Thursday, March 29, 2007

Oh No He Didn't!

Oh yeah, he absolutely did.

Someone finally came right out and told, the truth. < insert gasps here >

"Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of UN Watch, delivered a scorching speech before the UN Human Rights Council 4th Session, accusing the body of blatant hypocrisy in ignoring gross rights violations worldwide except when committed by Israel."

But of course, to lend even more credence to his words (much like the oh so violent murdering Islamic nut jobs running around murdering innocent people like the nut jobs that they are in reaction to the suggestion that they are violent murderers...Oo)...

"The speech was then repudiated by the Council Chairman, who refused to thank Neuer as is customary and then threatened to strike from the record similar statements in the future."

Read more: UN Watchdog censured after accusing Human Rights Council of hypocrisy.

Better yet, watch the video documenting the hypocrisy in the face of truth.

OK, this was just too rich to not take the time to post. Back to my regularly scheduled "I'm in spring cleaning/home improvement/standardized testing/flu bug or something worse/company arriving soon hell." The company arriving soon part is not hell though, I actually like that part.

Regular posting will resume again shortly! Hope you're all able to hang in there without me for just a little longer (I know it's been most difficult). ;)


linda said...

Who are you again? j/k heh
People are droppin' like flies in blogsville! Rachel, fm, and others are taking time-outs! Last we heard of Ssssteve, he was in GA! Peakeah stuck his head up once or twice and DPT's dad posted for him! Pandy had a sweet baby girl. And I'm posting just to be posting, I guess!

I was planning to email you to see how all of you were doing. Sorry to hear the creeping crude has been to see ya! Good to see a post from you!

Crazy Politico said...

Honey, if you are going to make a comeback there aren't many articles better than this that you could have picked to do it with. Hope to see more from you.

faded_glory47 said...

Knowing you are probably not running on even half your allocated cylinders there Frau Uber, makes this post, and your commitment to blog, ever so special. Great Post. Please make YOU priority one (you have been told this before)then spoil us as before.

RT said...

Just when you think she is back....gone, again!

Awesome post! :)

Wyatt Earp said...

Although this isn't news to anyone who even glimpses at what the UN does on a regular basis, it is refreshing to see someone (other than the bloggers) admit it.

I will now return to my regularly scheduled hanging (in there).

Uber said...

Hi Lin! So sad to hear of all the bloggers down. :( But personally, "I" will be back full force as soon as all the spring work is done. I try to pack lots in this time of year even though it's pretty busy all on its own so I can be lazy and sit around by the pool with a piƱa colada all summer. Ok, so it never really seems to turn out like that but still, it's always the goal. lol Hope you're doing good. Miss ya!

Thanks CP, though he gets all the credit. I had a feeling you'd all enjoy that one every bit as much as I did. ;)

FG- Thanks, hope you're enjoying your vacation!

RT- Ty, and I was hoping you guys would be thinking more like, "Just when you think she is gone....back again!" *g*

Hiya Earpy! Thanks for the visit. ;)