Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Question For The Wise

Do people who don't vote, count?

I was just reading How To Slant A Poll 101 over at Right Wing News and some of the lefty commenters seemed to think that the opinions of Americans who don't vote actually matter. Now, the fact that these non-voting opinions benefit the left a good bit more than the right in polling (probably because non-voters also aren't paying attention to much, if you ask me) it doesn't really surprise me that some on the left would say that the opinions of these Americans actually matter.

I'm not saying these Americans in and of themselves aren't important to me or to America but I really don't think their opinions about anything of a political nature matter one bit. I will discuss the importance of voting with a non-voter and there are quite a few I call friend, but there's no way in hell that I'd ever spend my valuable time telling a non-voter what my opinion on any given political topic is, much less go so far as to ask them what they think. Unless of course it is in the context of why non-voters should vote if they give a damn about the state of the nation, then I might bother. Otherwise, I have more important things to do. Like sleep.

The non-voting American opinion does not matter, in my opinion, and it's their own fault. Vote or shut up, I say.

Is my thinking totally wrong?

Oh yeah, you should go read How To Slant A Poll 101 too. Relax, it's not nearly as long as the last link I posted. ;)

Blogger Excuse 9,007

Yeah, yeah. MIA, again. (Y'all should be used to that by now!) After nearly killing someone with shrimp I decided to sleep a whole lot. All that sleep left me energetic so I decided to lay some shiny new tile. It really seemed such a simple idea at first. I'd use vinyl tiles this time instead of one large (and hard to maneuver) sheet and just do one small room. Rip that carpet up (who fully carpets a bathroom anyhow?) and just slap them onto the floor, easy as 1 2 3. Riiight. First, the carpet was stuck in a couple different areas (which you know requires one to put their entire body into the yank and fall over backward). Then there's all sorts of nails and staples underneath with gobs of the foam lining stuck to them and cats all over the place giving me the "Wtf?!" look. Needless to say, the tiles are still in the box and everything is still upside down. Ah well, that's what I get for trying to do something on a Monday.

Oh hey. There's a new addition to the pet clan that I picked up on the way to Lowes to purchase tile (read: ogle the Lowes guys).

Meet Romeo.

The plants were stuck in there at the last moment as a means for Romeo to dodge the kitten paws which will inevitably be splashing around in attempt to eat him. I've had about five betas so far, (all named Romeo as well). When the uber-teen was much smaller (and ate a whole lot less) I bought a beta for her. She held the mirror up to him so he'd do what betas do but he just looked bored and blew a bubble at her. I said "I'm a lover, not a fighter baby" in my best fish voice so she named him Romeo. That works for me because it gives me a terrific excuse to quote Shakespeare on a regular basis while talking to the fish. Hey, it amuses me.

Although betas are one of the easiest fish to care for, something always seems to happen to ours. My dad fed one too much while I was in the hospital (and blamed it on the uber-daughter, which would have worked had he not started laughing at the look on her face), my grandma fed one nothing at all while I was on vacation, a friend's son fed the last one some cookies right before I moved to NC...you get the point. Hopefully, this Romeo will survive to lead a good full life.

Anyhow, I came across a link directing me to a very informative and interesting site while reading a book review via the Intellectual Conservative during the work break that never ended and thought I'd pass it along.



"Change is just an instrument they use to gain their ultimate goal of power. And why is power sought so single-mindedly? Why the single-minded egotism? At its deepest level, Leftism appears to be psychopathic -- with the psychopathic disregard for all norms, morals, standards and ethics in the ruthless quest for personal praise and satisfaction."

Visit the pages of Australian scholar, Professor John Jay Ray. :)

Monday, February 20, 2006

President's Day

I thought I'd tell a little history of the holiday only instead of throwing dates at you I'll throw a photo, giving an example of what people at that time actually looked like, at you as well.

The original version of the holiday was in celebration of George Washington's birthday in 1796. Then came Abraham Lincoln, another revered president and a February baby as well (the 12th). Lincoln's Birthday did not become a federal holiday like George Washington's, but it did become a legal holiday in several states.

By the early 19th century, Washington's Birthday had taken firm root in America as a national holiday. Traditions included Birthnight Balls, speeches and receptions by prominent public figures, and much merrymaking in taverns throughout the country.

In 1968, legislation (HR 15951) was enacted that affected several federal holidays. One of these was Washington's Birthday, the observation of which was shifted to the third Monday in February each year whether or not it fell on the 22nd. This act took effect in 1971.

Ok, not everyone dressed like a flaming hippie. For balance:

(Just for the record, sixties fashion belongs to the Brits who set the tone and the world followed them.)

While the holiday in February is still officially known as Washington's Birthday (at least according to the Office of Personnel Management), it has become popularly (and in some states, legally) known as "President's Day." This has made the third Monday in February a day for honoring both Washington and Lincoln, as well as all the other men who have served as president.

Click here to view all of the Presidents of the United States of America.

Click here to read "The Life of Washington", by David Ramsay (entire book can be read online).

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Live Blogging

Yay, Snow! Yesterday and the day before it was 70 degrees here. I was digging boxes of summer clothes out and going for the shorts. This morning I woke a popsicle, saw snow from the window and was running for the sweater, fuzzy socks, and heat thermometer. Since I don't drive in this stuff (except those two times I almost bit the dust) I'm stuck at home. I've always wanted to live blog (face it, this is a very exciting event), I've decided to live blog the snow. Hooray!

Um, it's snowing.

I'll keep you updated.

1:13 PM Update: It stopped snowing.

Well that was fun.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Woohoo, Foto Friday!

More specifically, cat photos (because I know how much everyone just loves those). Heh.

Here the little darlings are refusing to acknowledge my presence, much less turn and look at me when called (and all this after jumping in front of me every time I focused on something else, leaving a furry cat blur in every single image).

That one turned out a tad blurry, which is what happens when you're jumping up and down yelling "Woot! Woot! Hey! Look! At! ME!!"

The next one turned out a little blurry too because the "What the hell is wrong with you?" look Logi was giving me made me have to laugh and jiggle the camera.

.Here's Precious, who I haven't posted many photos of because they don't exist as she has sharp little fangs that sink into the camera lens. No jokes, there's a scratch and a dent beside the shutter from the whole Christmas photo shoot with that crazy kitty. She's nuts all the time but as soon as the camera light comes on she's a nut on crack. Anyhow, today I caught her playing in my new curtains (I'd just washed because she knocked them into the turtle tank). This time I folded and put them way up high until they could be hung but she somehow wrestled them to the floor. I threw them over her head just to be able to get this photo. Just barely got it and was able to run away before she came after my toes with that insane look in her eye.

"All your toes are belong to me! Bwahahaha!!!

I have new photos of Thor as well. I have a couple hundred photos of him doing this. Isn't he cute? Oo

And here's one taken of us together, that one time he woke up.

You know what they say about pets and their owners.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! ;)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

What Better Way...

...to start the day than with a little Garfield?


Yeah, I had to actually do some work today because I value a roof over my head (and want a new pool this spring because mine is so fally-aparty & lopsided that all the neighborhood dogs are stopping by to drink from it).

Since I have no real post anyhow and you guys are the "firearm experts", be schweet. Scroll to the comments and tell me what type of hand gun would be the best purchase for a novice. I've experience with a shotgun, not so much that it actually counts but enough that I feel I've at least "graduated" to a hand gun (because someone told me the shotgun was the best way to go in the beginning and that's what I did).

Lay it on me eeevil conservatives!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Free Speech

BEIJING (Reuters) - "China is being forced on the defensive over its media censorship policies, fending off attacks from United States and even, unexpectedly, its own aging Communist Party officials.

This week, Beijing has had to defend its controls over the Internet, just days after U.S. Web giants faced bipartisan criticism in Congress for bowing to Chinese government demands to block sites and help track down critics who communicate online.

At the same time, a former secretary to Chairman Mao Zedong and a dozen other senior Chinese scholars and ex-officials denounced the shutting down of an investigative weekly as a "historic incident."

And the U.S. State Department has set up a task force to help American technology companies protect freedom of expression in countries like China that censor online content.

Meanwhile, a quick trip around the internet shows Americans setting up their own task forces to protect their freedom of speech right here at home.

Free the Internet

"Certain political activities involving the Internet (blogs, websites, email) are about to be regulated by the Federal Election Commission. But the mainstream media is exempted from these regulations. They will apply to you, but not to NYTimes.com. Identical bills have now been introduced in the House and Senate to exempt the Internet from these regulations. The full text of these bills is as follows:

Paragraph (22) of section 301 of the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 (2 U.S.C. 431(22)) is amended by adding at the end of the following new sentence: "Such term shall not include communications over the Internet."
This simple legislation will restore your personal "freedom of the press" on the Internet, and place your Internet communications on the same legal ground as the major media. If we can pass this law in the next month-or-so Internet regulations currently being drafted will be made null-and-void.

Please use the form below to ask your representatives in the House and Senate to pass this law."


First Amendment Restoration Act

Congress has made it illegal for citizens to broadcast ads criticizing their elected representatives within 60-days of an election. This is un-American and must be reversed. Fortunately, Representative Roscoe Bartlett (R.-MD) has re-introduced his “First Amendment Restoration Act” to repeal these restrictions on free speech and political dissent. HR 689 would repeal this restriction of free speech and political dissent.

Please use the simple system below to send your elected representatives the following message.

While I don't agree with and sign every petition DownsizeDC.org makes available, these two are well worth a read.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Goodies

Yay! I got stuff! Yeah, the Valentine's celebration is pretty much over for me. My hot date (if saying "turn the dang heat down will ya!" counts) works second and third shifts but that's ok since the poor uber-teen is boyfriendless (God forgive me but that makes me yay too haha) and ready for a little TLC (steak and chocolate). I tried to get her a puppy for Valentine's but it seems the adoption process is complicated so she'll be cuddling Mai Tai's photo until they do the background checks, or whatever it is that they do that takes so long. Oo

Anyhow, hope everyone's Valentine's is super schweet! ;)

Copy and paste for a cute Valentine's animation-


Monday, February 13, 2006

Yay it's Monday!

Ok, I really don't like Mondays much at all but look, we have Insolubloggy-goodness.

Also, some 45-Caliber Justice (the best kind), Dr. Phat Tonian-wisdom, an IMAO Podcast, a spacemonkey wanting answers (or is that gravy?), a shiny brand spankin' new Radioactive Liberty (don't forget to blogroll!), some funny, a blogger down (ok, that's not good, go be nice and say hi), decisions, decisions (I like choices, choices are good), all kinds of common sense, and a list of those who are worthy of all our hatred. Yay!

You go read now.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday's Cat Bloggin'


I'm beginning to make myself ill with all the Valentine's bloggin'. If I don't stop soon, I'll be all "Ack. Who Cares!" by the time Tuesday actually rolls around.

Anyhow, there's a new cat on the block to add to the uber-cat collection. I named her Franki (after Frank Sinatra ha!) and have been hoping she'd prove to be one photogenic kitty. She's pretty but has she got what it takes? Will she run away hissing or attack the lens and slobber on it like Precious does? I'd like to use her in the 'greeting cards for children visiting the children's hospital' effort mentioned before, so today we gave it a whirl just to see how cooperative she is. Here are one of the results:

Franki was great. A little distracted maybe but not really what I'd call easily distracted and didn't get so scared that she puffed up like a Halloween cat and ran away or anything like that. She didn't sink her teeth into my camera either so that's always a plus.


I think I'll forget all the other things I've been working on and just use one of the photos from this shoot. Add some schweet words, maybe some artsy butterflies too, and call me done even though it was just a test shoot.

What do you think? Does Franki inspire smiles?

5 Days Until Valentine's!

Just call me Dr. Love, or The Ubmiester of Love

I wonder if I can get a cape with that title? heh


*New Suggestions-
1. Chocolate and cherries jubilee facial at Wine and Roses Spa. This treatment is for men as well as women. It's a relaxing hour of pampering featuring a seven-step process. Aestheticians apply different products to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and refresh. The facial includes steam treatment and a shoulder, neck and head massage using sour cherry whip and sugar plum soufflé.

» Information: (209) 334-6988

» Cost: $105

2. Adopt a Manatee. This special gift is available through the Save the Manatee Club in Maitland, Fla.

For $25, your special Valentine will receive an adoption certificate for an endangered manatee, a photo, a biography, membership handbook and a subscription to the organization's newsletter. For $10 more, your sweetheart also will get a stuffed manatee. "We do this every year, and there's always a wonderful response," said Janice Nearing, director of public relations for the club. "People like something other than the traditional gift."

» Information: (407) 539-0990 or www.savethemanatee.org. (You may have to use express delivery.)

» Cost: $25 or $35

3. Sit down and write a letter. If Napoleon can do it, why not you? Need some inspiration or want to plagiarize the famous? Here are some letter examples, courtesy of the Web site www.theromantic.com:

From Napoleon to Josephine, before their 1796 wedding: "I wake filled with thoughts of you. Your portrait and the intoxicating evening which we spent yesterday have left my senses in turmoil."

From Winston Churchill to his wife, Clemmie: "What it has been to me to live all these years in your heart and companionship no phrases can convey."

*Tried and True- Say I love you with personalized photography and/or art. For new couples this can be anything from having a snapshot together snazzed up to giving your partner a new hot photo of yourself (easy on the TMI here) to having a poem you wrote (or some famous lines that touch home) put on a schweet background (from sunsets to beaches to mountains). For long-term couples the possibilities are endless. A romantic scrapbook or photo album can be thrown together in mere moments. Highlighting some of the good times your relationship has produced is really sweet. Old Valentine's cards, snap shots of you together or individual images taken by each other, kids, family stuff, even the little cards that came with flowers past can be included in a scrap book. You could take out that old wedding photograph and have it snazzed up and reframed, poetry or just a few heartfelt lines added in an inconspicuous area. Faded or damaged photos can be repaired and framed, with or without the extras and all of the above mentioned ideas for new couples as well. You can get really creative or keep it simple. I've personally tried all of the above, either for the sake of my own romance or for others, and all work really well because it is a very personalized gift. I think most of us just want to know we're thought of on a very personal level when it comes to romance and Valentine's is a great excuse to show that.

So, I hereby offer my services free of charge for anyone wishing to present any of the personalized gifts above (except scrap book idea, on your own there). There's an endless supply of poetry and I've me own stock photography supply for backgrounds. Give me an adjective or two and I have a photo for you. Jazzing up, adding artistic extras, or repairing fading/damage are some of the quickest and easiest jobs so my time is of no concern. The only catch is that I'd be sending a file via email and it would be up to you to put it on a CD and take in to have printed and framed (c'mon, even Wal-Mart has the one hour deal now, and sells frames). So, if you'd like to take me up on my offer and give this type of a gift, lay it on me! It really doesn't take as much time/work as you might imagine. :) Just keep any romantic nekkidness to yourselves. haha

Speaking of which-

We have some new unscientific stats.

"It doesn't take much to please a man on Valentine's Day. All you have to do, ladies, is strip. At least that was the consensus of half of the male respondents to this year's completely unscientific Valentine's Day Close-Up poll, who chose "anything naked" as the best Valentine's Day activity.
Nude naughtiness was edged out, however, by female respondents who chose a good, old-fashioned fancy dinner. The dinner date won 44.3 percent of the vote, followed by a hot tub and champagne, which pulled in 28.7 percent of 180 responses."


People sending love texts on Valentine's Day should be careful they don't message the wrong person.

Forty per cent of people will be texting rather than sending cards on the international day of love and one in four people have misdirected a provocative text or photo, a poll of 3000 mobile phone users in Britain has found.
Recipients of the unwanted texts include bosses or colleagues (9 per cent) parents (3 per cent) and perhaps most embarrassing of all -- ex-partners (2 per cent).

See? 1 in 4...I'm not alone, accidents happen. Oo

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Update- We just can't have a decent Valentine's without advice from The Real Fake Dr., Dr. Phat Tony that is, so be sure to check out his
Valentine's Day Help.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Valentine's Gone Wrong- That One Time I Asked a Chick Out

I thought it might prove amusing to share an example of a Valentine's gone terribly wrong to balance all the mushy tips found below (and soon to be above as well as we are having the whole "countdown") and to show that women (at least this one) mess things up too.

I'm also in a terrific mood having just got paid (a whole lot more than expected) and have been dancing around with and singing "Toniiight...I celebraaaate my looove fooor youuuu..." to a check and am taking some down time in celebration. So, it's either blog or watch TV. Funny- The uber-teen was also all up in my personal space batting lashes saying "I suddenly feel so affectionate towards you..." which is code for "Buy me stuff!" so I'll probably become a mall dweller over the weekend and miss out on some of the blogging. Yay shopping! Hey, I'll bet she lets me dance in Hot Topic this time...popular teen shop for the blissfully ignorant. ;)

Anyhow, Valentine's gone wrong.

At age 21 I was working in a factory (distribution) and striving to climb to the top as fast as humanly possible because I was a single mom in need of a good salary, paid vacation, and health benefits. I'd given up working in an art gallery and working in a factory turned out be quite a lot of fun, to my surprise. I was sent to work in every single department in order to gain working knowledge to make up for what I lacked in managerial experience and age. By far the most interesting department I worked was the shipping dock, where I made some of the best friends I've ever had, as obnoxious as they were (and still are). Not only did I learn some new variations of cursing but these guys (who were more than a little rough around the edges) supported my efforts in a way that made a romantic Valentine's look like child's play. I worked through nearly all of my breaks and lunches trying to keep up with them and still they all pitched in at the end of the night to help finish loading my truck with zero complaint. I practically crawled to my car at the end of each shift feeling pretty crummy and guilty, my only comfort the fact that I knew I'd only be gracing their department (and causing them extra work) for a short period of time.

Shortly after I left their dept. they had a t-shirt with the word "Stupidvisor" printed across the chest made specially for me and I wore it with pride and continued to take all my breaks and lunches with them instead of the other "stupidvisors". I eventually found that I had 12 grown/much older men providing romantic advice, butting into and running my personal life on a daily basis.

Having somewhat of a crush on a 1st shift supervisor I saw leaving each day as I was just beginning my own shift and Valentine's day coming up, they advised me to just ask him out after much debate about whether or not he was "too damn skinny" and "not good enough for me anyhow". I was assured he was single and likely just not assertive enough to ask me out. Now, I don't know how other women handle this but I had certainly never asked a man out (guys I grew up with don't count) so I decided to show up early for work and put a note on his truck, asking him to reply by putting a note on his truck in return the following day. They helped me with my note and even pointed out his vehicle.

I ran all the way inside and sat around in giggly anticipation with 12 fully grown burly country men. It's a notion that I cannot completely describe as completely true as it is. The next day I plucked the note he'd left for me on his truck and ran inside to the break room to share the special moment. I was all scared too. What if he said...*insert all of those silly things we all imagine when laying it all on the line like that*. So there we all were, gathered around my reply when they all literally fell down laughing. I think someone actually peed themselves.

The note said:

"I'm sorry, I'd go out with you if it were possible but it's just not possible. It's not that I don't think you're pretty and I'll bet you're really nice and fun to hang out with too but I'm just not gay. I mean, if I were gay, I'd totally want to go out with you but I really just like men. I hope you find someone...I have this friend I could set you up with...blah...blah...blah"

Those &#%s pointed me toward the wrong truck and then ridiculed me for weeks, pointing out different women and giving me the thumbs up sign when too far to be ridiculed verbally. They swore it was an accident and I suppose it could have been. I couldn't exactly leave another note explaining the situation because it would have just looked like I was making excuses after coming out of my closet long enough to be turned down. And you know that epiphany won another round of laughter. I didn't know who the chick was and didn't want to know. She seemed awfully sweet and I could only hope she'd keep the tale to herself. I never did ask the man in question out either, having had enough of all that note/asking out business. That turned out to be a good thing because I later discovered they also got his marital status wrong which also helped me to realize that he was really too skinny after all. haha

Lesson learned? Never ask someone of the same sex out for a little Valentine's romance if you're straight. Or maybe it's never allow 12 grown men with an evil sense of humor to direct your love life? In any case, anyone feeling the Valentine blues this year should know we've all been there. Or worse.

This too, shall pass. :)

6 Days Until Valentines!

* New Suggestion- Give that special someone in your life...

...a kidney.

Unusual yes, but still so sweet.

Most women give their hearts on Valentine’s Day, but a Long Island woman is donating a kidney to her husband instead.

Joe Agnello, 45, of Islip Terrace, who suffers from kidney disease, jokes that his wife, Leona, is a little confused about what makes a good Valentine’s gift.

They've been married since June 2003, after meeting when Joe was her mailman.

Joe went on disability from the Postal Service shortly after their marriage because of kidney failure.

His brother was not a match; his sister had to back out because of medical problems.

Doctors at Stony Brook University Medical Center said it is unusual for unrelated people to match. Doctors said that although they are not a perfect match, advances in medication that fight organ rejections make for a good outlook.

The operation will be on Valentine’s Day at the Stony Brook.

* Tried and True- Think "stalking", only with rose in hand. Purchase a dozen roses and leave them for your significant other in different places, surprising them throughout Valentine's Day. A note or poem left with each rose? Even better. C'mon, anyone can make a two naughteh line rhyme.
I once snuck around stalking that special someone from noon until well after midnight having left a rose for them at work, where they picked up lunch, the dry cleaners, windshield of their car, etc...etc.

On the other hand, this could also be a way of saying "I know your every move!" or "You will be mine!" Muahaha


Ahem...moving on.

Know your roses:

The red rose signifies romantic love.

The white rose can mean reverence, humility, innocence or purity.

White and red roses combined means unity.

The yellow rose represents joy and friendship.

The pink rose expresses gratitude and appreciation.

Purple roses signify love at first sight.

Coral and orange roses express much desire.

The peach roses can mean either sympathy or gratitude.

And for the Gothic in your life the black rose (while really just a darker shade red) usually represents death. Oo

Side note- Be sure to check out Operation Love Our Troops.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Let's Just Get Flagged?

Hat Tip: Dr. Phat Tony's

I interrupt our regularly scheduled Valentine's love fest to share something just a little different. It's not pretty and it's not romantic but it's important all the same.

D. T. Devareaux, of The Study of Revenge, has been flagged by blogger due to complaints concerning his art which is displayed above. I repost and risk being flagged myself not because I think it would be cool to be flagged (though it might) and not because I would like to insult others (but I'll admit the prospect isn't exactly killing me here) but because every repost means those who would attempt to squash freedom of speech (only that which offends them of course), lose. I'm also sick to death of the double standards. I think everyone should click on over, exercise their freedom of speech and show their support for his.

That is all. Thanks. :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

7 Days Until Valentine's

* New Suggestion- Give your significant other a shotgun wedding.

Lovers caught on Valentine's should marry: ABVP
February 7 2006
RANCHI: "Couples spotted canoodling on Valentine's Day will be forced to get married, or so says the students wing of Jharkhand's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as it launches another diatribe against Western concepts overtaking Indian traditions.

With only a week to go before Valentine's Day on Feb 14, the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) is gearing up for another campaign as in previous years.

According to Anshuman Chaubey of the group, couples found cosying together in zoos, gardens and other public places would be caught and taken to the police station. Then, their parents would be called and be asked to get them married.

As the day becomes increasingly popular all over the country with an entire industry of cards and gifts building up around it, anti-Valentine's Day protests have also become more violent. Protests and violence with stoning of outlets have been frequent.

Groups like the ABVP justify their protests saying that Valentine's Day goes against Indian traditions.

"We do not like this vulgar display of affection. This time, we appeal to the administration to play a greater role on Valentine's Day and help us in getting the couples married," said Subodh Dubey of the VHP."

* Tried and True- Dine in, pick a romantic theme. This can be as simple as table decor (table cloth, napkins, rings, candles, glasses & a bottle of wine) or as elaborate as decorating an entire room. I once chose an Italian theme because one room of my home at that time was already decorated in Italian decor. I cooked all side dishes early in the day and saved the main dish only for late night cooking. Other than cooking, the only task was to move a small table into the room and throw a few choice items onto it. This is a great idea when the significant other works hours that do not permit a romantic dinner out or they may just be too tired for the whole "go out" production. ;) (Can't or don't feel like cooking, can always have something prepared and reheat it later.) Be the theme Italian or Hawaiian restaurant, a google image search should produce a fine example and cost is not an issue as even disposable table cloths can be found. (As I've learned in shopping for photography props, craft sections of lower cost dept. stores are a great place to look for things on sale too.)

Ladies, yesterday I read the results of a survey (which I forgot to save the link to so you'll just have to trust me) showing well over 60% of men prefer electronic gadgets as Valentine's gifts (but only a very small number actually get what they want...if memory serves correct, only around 20%).

Guys, the survey showed that women are so varied in their Valentine's gift preferences (around 20% like electronic gadgets, aprox 20% candy & flowers etc etc) that it's no wonder y'all are in trouble on this "make you or break you" lover's day. haha Looks like you'll just have to do your homework.

And last, but certainly not least, everyone has some great tips that must be noted!

Dr. Phat Tony makes a quick list of Valentine's gifts that also double as murder weapons.
1. Mop
2. Weed Eater
3. Golf Shoes (ok, maybe not a murder weapon but, ouch, that's gonna hurt)

Tommy, of Striving for Average thinks he's beat the system with his plan to just "be in a whole 'nother country for Valentine's Day". Bwahahaha. Let us know how that works out, Tommy. (Pity the fool!)

Linda asks if Tommy is planning to ever come home, I second that question.

Nathan shows everyone up by reminiscing the day of "café Naton, complete with flowers, music, candles, wine, dinner, rose petals and a candlelit bubble bath. Oh my. *wink*

All bow to the king of Valentine's romance!

Bob, of Crazy Politico suggests a nice household item with jewelry hidden inside. You're not so crazy after all, Bob. Great idea. Women love surprises (of the shiny or nice smelling variety). I just hope nobody with an impulsive mate tries this and gets clobbered with a coffee pot before she's discovered the jewels hidden inside and if they do, I hope they dare to share the tale with us all. *g*

Amazingly enough, The CUG suggests firearms, with the support of Tyler D. of 45-Caliber Justice, for the women in your life. Or was that a suggestion for gifts women should be purchasing for men, in hopes of a shiny new toy that goes bang? Hm. This is a high risk gift if she's offended by it. In any case, some women might actually like this Valentine's gift idea, you never know. It is at least possible to weave a romantic evening of such a gift.

Sssteve, of First With Flair throws us a curve ball by reinforcing the idea of a Valentine's massage and supports Dr. Phat Tony's quick list of Valentine's gifts that'll get you "kilt". ;)

With the very mention of massage oils and thigh-high leather boots, Wyatt Earp, of Sharp Shooters, asks for a moment to compose himself, then takes 20 hours. haha C'mon back Earpy, we're totally keeping it PG up in here (so far, anyhow).

Countdown to Valentine's

Nothing says "I love you" like slippery massage oil.

With Valentine's just around the corner I think a countdown is in order. Since most of my regular readers are men (except that one, hi Linda!), who are not known for their creativity in such occasions (sorry guys, you know it's true, back me up here Linda), I thought I'd share some helpful Valentine's ideas as well. Each day from now until Valentine's day, I'll be reminding you guys that "the day" grows closer and share a few ideas as to what you might consider to please those women in your lives. I am a hopeless romantic and a woman so this makes me an expert. I'll be posting at least one idea per day until "the day" and one idea that I have personally tried that went over well. I'll throw in some tips for the ladies too, just in case (especially since I have no idea who's visiting regularly but failing to comment). Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions as we go, and I will post the questions and answers as well as any good (or funny) suggestions here.

Disclaimer- While men and women alike are best viewed as individuals and vary in their romantic preferences, there do seem to be some generalizations that separate the sexes. However, it is your job to know your significant other, not mine, and not only will I not be held responsible for any Valentine's disasters that occur due to my advice, I reserve the right to taunt you over said Valentine's disasters. ;)

8 Days until Valentine's!

* New Suggestion-
Let Llamas Kindle The Spark of Love
"Stuck for romantic inspiration with Valentine's Day just a week away?

Then consider llamas."

Yes, you read that right. Llamas. Who knew? Oo

* Tried and True- Buy or rent a video on the art of sensual massage (no, no, not pron!). Watch before Valentine's (prep is everything here), purchase nice smelling massage oils (Bath & Body Works offers an affordable set of many scents in a sweet little pink heart box, complete with a massage tool) and treat your special someone to a little Valentine's bliss. Guys, ladies will love the thought put into this one as well as the massage (and are likely to reciprocate) and ladies, men love massages...Period. Nothing says "I love you" like slippery massage oil.

Tune in tomorrow for the next romantic Valentine's Day tip. :)

Guys, you can't go wrong Valentine's Greetings, but a greeting alone will not get and keep you out of the dog house!

Ladies, nothing screams "Look at me, look at ME!" on that special day for lovers like a shiny new pair of leather boots. Thigh-high leather boots? Even better. Best to order now before it's too late!

Let's not forget, our pets need love too.

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Grand Irony

Embassies in Syria Are Burned in Furor Over Prophet Cartoon

Danish Imams Propose to End Cartoon Dispute (All 12 cartoons can be seen by following this link as well.)

Don't Reprint Cartoons, Begs Sheikh

So, does freedom mean the right to offend the fundamental values of millions of people?

The answer:

Yes it does. And considering these folks have so little respect for the fundamental values of Western society, why is it that they (or any one else for that matter) expects the other side would blindly respect their fundamental values?

A side note- The Christian's Jesus is given the title "prophet" along with Mohammed but we sure never see the violent outrage when His image is depicted in a most unsavory way, from Christians or Islamists.

These cartoons were published in a free land for a free people and should only be subject to the values (read: freedom of speech) of a free (Western) civilization.

You don't like it? Don't look at it!

The grand irony is that by reacting with violence and threats to other's lives, they validated the cartoons. If people weren't already thinking, "Wow, it's all true!" they are likely thinking it now. This does more harm to their own image (as well as the "sacred" image of Mohammed) than any silly satirical cartoon ever could.

These cartoons need to be shown out of respect for the principles of free speech and to show that these principles are stronger than the principles of violence and terror.

Friday, February 03, 2006

The Heat Is On

~ Blog Awards ~

Voting will now close at Midnight, Friday, Feb 3rd, so go vote now.

Simply the best of the nominations, in my humble opinion:

45-Caliber Justice

Crazy Politico's Rantings

Dr. Phat Tony's

Insolublog: Always separates when shaken

Peakah's Provocations

Striving for Average

The Conservative UAW Guy

Sharp Shooters

And just so y'all know, be relieved I was all sick and MIA or I'd have cleaned your clocks (with promises of sexy photos)! ;)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

An Answer For The Curious

How do you make an eeeevil conservative cry?

No, do not try to take away their guns. That just makes them want to "bwahaha" and shoot you. Oo

Not only have I not posted for a few days, I stopped stopping by to even check comments and site meter a few days ago due to illness and other priorities. I'm hesitant to say I'm feeling much better now or that it can't get much worse because each time I do, I'm not and it does. If I were brave, I'd say I'm about to beat this bug but since I'm not, I'm not saying that at all!

I also made promises to participate in a community art project: Artists pooling their talents in the use of photography and digital art to create greeting cards for a Children's Hospital (there for surgeries, treatment or a place to spend their final days). One lovely lady in particular has recruited artists of all ages who working in all mediums from all over to send their art to her to be printed and mailed at her own expense. That's just not the sort of person one breaks a promise to or the sort of promise one breaks, even if they feel like someone is driving nails through their skull. :)

So, I've had one of those weeks. You know, the kind where everything that possibly could go wrong does and you not only believe there is a devil but imagine you're on a first name basis? Speaking of the devil, thanks goes out to the fabulous friend who so helpfully suggested via email that I contact Noah to build an ark for me the next time I decide to fill a water bed. Ha ha, good one! *g*

Then when I'm finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and stop by blogspot to see what's shakin' I discover that not only has the traffic not slowed down in my absence, I've all sorts of comments on boring old posts to answer. You guys are great. Almost made me cry. *sniff* I would have only that would hurt and takes too much energy anyhow.

Thanks for the continued visits.

Hopefully I'll be back to blogging regularly real soon!

Update: Never mind. I just realized everyone's just been hitting me up for the votes.


Update: I'm just messin' with you. You know I love ya all! ;)