Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rainy Sunday Cat/Dawg Bloggin'

I don't know what you do on a boring and rainy Sunday afternoon, but I empty the contents of my closet, photograph it then post it on my blog.

Doing a bit of spring cleaning here, putting the winter stuff away and breaking out the spring stuff (so I can sit around shivering when it snows in March) and you know how cats love large piles of clothing and blankets. Precious just had to have a piece of that action. I'm also puppy-sitting for my mom so Fox is here to jump around and amuse.

It would seem that he has a huge crush on Precious (who is comprised of fur and pure evil).

It would would also seem that Precious doesn't hate Fox as much as one would expect a ball of fur containing pure evil to hate a slobbering cute puppy. OK, so I'm not exactly seeing the love and longing on her face above, but it's not pure evil hatred either.

As she stole Fox's puppy treat and fled the scene (while the dummy was wooing a cat no less), Luna could not be reached for comment.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Book Update

First, I miss blogging! No, I really miss you guys! I know, I'm still blogging a little here and there and I'm still visiting your blogs at least once a week but it's just not the same. Putting the blogging aside, even if not completely, has been difficult. Each and every day I am tempted. Each and every day I tell myself to just shut up and write. But just so you know, you're all constantly in my thoughts (and prayers too), even when it may not seem like I'm engaged. :)

So, on with the point. The writing of the book.

This is easier than I thought it would be and harder than I thought it would be, all at the same time. It's easier in the way that I'm finding the massive amounts of research to be much more enjoyable than I ever thought I could and harder in the way that I seem almost incapable of picking up general information in my research then move on. We're getting caught up in the process and not actually writing as much as we'd like. Some of the research is just too fascinating to look away.

We're taking certain beliefs and concepts from the very beginning of recorded history to present as well as dipping into the unknown (future) and trying to make them work in harmony together. Imagine trying to combine the ancient with sci-fi. It's a good thing this is fiction because this give us lots of room to move, but it's important (to me) to portray these concepts and beliefs as accurately as possible even if it is a work of fiction and even if there are no concrete answers. (Sounds like liberal gobbledygook, huh? Ha!) So this means research, research, and research some more (to the uber-teen's distress). I'm pretty sure she'd just grab some general info and move on, and maybe she's right. I win though, not because I'm bigger (because I'm not) but because I'm the boss. Bwahaha!

So far, we've come to two major conclusions. If this book is not "wears a cape super-good", it will not be due to a "bad idea" or lack of creativity but because I've not written it well (I'll take full blame since I'm the boss). We've also come to understand why you hear so many stories about the egotistical writer who views their work as "their baby", refusing to believe there are any flaws much less that it's crap. I hope we do well from beginning to end but sure hope we're able to accept it if told there are flaws. We won't consider being told that it's crap because that's just loser talk!

Anyhow, I promised an update so here it is. For anyone interested, my next research topic will be the fascinating topic of dimensions. More specifically, why 10 dimensions?

Be teased!

Now be fair, drop me a comment and tell me what you've all been up to lately (or drop a link if I've missed a blog post or major event in all my lameness).

Friday, February 16, 2007

Puppy Update

First of all, hooray it's Friday! I don't know about you, but this is when I stop worrying. About work, laundry, what I eat, who is calling and why and what I eat. *g* By the end of the weekend I will have consumed every unhealthy food and beverage I can imagine, the laundry will reach the ceiling, my answering machine will be full of complaints and work will be all backed up. No wonder I hate Monday, huh?

Anyhow, I have new puppy photos! Today, we went to the veterinarian and got checked out (there was much crying). All of the pups were given a clean bill of health (there was much rejoicing) and are 7 weeks old so next week will be all about finding homes for these guys (more crying). I'll be spending as much time with them as possible this weekend so hoping for nice weather here, they love to run and play outside. I'll be snapping some more photos too because this will not only help in finding homes but also likely be the last I'm able to take. :(

On a happier note, I've become attached to one pup in particular (other than little Luna, who I've already decided to keep).

Meet Fox. Fox Mulder, heh.

How cute is he?! Yeah, I know better than to get attached to an animal that I know I'm not going to be able to keep forever and naming him makes it even harder. But he's always stretching his neck trying so hard to see exactly what is on the other side of that box that it inspired me to constantly whisper to him, "The truth is out there..." which of course is how he eventually came to be named Fox. Fox Mulder.

The good news is that my mom came by to pick up her pup today and fell in love with Fox as well and decided to take him instead. So I still get to see him! The pup she originally chose is adorable but not right for her anyhow. My parents like to travel, hike, go to parks, take long walks and things like that. Her original choice is a very sweet pick but just crawls into the nearest lap, shivering and looking extremely worried. Always. She'll give someone lots of love and cuddles, making an excellent companion but sure doesn't seem like much of an adventurous dog.

Here she is, worried as usual, wanting cuddled. So precious...

Here Fox is again (right), with his "almost" twin (left). I'd love to name the other Dana Scully and insist my mother keep them both but it's a boy as well and she's already slightly annoyed that she has to yell "Fox! Fox Mulder!" every time she wants her dog to come to her because he already knows his name. I shouldn't push my luck here.

I'm having trouble catching this next fella awake! He plays hard and crashes harder.

And, unable to catch this cutie being still. I've more photos of him than all the rest, every single one blurry. He's very animated.

The following is another bonus photo, from way back when they were still so tiny.

Seems like just yesterday...


Maybe I should go look at the mess they made tearing a stuffed Easter Bunny into a million pieces earlier today.

Or maybe I should just go watch a movie and eat my weight in chocolate! Mmmm.

Hope everyone has a terrific weekend. :)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's!

Valentine's Day is all about celebrating all manner of love, in my opinion. Remember, while most focus on the romantic aspects, there are many different kinds of love.

Just to name a few...

Friendship Love

Puppy Love

Pet Love (Thanks to the uber-teen for the use of her art and photography here)

The Greatest Love Ever Known

Sweet Sisterly Love

Strange Monkey Love (Thanks to Linda for the cuddly love monkey. Mwah!)

Last, but certainly not least-

Bloggy Love!

Hope everyone enjoys the day, romantic or not. ;)

Friday, February 09, 2007

Valentine's Countdown Cat Bloggin'

Only a little over four days left until Valentines!

I've actually discovered a way to combine the Valentine's countdown and cat blogging.


With lots of help from You Tube, I bring you Otto. "Full of love with no place to put it", Otto "will give his love to perfect strangers".

(Don't try that line on dates.)

Stranger, indeed.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

Q&A, Baby!

First, I'm going to ask you, oh wise bloggers, some random questions. Then, we'll get to your asking me stuff in the comments. Since it's almost Valentines, maybe we should go with the topic of men, women, and relationships.

On the other hand, random works too. :)

My Random Questions-

1. If you were considering participating in a charity event and read this --

Participants that submit art, will be getting individual credit for their art and the charitable contributions. Upon completion of this project, all the available art will be auctioned, and the profits from the auction will go to charities. However, this event is not a charity event, and there is not going to be a profit made from processing the art.

-- wouldn't you think it's likely some type of a scam?

2. With 5 days until Valentine's Day, should we begin "the countdown" here at PJ Max?

3. With my bloggy-time more restricted, what type of posts do you prefer to see when you visit PJ Max (personal, political, cat bloggy-goodness, random photography, art, mad mix, etc)?

4. At what point does a personal preference become a fetish?

(Shuddup, I told you these would be random.)

5. Can I put those anti-snoring nose strips on my dog (without harming her)?

6. Are most teens online really as incapable of correct grammar, spelling, and capitalization as they appear? (Does that person teasing others about their poor "grammer" ever stop being funny?)

7. What are men really thinking about when they go all quiet?

Ok, there you have it, folks. Give me some answers, ask some questions, and come back later today for the next installment of Cat Blogging (yay!)