of the e-mail alert, just to see promises of singles in my area, colon cleanser, penile enlargement, and stupid credit card offers at the sound of that chime. Yet, I rather miss "hot and sexy single Sally who wants to meet me" (no, really, she does) when she's not there, waiting for someone special. Waiting for someone just like me.

2. I have watched late night 1-900 commercials just for new material to amuse, scare, or disgust (whatever the case may be) telemarketers. A telemarketer from Australia once called back "just to talk", and continued to do so until I changed my telephone number. It was still worth the laugh.

3. At 16, I was caught smoking at church camp, ratted out but not sent home (because I cried pretty). My mom was mortified and my dad was amused (especially that I paid 90 of my very own hard-earned dollars for that), and this is why I am who I am. (Yes, it's all their doing.)

4. Nobody likes to play truth or dare with me because I always pick truth and it's always more shocking than any dare could be. Yes, I was ranting, "You can't handle the truth!" long before Jack Nicholson, yet he makes all the big bucks.

5. I've found that the above can also be used to curb other's urges to be overly interested in one's personal business. TMI can be a valuable tool, just don't misuse it or you might find yourself a permanent spot on the Jerry Springer Show.

6. I think, no I know, that the F bomb is an extremely valuable life saving tool as well. Most especially if you are a person who exudes quiet southun charm (one who isn't known for dropping the F bomb at all), people shut up and listen when you finally do drop that bomb. I once went four or more years without dropping the bomb and shut down a very large neighborhood argument (that didn't even involve me). When I dropped it, I dropped it with glee, creating a truly violent and destructive shock that is likely remembered by all to this very day. There's just nothing like seeing grown men and women alike shut those gaping mouths and walk away. On a military base. I've not dropped it in 10 years, but I'm really just storing all that energy up for the next battle.

7. I am a huge Malkin fan, but I personally thought it was incredibly silly of her to assure everyone that she hadn't worn a two piece bathing suit since having children when someone tried to pass the "two piece clad hottie photoshop job" off as her. Of course, I support her right to dress in any manner she pleases and was about as irritated as her other fans that she was being attacked in that manner, but I saw no need for her to have to defend her honor in such an extreme way and would have preferred to see her highlight the difference between scantily clad little girls on a public beach and grown women in the privacy of their own back yards. Of course, I was also upset to once hear FNC's Sean Hannity say he was so modest that he wore a t-shirt in the pool with the family. C'mon, that's just wrong. So, let's just clear the air. I am a Christian, a conservative, and a mom. I pay plenty for the liberty of living in the privacy of the woods and wear just whatever I darn well please to the pool, especially if alone. It must be the risque libertarian streak because I just don't really care at all what anyone thinks of that. If my example causes teen aged girls around the world to drop their tops in public and forsake Jesus, then we have bigger problems than my wardrobe folks!

8. My favorite song by Zero 7 used to be "In The Waiting Line"...

...but now it's "Somersault"...

...because those who share jelly beans rock (and there's no available video code for Blue Merle's "Every Ship Must Sail".)

Oh, and I ate a taco for breakfast while reading classical poetry this morning.

How's that for 8 random facts plus a bonus? ;)

Maybe y'all should all be sweet and give me some of your personal ideas for unusual and/or original memes in the comments, because this one has made the rounds and then some.

Go, do it now!

Friday, July 20, 2007

One More Try

So maybe I never was able to combine live blogging my blogging and linky-love (for more than a couple of hours anyhow). It was a lofty dream, no?

Since linky-lovin' is way more fun, I present....

Me Linky-Love You Looong Time!

(Or until I run out of time, whichever comes first.)

Beginning where I left off yesterday, I give you ...

The thoughts of SGT Wilks at A Female Soldier 2. You'll find some terrific photographs there as well. You'll love them, just go check them out already!

The Patriot, of A Soldier's Perspective presents- Soldiers Defend Body Armor


Here is something that you will not hear on the floor of Congress about how good our gear is:

Rachel, of Channelling Cloe shows us how to play the game, and I quote...

You tease, you lead, you beg and grovel...

Yeah, baby. ;) Go Pay heed to the geek!

Now, Rachel E. is doing a fabulous job over at
Conservathink, so go say hi and tell her so because it's true, Guns Don't Kill People, Gun Control Advocates Kill People!

This just in- I know I'm not live-blogging my linky-love blogging today, but if I were, it would look like this.

5:16 PM - Right in the middle of commenting on another great post from the Crazy Politico, of Crazy Politico's Rantings, the uber-teen walked by and I totally remembered to show her these super cool eyeglass frames (because I'm going to finally just go completely blind if I keep ignoring this particular need) and forgot what I was going to say on the topic of Merit Pay. Guess I earn very little merit there. Unless linky-love makes it all better...

Moving on.

The ever eloquent Dr. Phat Tony, of the one and only Dr. Phat Tony's posts, Huh?
Seriously, go read A Fallen Soldier, and check back for possible updates as well. (Bring tissues.)

Also, be sure to visit the Captain, over at First In Engine, and check out
HILLARY & BILL, A LOVE FOR THE AGES...WRETCH! (Yeah, bring barf bags.) No offense Captain. :)

Next up, is Sssteve, of First With Flair (whose last post was HA HA HA HA HA HA on July 11, 2007). Go tell him he's slacking, we need more photos!

Where, oh where, is The Great Spewing One, of Fmragtops Spews??? Because, if there was some sort of an announcement, I missed it. :(

Stew, of Get Stewed, is setting the scene and creating the mood in Yoink!
(Liberal tree hugging moon bat wacky persons beware...)

Now, the moment we've all been waiting for.


Insolublog is back!

Another Presidential Malaise Moment (Attempting to comment on this article, chock full of treasures, will be like saying "Um, thanks. Here, I have these pebbles to offer in return..." after being handed pearls, but go ahead and try anyhow. I did.)

Then, there's the issue of an Insolublog meme. You do not want to miss that. ;)

Finally, we are presented with, Pun With Fropaganda. Frightening? Perhaps. Worth the read? Absolutely. So, you go there now!

Our very own KateyKakes of Kate's Kafe, has become a Scrubs addict, and is suffering from insomnia. So sorry Kate. Quick, somebody rush over there and post some Al Gore videos!

Now, where is that Peakah? C'mon, just throw us a photo of the "pretty sweet rugged leather outback hat" and we'll all be happy! Or feature s'more family dimples, that works too. :)

Fitch, of Radioactive Liberty lays down the law, giving us the New Recliner Rules and then disappears. That's likely very common, not only after purchasing a recliner but likely involving a battery operated remote control. (Doesn't it always?)

Big news coming up.

The Anti-Hippy is engaged! (Why are you evil conservatives not lining up to tell him to run away, run away fast??) Anyhow, congrats, AH. We wish you all the best (even if it need be at knife point). That's code for, "Go over and wish AH all the best, or else!"

Next up, The CUG is offering free gun pron. Yeah, you know you want it.

Mister Spacemonkey, of The Flying Spacemonkey Chronicles tells us everything we suspected is true!

It is a little known fact (only because I have failed to ramble about it until now), that The Indepundit (way back in the "Lt-Smash-Live From The Sandbox" days) was the very first blog I ever graced. After having received a few letters and telephone calls from friends (all military personnel), stating the media's outright dishonesty about what was really happening on the ground in Iraq, I was very concerned. I wanted to do something, just anything really, to help. Our military should not have to worry about such things while they are already sacrificing their very lives.

I was told to "google" for more information because some soldiers, those who could, were already speaking out. So, that's how I first discovered blogging. Of course, IMAO was on the sidebar, and you pretty much have to click and love IMAO. I can't express how great it was to have discovered the blogosphere (because before that I was just flipping channels back and forth between FNC, ABC, and CNN trying to figure out how the news coverage could be so different). This involved lots of yelling, "What the hell is going on?!" at the television and this almost never goes over well with the cat collection. So, now you know. I yell at CNN, collect cats, and The Indepundit rocks. (Who needs a meme, huh?)

Now, stop yawning and go support your local gunfighter!

Have a terrific weekend (and if I missed anyone just whine in comments, that always works)!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Live Blogging- Blogging (Plus, Lots of True Linky-Love)

Isn't that a novel idea?! Tell me, who has ever live blogged their blogging whilst bestowing linky-love upon all? Well, now you can say you've seen it all!

Yeah baby!

9:25 AM- Instead of feeding the always hungry OCD (aka the need to visit blogs in alphabetical order), I'm off to visit Linda, of Frankly, My Dear... because her health is way more important than my "issues".

Update- OK, so things are not anywhere near perfect, but she is ranting, and that's always a hopeful sign (plus, it's funny to see Lin type "WTH"??? repeatedly).

Frankly, my dear... We'll still love you if you spell it out (or even trade the "H" for an "F"). *g*

9:40 AM- Next up is RT, of Public Pondering, because I somehow missed visiting her blog yesterday and the "need to know" is stronger than "the need to be alphabetically crazy".

Update- Now here is a lady unafraid to type a big capital "F" on her public blog. Glad you're back, RT! :)

(This linky-action is like work, I need coffee.) Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Okie-dokie then.

10:15 AM- I am distracted from linky-loving by "Sex Ed for Kindergarteners 'Right Thing to Do,' Says Obama".

If this liberal can't rally conservatives, nobody can.

10:25 AM- I am distracted by a heart-to-heart with a certain uber-teen (see how that happens all natural like between mother and daughter, just whenever the time is right, without the intervention of jokers in Washington?) Coincidence? I think not.

10:45 AM- At long last! The need for organized alphabetical blogging shall be fed.

Hello 45-Caliber Justice, because who doesn't want some of that??

Update- Tyler D. posts, WEBCAM! Only I can't see because it's not loading correctly. Oh, the dreaded red x.

Ah well, linky-love you anyhow Tyler! (Pffft, indeed.)

11:02 AM- Must check out Cove Rebel's 5th Street Truths.

Update- So happy I stopped by. Because Cove Rebel just never disappoints nor fails to make one think. - So here I am...

Just so y'all know, do overs sometimes really do present themselves. :) How it turns out remains to be seen. However, when the time comes, I'll be sure to let you know. Until then... Be teased!

11:49 AM- Lunch break! Good thing I'm not hungry because I think had better take a blog break and get some work done. Never fear though!

I'll be back.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Abort, Retry, Ignore?

Let's just file this one under Wednesday madness.

Abort, Retry, Ignore?

Once upon a midnight dreary, fingers cramped and vision bleary,
System manuals piled high and wasted paper on the floor,
Longing for the warmth of bed sheets, still I sat there doing spreadsheets.
Having reached the bottom line I took a floppy from the drawer,
I then invoked the SAVE command and waited for the disk to store,
Only this and nothing more.

Deep into the monitor peering, long I sat there wond'ring, fearing,
Doubting, while the disk kept churning, turning yet to churn some more.
But the silence was unbroken, and the stillness gave no token.
"Save!" I said, "You cursed mother! Save my data from before!"
One thing did the phosphors answer, only this and nothing more,
Just, "Abort, Retry, Ignore?"

Was this some occult illusion, some maniacal intrusion?
These were choices undesired, ones I'd never faced before.
Carefully I weighed the choices as the disk made impish noises.
The cursor flashed, insistent, waiting, baiting me to type some more.
Clearly I must press a key, choosing one and nothing more,
From "Abort, Retry, Ignore?"

With fingers pale and trembling, slowly toward the keyboard bending,
Longing for a happy ending, hoping all would be restored,
Praying for some guarantee, timidly, I pressed a key.
But on the screen there still persisted words appearing as before.
Ghastly grim they blinked and taunted, haunted, as my patience wore,
Saying "Abort, Retry, Ignore?"

I tried to catch the chips off guard, and pressed again, but twice as hard.
I pleaded with the cursed machine: I begged and cried and then I swore.
Now in mighty desperation, trying random combinations,
Still there came the incantation, just as senseless as before.
Cursor blinking, angrily winking, blinking nonsense as before.
Reading, "Abort, Retry, Ignore?"

There I sat, distraught, exhausted, by my own machine accosted.
Getting up I turned away and paced across the office floor.
And then I saw a dreadful sight: a lightning bolt cut through the night.
A gasp of horror overtook me, shook me to my very core.
The lightning zapped my previous data, lost and gone forevermore.
Not even, "Abort, Retry, Ignore?"

To this day I do not know the place to which lost data go.
What demonic nether world us wrought where lost data will be stored,
Beyond the reach of mortal souls, beyond the ether, into black holes?
But sure as there's C, Pascal, Lotus, Ashton-Tate and more,
You will be one day be left to wander, lost on some Plutonian shore,
Pleading, "Abort, Retry, Ignore?"

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Friday Be Damned

I am feeling the need for a bit of mind-numbing this fine Tuesday, and thought I'd share. Let's face it, what's more mind-numbing than cat blogging?

That's right. Absolutely Nothing. It's not just for Friday anymore!

First up, meet Clopsy, new addition in Uber-World.

Clopsy was found a home but it was later discovered that he was deaf, so I brought him back to live with me where he can be given all of the special care that he needs.

Clopsy is fun, playful and perfectly normal other than not being able to hear. He's not always particularly bright, though. Evidence follows...

Yeah, Clopsy totally jumped right into the uber-teen's bath and needed a little help getting back out.

Thor is not so much in love with Clopsy as he is tolerant, for my sake I'm sure. Look deeply into his eyes. I'm not feelin' the love.

Next up, is newest kitty on the block- Pumpkin. She is the sweetest, cutest, and funniest little kitten I have ever had the pleasure of cuddling. Fulfilling all those biological clock/air raid siren needs, she pretty much rawks my sawks. (I've been waiting two whole years to say that about something.)

See? Even Thor loves her. This is their very first introduction.

Not so sure Pumpkin knows what, exactly, to make of Thor just yet. ;)

That concludes Tuesday's Cat Blogging.

Y'all have a great week!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Sometimes, we meet a very special people and we don't even completely realize just how much more beautiful the world is, just because they're in it, until they're gone. Ian, a young man (just 18 years old) of Chapel Hill was just one of those people. Of course, I knew it the moment he said he was a huge Jack Johnson fan as well as aspiring artist and writer.

Yesterday morning, the uber-teen and the uber-boyfriend (who was Ian's college roommate) received word from Ian's mother that he was gone from us, and the world is less beautiful today than it was the day before.

Unable to express much more than general information, she suggested we google for more information, hung up and continued to work her way down the long list of people Ian called "friend". I can only imagine the anguish this very sweet lady and her husband endured the night before, and would like to ask you all to share some prayers for them in the upcoming days and weeks (months even).

It was not too long ago that you all said more than a few prayers on my behalf, and I can't tell you just how much it meant to me or just how much your prayers helped me through. Let's just say that I am now a firm believer that this is the greatest gift one could possibly give another, and so many of you are why I am firmly in that camp. I heard them, saw them, and very much felt the peaceful result when I most needed it.

So, if so inspired, please send some love their way as well.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Blogger Excuse 101

I have been blogging since the summer of 2005 and so far I have managed to come up with some very original lame blogger excuses (that all hold at least an ounce of truth), in my opinion. I've snapped and transformed an evil Murray Mower into a 4-wheeler and torn up my entire yard, been attacked by malicious log dwelling bees, was assaulted by a killer tiller, fallen down mountains (OK, hills) hiking in the woods, vacationing on the beaches of Florida in my head, on VRWC spy missions, digging 6x8 mud holes in my front yard for froggy pron, and was even once kidnapped by a band of wild-eyed baptists (that was really scary). I really have been taking more and more time away to write other things, though (just so you know). That one was no lame excuse. Oh hey, maybe I should write a book of lame excuses?!

No, no! No more bright ideas that make me have to work.

So anyhow, in keeping with good tradition here at PJ Maximum, I have another lame blogger excuse. Perhaps the best ever!

So, there I was, no s**t, just sitting by the pretty pond enjoying a real girly moment when I decided I should move to the mountains of West Virginia, become a mountain mamma and find mahself a mountain man. Yeah, baby!

Uh-huh. Just like that.

Seriously. I moved further and further away from the area as a young adult and have spent the latest years moving closer (little by little), until I'm almost, but not quite, back there.

Ironic, isn't it?

It's one of those old tales of chasing dreams and following whatever path life lays before those itchy feet, just to realize that everything one could possibly want was right there the entire time. (Expect to be treated to fantastic photographic displays at some point in the future, because the entire state is quite an eye-catching subject.) Those of you who have been reading awhile will remember my writing a bit about much missed friends and photos of the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia already, so I won't force you all down memory lane again, this time.

Soon enough, you will not be able to escape so easily! From the lovely southern states of South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida.... < insert deep breath here > the colorful horizons of Kansas to the "Unbridled Spirit" of Kentucky (and all those many states in between), what I've seen of the United States has been awesome. However, only that breathtaking mountain view makes me so teary that I can only barely drive upon first glance after having been away for some time. So, yeah, it's simply time to go home.

Suffice to say, while it is only a two hour drive and will not take place until the spring (at the earliest), it is a very big deal for me (after digging all those mud holes out here in the sticks, mountain living will be quite an adjustment), and I'm thinking I'll be having lots to do between now and then. Especially with a new business venture in the mix. (It may very well take 6 months to just pack the cats! They've sure collected plenty of cat nip, toys, and other furry pals along the way.)

So finally, it's not with a completely unhappy heart that I have to say that blogging will have to take a backseat to these things (and after I've just announced that I will be blogging more often too). Just how much of a backseat remains to be seen, but I'll do my very best to keep up with you blogger buds as I have the time. (Just e-mail me already when tired of waiting!)

You guys will be holding down the Blog Fort without my incessant rambling and railing, once again. I feel a little guilty for being in and out so much this past year or so because you all just continue to do such an awesome job of keeping our wayward and bleating politicians in line (as much as is possible anyhow). And "I'm" slacking, again.

So, I must say, in highlighting the great injustices and most importantly keeping the memory of U.S. Service members around the world to the forefront -- honorable and true, as they so greatly deserve -- blogging with you all has been one of the most enjoyable tasks I've undertaken to date (even though I only began because the witty Frank J. once made an entire post of my verbose comment, gave my ego a boost, and I thought if The Doc and The CUG could do it, anybody could). *g*

It's also a task that I hope to have time to undertake quite regularly again, at some point in the future.

Wow, that's sounds lots like "goodbye" and it's not, honest! Look for weekly weekend posts at the very least. ;)

That is all.

Hope you all have a most fabulous Friday!