Friday, February 16, 2007

Puppy Update

First of all, hooray it's Friday! I don't know about you, but this is when I stop worrying. About work, laundry, what I eat, who is calling and why and what I eat. *g* By the end of the weekend I will have consumed every unhealthy food and beverage I can imagine, the laundry will reach the ceiling, my answering machine will be full of complaints and work will be all backed up. No wonder I hate Monday, huh?

Anyhow, I have new puppy photos! Today, we went to the veterinarian and got checked out (there was much crying). All of the pups were given a clean bill of health (there was much rejoicing) and are 7 weeks old so next week will be all about finding homes for these guys (more crying). I'll be spending as much time with them as possible this weekend so hoping for nice weather here, they love to run and play outside. I'll be snapping some more photos too because this will not only help in finding homes but also likely be the last I'm able to take. :(

On a happier note, I've become attached to one pup in particular (other than little Luna, who I've already decided to keep).

Meet Fox. Fox Mulder, heh.

How cute is he?! Yeah, I know better than to get attached to an animal that I know I'm not going to be able to keep forever and naming him makes it even harder. But he's always stretching his neck trying so hard to see exactly what is on the other side of that box that it inspired me to constantly whisper to him, "The truth is out there..." which of course is how he eventually came to be named Fox. Fox Mulder.

The good news is that my mom came by to pick up her pup today and fell in love with Fox as well and decided to take him instead. So I still get to see him! The pup she originally chose is adorable but not right for her anyhow. My parents like to travel, hike, go to parks, take long walks and things like that. Her original choice is a very sweet pick but just crawls into the nearest lap, shivering and looking extremely worried. Always. She'll give someone lots of love and cuddles, making an excellent companion but sure doesn't seem like much of an adventurous dog.

Here she is, worried as usual, wanting cuddled. So precious...

Here Fox is again (right), with his "almost" twin (left). I'd love to name the other Dana Scully and insist my mother keep them both but it's a boy as well and she's already slightly annoyed that she has to yell "Fox! Fox Mulder!" every time she wants her dog to come to her because he already knows his name. I shouldn't push my luck here.

I'm having trouble catching this next fella awake! He plays hard and crashes harder.

And, unable to catch this cutie being still. I've more photos of him than all the rest, every single one blurry. He's very animated.

The following is another bonus photo, from way back when they were still so tiny.

Seems like just yesterday...


Maybe I should go look at the mess they made tearing a stuffed Easter Bunny into a million pieces earlier today.

Or maybe I should just go watch a movie and eat my weight in chocolate! Mmmm.

Hope everyone has a terrific weekend. :)


linda said...

Adorable! Hope they all go to loving homes!
Eat some chocolate for me!

RT said...

CHOCOLATE!!!!! They are sooooo cute! My cat, Buster is curled up on my side right now...making it really hard to type. ;)

Uber said...

Thanks Lin, me too! I had them all lined up to go to an organization that trains then places small dogs with single elderly people but before they were old enough to go, an elderly couple with an entire litter called all upset because their pups were only a little over 3 wks old and the mother with infection, unable to nurse. The pups were ok on regular food but it was getting nutty having them all in the same home, wanting to nurse/trying to keep them apart so I placed them there instead. No more openings there now. I'll have to do it the painful way, one by one...ggrr!

RT- Mmmm chocolate, indeed. *g* And lucky you! Out of 7 cats (it was 6 but one found his way back...again) not one wants to lay in mt lap while I'm at my computer except Franki who I'm extremely allergic to for some odd reason (I can only pet her outside but outside Franki runs from me lol). Several willing to lay on my head while trying to sleeep though. Yay me! haha

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

...just crawls into the nearest lap, shivering and looking extremely worried.

I thought that pup might be a liberal Democrat based on that.

But then you wrote is was friendly... ;)

Crazy Politico said...

Cool puppy pix PJ! I'd love to take one off of your hands, but I'm afraid the current dog would want to use it as a chew toy.

Ssssteve said...

I just love dogs!!!

Uber said...

CUG- Exactly! Also, another difference is that she shuts up and allows those of us who are not fraidy-cats to do what needs done (kill who needs killin'). ;)

CP- Thanks! But never fear, there are more homes being offered than there are puppies...and today is the first day of placing them. :)

Ssssteve- Me too! Though I will say this- Puppy x 6 = All Kinds of Smelly. I'll miss "them" but not "that". *g*