Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It All Began With a Pond in a Box

Some of you have requested a post and since all I have to offer is a personal update, that's what you get!

Just remember, you asked for it... ;)

Three years ago, when first moving into my "fixer upper" home, I was full of energy and had all kinds of "big" ideas about what my home was to eventually become. It all started with a pond in a box, which I just happened to see on sale (only 75 bucks!) at the local Walmart. It came with a CD and promised to be as easy as 1 2 3. Yeah, right.

The liner was too small, resulting in a mud hole (for the purpose of froggy pron) in my yard and by the time my second spring here rolled around, I was too busy with other things to fool with the huge mud hole. By spring number three, I'd decided to win at any cost, and cost me it did. After purchasing a very large top of the line PVC liner, top of the line pond pump, and all sorts of expensive accessories, the pond finally looked like a real pond. So pretty! But, apparently I failed to elevate the liner high enough so the mud and mulch eventually made way back into the pond (which is now greenish black) again. Whoever said "3 is a charm" doesn't know me.

So this spring, I am starting all over. Again. Rawrr, I will win this one! I'm also building a water garden wall from either stone or treated lattice. Haven't yet decided. I'd love to go with stone but waiting to see just how nuts the pond makes me. If a meltdown is experienced, I will just add the much simpler treated lattice like that Lowe's employee person (whatever his title) kindly suggested (read: begged- I think he's tired of dealing with my "projects" but has no idea it's been the same danged one for three years). So far I've just put in the support wire and posts, and here is where I am so far. I'll be sure to do an "after" photo in a few weeks as well. Maybe. *g*

I'm also working on my own digital art/photo gallery online as well as providing illustrations for an up and coming website featuring children's literature (my mom's project). Sounds fun! OK, lots of work, but still fun. Here's a sneak preview of what will soon be my site.

Another very exciting development in uber-land involved the uber-teen and a prom. She looked so beautiful and grown up, I actually cried. So hard to believe she will be seventeen years old this June!

Hope she doesn't mind my posting her mug on my blog!

To be fair, I submit a photo of yours truly. Pushing lip gloss into the back seat and onto the uber-teen like a drug dealer while waiting on my mom to bring me the promised coffee (and lots of it) because she made me go exotic plant shopping at an ungodly hour (OK, I overslept, but only because it was way too early). I had to take the hair brush with me even. The horror... (The uber-teen claims she was taking photos to better document the abuse but I'm convinced it was really to document the gray hair I haven't had time to color lately). Ah, there's not much that lip gloss and lots of coffee can't fix. I did find some cool plants that are always sold out by the time I wake up, much less arrive (but sshhh, we shall never admit this to my mother).

Another grand event in uber-land was Franki's becoming a mom. I'd decided to not let her have kittens (because there are so many homeless kitties out there already) but a friend and his wife are crazy about her (and I can't let them have her because I've become way too attached) so they finally talked me into at least allowing her to reproduce just so they could have one of her kittens. She had three. The Crazy Precious One is Franki's sister and while Franki is a very sane and calm kitty, I do believe the kittens may have received that evil/crazy gene.

As if one blue eye and one green were not crazy enough, he's got the whole scary "I vant tu eat your camera lenz!" look going on. (This particular kitten is the friends pick, by the way. I wish them luck. Bwahaha..)

This fellow even sleeps evil. Familiar, no?

And don't let Franki's little baby girl's sweet and innocent face fool you. Check out those claws (you just know she's just yearning to sink into some one's toes)!

A new photo of the proud mom- caught drinking from the kitchen sink faucet (again).


linda said...

What a slacker! hehe j/k

Hope the pond finishes up like you want it to--and doesn't atrract snakes!

What eyes Franki has! Cute kitten.

Urber teen looks very pretty in her prom dress. She caught mom looking like a teen herself!

Art design looks interesting. Let me know when it's up.

Good to have you back! ;)

linda said...

2 mistakes with only one eye working! And plenty of back pain!

How far along is the baby?

Your mom sounds like mine--get up at the crack of dawn to do things! yikes

Stew Magoo said...

Thank GOD! I was starting to have Uber withdrawals...

Very pretty daughter. And I think I'm removing the slash s from the Hottie in my List o' Linky Action after seeing that photo.

OUCH! Wife just hit me.


PS My sister had a cat that looked exactly like that. She named her Vichyssoise. Which translates to "Cold potatoe (thanks Mr. Quayle) soup".

Faded_Glory 47 said...

Frau Uber. Deutche Telekom has been awfully cruel to me of late, so, like you, I haven't been around much either. Just know, love to read your posts, whether anything politically affiliated or not, it's more the manner in which you share your life's adventures, which makes this such a delightful read. Uber teen is a knockout, but consider the female gene pool, and its no wonder. Posting such a lovely picture of yourself, then mentioning the ticking of your biological clock, should net you an ample amount of volunteers, Frau Uber. *wink! Best of luck in the new endeavor, but we all know you can't help but be tremendously you are in so many other past endeavors.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Thanks for the update, Uber!
(About time!! ;) )

I'm sure Wyatt is frozen at his computer screen looking at this post.

Great pics. Glad you and the family is well.

Wyatt Earp said...

CUG - I'm sorry, what were you saying, I was preoccupied with the Uber pic . . .

And it looks like the baby is trying to make a phone call.

Dr. Phat Tony said...

Leaving proof I stopped by.

linda said...

I got a hit from Iran via your url - All Ahmadmejad, All The Time, 9/23/06. I didn't see any comments so I don't know how I got in on it! A wee bit creepy!

linda said...

Tapping you for a meme where you tell 8 things about yourself and choose 8 more people!

Jenn of the Jungle said...

Ponds can be a pain the the ass, but the end result, some day will be worth it. : )

Wyatt Earp said...


Uber said...

FG- Thanks! It hasn't come to taking resumes just yet though. heh

CUG- Aw, shucks. Hope you and yours are peachy as can be too!

Earpy- Maybe the call goes something like Pink Floyd's "Is Any Body Out There"? Naaahhh.... And I miss you guys too!

Doc- Duly noted. ;)

Lin- As I was telling a friend recently, with all the strange e-mail and visits from the ME (and China) creep-o-meter maxed out a looong time ago. Hope I don't get you hate mailed or nuked or something, though. I kid, I kid! Oo
Oh, and I think I'm way too late in the game to participate in the meme (sorry), but definitely catch me next time around, k? I trust another meme will come along soon enough. *g*

Thanks for the visit and the encouragement, Jenn. I'll be adding you to the blogroll shortly!