Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Not So Lame Blogger Excuses- In Advance

For once, I will explain my lame attempts in the blogosphere before I disappear. Posting will be sporadic from now until...well, I don't really know when. Until I say so, that's when!

It's a pretty nifty tale so I will start from the beginning.

In a distant land, far far away (called Kansas), a dream was born. I, 25 year old Queen of my destiny, would finally just give in and submit some of the children's literature (written for a much younger uber-teen) for publication. After all, I was already taking writing courses geared specifically toward that end. On the other hand, I was thinking I might just skip the long and winding path of children's mags, just go for gold, and write a book. Decisions, decisions...

Then, before I could move on any decision, it became clearly apparent that I would need to educate my then seven year old daughter myself. Actually, it first became clearly apparent that she would not receive a good education if I didn't do something, and fast. After the "oh, woe is me!" phase (as we could not afford private education for her at that time and were not even sure if that was even the right answer for her), I kicked myself a few times for not recognizing her needs sooner (because I'd grown overly self-involved), and became a home educator within the week. I gladly put the previous goal behind me, in order to better focus on her education, and fell back on what I know best. I also became very involved with fellow home educators and "the movement" (cool sounding, huh?) in general, giving much of my extra time.

Interestingly enough, as our income increased (and we were eventually able to afford private education), the uber-teen continued to prefer home education over other options. Every now and then I made the offer to send her to a private school and she refused that offer every time. I'm pleased that she did because I am thoroughly enjoying all of this time that we have together. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

So, fast forward nearly ten years. The uber-teen is still at home with me, though she graduated last year. Many assume she decided against going away to college last fall due to the tragic events of last spring, but we'd already decided together that she wasn't ready to leave the nest just yet and would continue DL courses until she was damn good and ready to face the world on her own. She is only sixteen. However, she will be seventeen this summer and even if she sticks to the decision to put going away to college off one more year (until the fall of 08), I know the end of this little adventure of ours, together anyhow, is drawing near. She plans to major in journalism (how cool is that?), minor in photography, and find her own way soon enough. I might feel silly for becoming a little sniffly just thinking about this if she didn't sniffle some herself.

Anyhow, enough mush! The good news is, it isn't over just yet. She and I have brought in the new year by deciding to write a book. As a matter of fact, we spent the last weeks of 2006 dabbling in ideas and character formulation. Over the next year, we'll write this together. I will finally write that book I've always wanted to write and she will co-author. I can't imagine a more befitting end. I no longer even care if it is published (ok, ok, maybe just a little). No matter, I'll cherish the end result every bit as much as the time together regardless of outcome, not to mention we'll both learn lots and have fun in the process.

I have no idea what I'll do with myself in the year 2008, after the uber-teen leaves for college. I'm already playing with the idea of looking in new directions (digital design is where it's at, baby!). All I really know for certain is that the year 2007 will be spent with her, creating something fabulous.

So, blogging will definitely be sporadic during this time, for however long it takes, though I will continue to visit all your blogs as regularly as possible.

Now if that's not the best blogger excuse you've ever heard, I'd like to know what is. :)


linda said...

Much good luck to the two of you! I have 2 children's books that I would like to send out to the critical world--just not brave enough, yet.

You could always post pictures. Whatever you do, enjoy your time together! And we can all say we knew them when!

Uber said...

Lin- That's awesome. C'mon... Be brave! Just be sure to do some research on the topic of things that tick editors and publishers off first, before submitting. lol

Thanks a bunch for the encouragement. *hugs*

kateykakes said...


You're absolutely amazing! You are a great role model for your daughter and I know she must be so proud of you, just as you are of her.

I wish you both the very best of luck with the book, and more importantly, it's wonderful that you two will have the all important quality time together, which is so rare these days with teenagers. Kudos to you both.

SK said...

What a wonderful thing to do! Best of luck to you and your co-author....let us know when it's published! :-)

RT said...

You both rock! That is so cool! I'm jealous. Well, I don't have any children, so I'd have to write the book with my cats, but that is besides the point.

I'm very happy for you both. What a neat experience to share. She is going to be an awesome adult. Home schooling is the best choice for some children and they benefit greatly from it. Uber-teen is an example.

Stew said...

I thought about writing a book called 1001 ways to torture that homeless guy at Wal-Mart...

I'm currently writing a book. But it's on VoIP. Not much room for wit.

At least give us updates.

Wyatt Earp said...

I'm very proud of you for going through with it. I'm sure it'll be a best seller. If not, I'll buy 1,000,000 copies!

spacemonkey said...

Suggestion for your book,

end it on cliffhanger.

Resolve in book 2. Which you also end on a cliffhanger. etc and so forth.

Kevin said...

Does this also mean that when the book finally does come out we all get free signed copies?

Just a suggestion. :)

Best of luck with the project.

Insolublog said...

Feel free to leverage all of the spicy personalities from your blog sidebar as character material for the book.

Uber said...

Katey- Thank you. She has a big question mark on her social calender right now anyhow because all of her closest friends are older and left for college last fall. The question mark on mine seems to be etched in stone sooo...guess it's meant to be. *g*

SK- "When", huh? I like the way that sounds. Thank you, I will! :)

RT- Hey now. I think cats make fabulous writing partners. From "a cat's view" should run with that. Seriously, the origianl idea, way back when...involved my cat. I had planned to give her an honorable mention even. lol Thanks, btw. The encouragement means a whole lot.

Stew- Update: I wrote one whole line so far (the first is the hardest, right?), the uber-teen is still too sick to help much this week, and she coughed on my keyboard so I may be next. ha

Earpy- Mucho thanks, and ya know I'm going to hold you to that, don't you?!

Spacemonkey- You're pretty smart for a monkey. I actually changed my original ending around in my mind a bit already, for this very reason. GMTA! ;)

kevin- Absolutely, no doubt about it. Thank you for the well wishes.

Insolu- That's actually happening already, from the blogosphere and beyond, in very small and unobvious ways. Not on purpose, I just can't seem to help myself. ;)

Maybe you guys should help me out by pointing me in the direction of some particularly nasty liberal bloggers since I don't personally know any and have trouble getting inside the mind of evil characters. *g*

linda said...

Lysol that keyboard! Hope she feels better!

Wyatt Earp said...

Actually, although a conservative, I have been classified as "Pure Evil."

Uber said...

Lin- Oh I did...I'll spray her too if she comes near me again! haha And thank you...I think she's on the mend now. At least the fever is gone. :)

Earpy- Who classified you as such? Want me to stab them? Because I will ya know...haha

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Awesome, Uber!
I BUY an autographed copy when it comes out.

(Although, I am not averse to free!)

Deathlok said...

Good Luck!

Hey, let's face it, kids or not you would probably sell 100 copies just to us.

Dr. Phat Tony said...

If you follow Insolublogs idea, I would like to be a marmot (of the non-ass variety). Marmot just sounds funny.

Uber said...

Hiya CUG! If we make it that far, you can count on free. ;)

Deathlok- I'm hoping this will be something all ages will enjoy (and I don't think I even know 100 bloggers lol). Thanks for the well wishes!

Doc- I'm not sure how I might work a marmot into the plot. How about this, if it makes the big screen, instead of insisting on a small part like some writers have been known to do, I insist on a random marmot. Then we can all sit back and yell "There's Doc!!!" when it runs by. lol Also, can you guess who holds google's number one spot when searching "ass marmot"? haha

Peakah said...

How Cool! Looking forward to it!!
Keep us Posted!

Dr. Phat Tony said...

I gave him the idea. He was using weasel and I said that Marmot was much funnier.

Ssssteve said...

Ubster, this is awesome!! I know you guys will have a great time!! Since Doc opened the door I'm going to walk right on through ! HA! If you can find a spot for a big, hairy, soft hearted big foot I'm your guy!! HA! Have fun, but don't be too much of a stranger!!