Friday, January 12, 2007

Doggy Bloggin'

Today, we have more puppy photos, in celebration of the opening of the puppy eyes.

Above, is the puppy that was found a home within the first hours of her life. My parents will be taking her home with them when she is old enough so I'm positive she'll enjoy some massive spoiling. My parents have not had a dog since their little dog, Baby, passed away. My mother has called almost every day since her birth to ask what she's doing now. It goes something like "Um, now she's sleeping." "Oh, she's just eating." "Errr...sleeping again...stop calling me!" My dad emails and sends text messages repeatedly to ask what the puppy is doing now but I'm positive he's just mocking. This is a really big deal to my mom.

Baby came along shortly after I left home and filled the great void left in their lives (due to my own absence, I'm sure). As a matter of fact, I remember that first trip home and my meeting her like it was just yesterday. My brother had arrived before me for the same reason he visited more often than myself (to make me look bad), and was all too happy to introduce me to Baby. On the edge of his seat with childlike anticipation he kept offering to help me carry my bags to my room until curiosity got the best of me. Once in the doorway of my old room, before I could even take it all in, he announced with glee from behind, "They totally gave your room to their new dog...named Baby! Hahaha!"

Hahaha, indeed.

Gone was my little bed, along with matching vanity, bookshelf and anything else a cute little, might chew (which is pretty much everything). All of my things had been stored and replaced with a little puppy bed, the floor littered with newspaper and a mountain of puppy toys. There she sat, in the middle of my room, in all her cuteness. She even had my dark curly hair! Humph. I might have been replaced but I suggested I get my brother's room during that visit (as well as all future visits) because girls need their privacy.

He got the couch. Bwahaha!

Anyhow, they were so sad when Baby passed away that it has taken them all this time to even consider raising another puppy. The little pup above will have a terrific life with the two of them.

Next up -

This pretty puppy will stay with me. Forever. Naturally, they'll all stay with me until I've found good homes for them (and if I don't, then I'll just keep them), but I do want to keep one of Shadow's babies and she is my pick. Haven't found a name for her just yet though.

And for the rest -

The little golden fellow in the middle (the runt) is growling and barking at me already. He's certainly an interesting character. I never did get a photo of the sixth puppy. Shadow didn't seem irritated or anxious or anything, she just kindly took the last one from me and put it back in the box. That's so adorable, what do you say? "Alrighty then, no more photos!" That's what. I did snap a quicky bonus photo while she was looking the other way. ;)

That's all folks (until next week). Have a fabulous weekend!


Ssssteve said...

Hey I can't remember but what kind of dogs are those? Man they sure are cute!! Have a great weekend!

btw, it must really suck to be replaced by a dog! HA

Uber said...

Shadow is a cockapoo, the "dads" are a blonde lab and a brown boxer (that I know of and as far as I can tell.) I don't know why, but I find myself blushing every single time I'm asked this. lol Geez, they're dogs, doing what dogs do.

linda said...

Cute widdle puppies! ;) We bred Great Danes for awhile and I know how hard it is to let go--even to the good homes! Are they moving around much or just wobblying?

That was a cute story about your room being taken over! ha

Have you gotten any snow? It's been very nice and snowless here!

RT said...

I so want the black one! Darnit! I wish I could have a dog. Hhhrummpf.

Wyatt Earp said...

Heh, heh, you wrote, "cockapoo."

God, I am such a juvenile.

Crazy Politico said...

I'd love to take one of them off of your hands, I love puppies. However in my house a puppy would end up as either a scratching post for the cats, or a chew toy for the Chow-Chow, neither a good option for such cute puppies.

Uber said...

Lin- They are still really wobbly, but I did notice my mom's pup chewing on another's ear, trying to play a little. Too cute for words I tells ya! And we have had a little snow. Just one fast flurry that didn't cover the ground and melted before we woke. You know it had to stop right after I ran out in my jammies to move my car to an area where it wouldn't be stuck and walked an acre back to the 2am. Staying warm there?

RT- I wish you could have one too! I'm growing attached to the little black one, though trying my best to not. He has such a sweet personality. Shshsh! I'm tempted to just keep them all already. ;)

Earpy, Earpy, Earpy. How about shitzu? lol

CP- That must be one tuff cat to hold its own in a Chow's home. I think we need photos of such a cat! *g*

The Conservative UAW Guy said...



Insolublog said...

With mom being a Shadow, she certainly casts some light on the litter. Perhaps name her after a nearby star or heavenly body. Like Alfa C. (Alfie) or Vega? Or even Sol or Luna?

linda said...

How are the little squimers? And yes, you may take that as a hint!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

That's all folks (until next week).'s past next week, just FYI.

We need puppy pics!!

wrecksE said...

Too Sweet!!!

Leslie D. said...

Absolutely Adorable.

linda said...

I have a surprise for you at Frankly, my dear:

How are the pups?

Uber said...

Insolu- Hey, thanks. You're good at that. Luna it is! Though she's pretty out there so I can imagine calling her Loony instead, from time to time. *g*

CUG- So sorry! I had the flu and then a friend came into a bit of fame (Christian musician), isn't all that comfy with it... so ya know I had to become Image Master on a fan club site dedicated to making him more famous. lol It's getting less funny by the day so I'll be around more shortly. ;)

Wreckse, Leslie- Thank you, thank you! :)

Lin- The pups are doing great...escaping their box from time to time now so almost time to find homes. :( I'm breaking my rule of not getting overly attached! Again. lol Thanks for the link...I'll check that out right now. :)

Uber said...

Hey Lin...just followed the link. Is that...your blog?!

If so...

Yay! Lookin' good. I shall link you. :)

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Must be subjective... ;)

Uber said...

*g* It takes time for the bloggy mo-jo to kick back in.