Friday, June 22, 2007

Hello World, It's Me Again

I'm just about to jump back into blogging again (yeah, baby!), but thought I'd just take a moment to say hi and ask how the heck you all are first.

That, and take a little scroll around the blogosphere, just to see what you've all been up to (and of course see what in the world is going on now).

So, hey there. How the heck are ya? ;)

Update- Stumbled upon a couple must reads- Adopt-a-Marine (thanks again, Kate) and Lone Survivor (thanks be to Linda).

You guys rock! :)


kateykakes said...

UBER!!!! I have checked back quite a few times only to be disappointed not to see a new post. I know you're busy, but your friends and fans miss you!

I hope all is well with you and your Uber Teen.

Nice to see you back. :)

BTW, my 16-year old son thinks both you and your daughter are exceptionally hot, and he's right. You're both beautiful. :)

linda said...

Hello and thanks! You have to do an update on your litle projects! Are you done with digging up your yard? heh Looking forward to seeing pics!

RT said...


Damian G. said...

Yo, welcome back!

Keep on bloggin'!

John D. said...

Hi Uber. Welcome back to the blogosphere. I like your blog, so I'm blogrolling you. I hope it doesn't lower your property value.

Wyatt Earp said...

Welcome back, babe!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

About time! :)

Welcome back!!

Ssssteve said...

It's about dang time!! Glad to see you making your way back! Yeah, how is the mud puddle,,, oops I mean pond coming along?! HA!

Crazy Politico said...

Be great to have you back in the blogging world. Now if I could only get off my lazy butt and post more often.... Wait, my "lazy" butt is working 55 hours a weeks.

Uber said...

Katey- I thank you, and my daughter thanks you (and the super smart uber-son) too! *g*

I have to admit that while I was very busy, I was also going through some personal muck and thinking, "Yeah, nobody needs to see this."

Love you guys though, am really happy to be back at it, and missed you too! (Aw. I feel a group hug coming on. hehe)

Lin- Nope, thank you. *hugs* You just have no idea what pure hell I've been through with that pond project (or do you? haha), but I think it's about time for an update too. Tomorrow even!

RT- Yay, indeed! Missed ya. Hey, btw... is this a jump up and down dance around in circles "Yay!!!"? Because I could get into some of that!

Damian- Yo! Thanks, and great recent posting from you lately. So nice to see you're still making lots of friends with that sunny disposition of yours. ;)

Hiya John. Many thanks for the visit and blogroll. No worries, I'm more than happy to blogroll ya back! (As soon as I pop on over and spy on you some anyhow heh.)

Earpy! Thank you. Sorry I haven't made it to your blog yet! Just so you know, since you're way at the bottom of the alph. blogroll, I alternate... starting at the top one day then the bottom the next just to be sure I don't miss yours when short on time. Yup, you're special and stuff. :)

CUG- Sure missed ya! How's the family?

Ssssteve- Back at you! The pond is officially a pond and not just a big mud hole any more (so far) and froggies are still gettin' jiggy with it all over the place. It was a long hard battle (blood sweat and tears). You guys would have enjoyed witnessing the horrible process (being evil conservatives and all). Picture me falling down crying "Oh why God, why? Why did I ever think I was country living material?!" haha Updates on that, soon to come!

CP- You put me to shame, shame I tell ya. How do you find the time to do it and do it so well? You must be wears a cape super organized and focused. Hey, I'd like a post on that! "A Peek Into the Day to Day Life of a Crazy Politico". :)

Now, if only the great Insolubloggygoodness and the forcefully Spewing yet highly enteraining FM would return (did I miss anyone?), it would be like one of those school reunions (only we don't have to worry about how much hair we have and who married who).

And just where is Doc's complimentary "Just so you know, I was here." comment?

FIAR said...


Uber said...

Hiya Fitch!