Friday, February 09, 2007

Q&A, Baby!

First, I'm going to ask you, oh wise bloggers, some random questions. Then, we'll get to your asking me stuff in the comments. Since it's almost Valentines, maybe we should go with the topic of men, women, and relationships.

On the other hand, random works too. :)

My Random Questions-

1. If you were considering participating in a charity event and read this --

Participants that submit art, will be getting individual credit for their art and the charitable contributions. Upon completion of this project, all the available art will be auctioned, and the profits from the auction will go to charities. However, this event is not a charity event, and there is not going to be a profit made from processing the art.

-- wouldn't you think it's likely some type of a scam?

2. With 5 days until Valentine's Day, should we begin "the countdown" here at PJ Max?

3. With my bloggy-time more restricted, what type of posts do you prefer to see when you visit PJ Max (personal, political, cat bloggy-goodness, random photography, art, mad mix, etc)?

4. At what point does a personal preference become a fetish?

(Shuddup, I told you these would be random.)

5. Can I put those anti-snoring nose strips on my dog (without harming her)?

6. Are most teens online really as incapable of correct grammar, spelling, and capitalization as they appear? (Does that person teasing others about their poor "grammer" ever stop being funny?)

7. What are men really thinking about when they go all quiet?

Ok, there you have it, folks. Give me some answers, ask some questions, and come back later today for the next installment of Cat Blogging (yay!)


linda said...

1. Maybe the person having this event considers themself a charity.
2. Sounds good!
3. Mad mix.
4. Hmmmmm...
5. Ask the vet.
6. Could be the annoying way they talk in singular letters--u r, etc.
7. Sex. That's all they ever think about.

Crazy Politico said...

1. Yes, it sounds like a scam
2.depends on your guy. If you are looking for one I know a few single men who'd like a new valentine.
3. Whatever trips your trigger for posts. It's your outlet.
4. When it involves peanut butter, whipped cream, and rubber gloves.
5. Yes, but they won't work on a dog. Sorry, but Rover will just look funny.
6.I'd say half and half. Mine use all the online talk, but can both write very well (32 for each on the English portion of the ACT).
7. "Is there still a chance I'll get laid tonight".

Uber said...

Lin- #1...that's exactly what I'm thinking. #4 Hmmmm? lol Nice way to cop out. #7...maybe...I'm not completely convinced though too scared to get in there and find out for sure. ;)

CP- so it's not just me and I don't have to feel lame and loserish for bowing out, yay! #4...pb and whipped cream is just wrong together, fetish or not! As for may be right, you are a man and all...but after many times of asking "whatcha thinking?" and being told "nothing", I'm becoming suspicious that sometimes nothing really means...well, nothing. *g*

Space said...
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spacemonkey said...

1: Scam, definitely
2: Sure
3: art
4: when it becomes an obstacle to normal interpersonal relations.
5: Yes (and no)
6: Teens, like the rest of us, try to live up to otherss expectations. Their peers expect them to be 'cool' and not care about skoolin. Peer approval is prime in the average teens life so that the expectation they try to live up to.
7: I can tell you what I'm thinking about when I get like that. I'm usually day dreaming about living out some James Bond or Sci Fi quality fantasy. Something I'd never admit to because of how childish it would make me seem. Other times literally, nothing.

RT said...

1. I'd raise my left eyebrow ala Billy Idol and then I'd cock my head like, "huh?"

2. Go ahead, just ignore my whimpering.

3. PUPPIES!!! Photography and political (you're mad smart).

4. Heh. I think when you HAVE to do whatever it is. Did I say that out loud? I will say no more.

5. You can wear earplugs.

6. Yes. I see the same writing in their essays. I have seen UR, LOL, and other things that provide no clue to their meaning. They don't punctuate. They also seem to dangle a lot of modifiers. Well, they do lots of things wrong. When I correct things in their writing, they do not care and continue to make the same errors, even when it hurts their grade. UGH!

7. Who farted?

I can't think of a question. Is that bad?

Ssssteve said...

1. Yup!
2. yup!
3. I'm sure whatever you blog, Wyatt will slobber all over it! HA
4. I don't have fetishes! Yeaaaah righhhhht!
5. you can try

6. I think mocking them would be funner!
7. If she would quit asking me what I'm thinking and be quiet for a minute I could tell her how beautiful she is!

Oh, where is my hairbrush?

Wyatt Earp said...

1. There are DEFINITELY shenanigans and chicanery afoot.

2. Absolutely!

3. More pictures, more pictures, MORE PICTURES!!! Preferably holding an "I love Wyatt" sign.

4. That's like asking "At what time does constant flirting become "stalking." JimmyB would say I'm a stalker. Heh.

5. Probably. They are sticky when on for a while, but it shouldn't be more than a pinch.

6. Not really. Teens are lazy, and spell check takes too much of their "precious" time.

7. Sex. Definitely sex.

Here are my questions:

* Have you, like me, become so angry at President Bush's recent policies - or non-policies, like the inane Border issue - that you have a hard time supporting anything he does. Because I have.

* Can you explain the preference/fetish?

Uber said...

Spacemonkey- I knew it! Yeah, James Bond rocks, I don't care who ya are. :o)

RT- Mad smart, huh? I'll have to send you a virtual box of chocolates. heh No questions are ok as long as nobody does. If one person does then you ALL have to!

Uber said...

Earpy- Great answers! Since I'm not getting lots of questions, I'll just answer yours here. :)

I can actually combine those two questions into one.

I'm so disgusted with the inaction that it's no longer fun to argue with the liberal so debate whether the want for a PVC sling (I have an ouchie) to match the boots is a mere preference or a full fledged fetish. *g*

linda said...

Ssssteve--if what you're saying is true about your wife you could always kiss her, you know, or just drop your pants like you did in the store! hehehe

Wyatt Earp said...

Oh, and Sssteve . . . shut it!

Uber said...

Good answer on #7 Sssteve, you get bonus points!

(What's up with this pants thing? I'm guessing I missed something these last few weeks. gr!)

linda said...

Yeah, Ssssteve, tell Uber where the post about your shopping trip is!
Warning! Don't be drinking anything when you read it, or there could be a mess to clean up! heh

Ssssteve said...

Uber, you can check it out here. you will have to cut and paste since I don't know how to do links in the comment section

Hope you enjoy! HA

fmragtops said...

Sorry I'm late... as usual, here are my answers:

1 - Yes

2 - Sure

3 - Anything you'd write would be worth reading.

4 - Strictly speaking a "fetish" is when an inanimate object takes the place of a partner for sex

5 - Yes, but I doubt they'd work

6 - Yes, and no.

7 - It depends on what was transpiring just prior to the silence. Jusding by the presentation, I'd assume you were talking about during an argument. If that's the case, he's resisting the juvenile urge to say things to purposefully hurt your feelings. It doesn't always work, but he's trying to think of less hurtful ways to say what he's thinking. At least that's what I do.

Uber said...

Ssssteve- That's so funny I have honestly pulled a tummy muscle laughing. The mall always spells trouble for me. I've literally run from a teenaged boy wearing an "I heart soccer moms" t-shirt in the mall (dragging the uber-teen with me), fell up an escalator for all to see, even got caught up in a big ole group of either wanna be gansters or gangsters while the uber-teen wiped tears laughing at my antics in trying to get back out...but I've never dropped my pants. lol Ahh, good stuff. Oh, for future reference, linking in comments is the same as when blogging-
Click here to see how. :)

Uber said...

FM- #3- Thanks, virtual chocolates for you too this Valentine's! :) As for #4, I'll have to go to church at least 3 times this week to remove those mental images from my mind. *g* By the way, #7 wasn't in reference to during or after arguments. I'm the walk away type so wouldn't be around for the silent treatment anyhow. ;) I was referring to the general long silences for no apparent reason. A for effort though!

fmragtops said...

Well, since you mean long silences in general, then it's sex. Of course I've been known to be completely silent for long periods and think of absolutely nothing. Then again, I'm not your average guy either. Well, that's what my mom tells me anyway.

Uber said...

Ok, so we've reached the conclusion that it's either sex or really nothing. On the other hand, if it is sex and he says nothing then it's probably sex with SOMONE ELSE. Damn you, damn you all! (Kidding)