Friday, April 06, 2007

The Week In Photos

Since I've been lame and really have no post prepared, thought I'd share some moments of my wears a cape super-exciting life this past week via photos. Yay!

This is Inky, who I met and shared my milkshake with at the park. The uber-teen's friend, who is visiting from Ft. Knox this week, named him Inky and the uber-teen tried to bring him home with us. Tempting, but Inky seemed too healthy and friendly to be a stray. I'm guessing he has a very good family in one of the many homes nearby and just visits the park to flirt with women who have milkshakes. I thought that was a fine trade because Inky kept me company while the uber-teen and her guest took a hike. I'm almost all better but still a little too under the weather for all that.

Every time a mother with a small child walked by they took one look at him and hissed, "Rabies!!! Don't touch that cat!", which made him jump right into my lap, under their evil eye, for some more lovin'. He'd give me the "Help, that crazy lady is scaring me!" look, the children would give their mothers that, "But, but... she's petting him!" look, and the mothers gave me that "Great, thanks...thanks a whole lot." look. I don't know exactly why but I found it pretty funny, every single time.

Yeah, I drove by later that evening to see if he was still hanging out there at the park, just in case he was homeless, but he was long gone. :(

My mom brought Fox by for a visit, he's sweet as ever. I can't help taking closeups of him, his little nose is so cute!

Here, I'd just caught Luna rolling in the mud right after her bath. She was so sorry that she promptly tried to eat my pretty white shoe, while I was wearing it! She made up for it last night in saving my life by viciously attacking the bags I'd placed over my Japanese Maples to protect them from the frost. Silly puppy. *g*

Last but not least, Mr. Frog came a courtin' and he did ride, uh-huh. Only he rode my neighbor's shoe (and uh, sorta got all excited and humped his foot). Ha!

This concludes The Week In Photos. Yes, my life is that boring. Well, I have been taking lots more photos but my latest project is putting together a church directory and though some did turn out very funny, I'm pretty sure they don't want their corny photos posted on my blog. In any case, I wouldn't dare. (No way would I ever risk losing access to those fabulous Baptist meals!)

Hope everyone has a joyful Easter weekend!


linda said...

Cute, cute, cute! Well, the frog not so much--but it is a good picture! Did the friend from Ft Knox bring money with them? heh ok, lame!

Hope you and your family have a great Easter. I think there will be a lot of coats hiding all those pretty new outfits!

Wyatt Earp said...

Humping the neighbor's foot. That's not gonna get you invited to Easter dinner!

RT said...

Poor lonely kitty.
Cute puppy dogs!
That's one horny toad! Geesh!


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

If you're not going to post more puppy pics, then you have to go look at mine!

Stew Magoo said...

That is the cutest face this century. Other than me of course.

Ssssteve said...

Howdy Ubster! Sorry I haven't been by sooner! Tooooo stinkiiiiing busssssssy! I hope you and the uber-teen had a glorious Easter! C-ya!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

The puppies are going to be all grown-up by the time you post again, Uber!!

kateykakes said...

Great pics, Uber! Thanks for sharing. :)

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

It is time for you to post something, or I'm sending Wyatt to look for you!!!

Stew Magoo said...

Uber, please post either more photos of your cute and fuzzy muppet faced puppy -- or yourself; before your adoring public suffers a meltdown.

Uber said...

Lin- She did bring money but sadly, no gold. Did you know there are signs all over Ft. Knox leading everyone straight to the gold? And before 9-11 it was an open post? I've always wondered if that gold is really even there. I'm hoping not. ;)

Earpy- We have different standards way out here in the sticks. *g*

RT- Thanks! Made it funnier because he kept blushing and looking down all embarrassed and trying to play it down saying "It was really more of a vibration than a hump..." lol

CUG-Sorry, and you are right. The pups have grown up so much in the past month. Cute puppy you have too! Oh, and notice how I always hurry back when you threaten to send Earpy. (I kid!)

Stew- I just packed about six posts into one, and included cute kittens. That should turn all those frowns upside down. :)