Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Manifesto That Ruined My Life

Well okay, really just my week, but even still.

What manifesto, you ask?

The First Things First Manifesto, that's what. Why is it that a manifesto always seems to involve horribly pinko-commie-like ideals? Rage against capitalism and corporations (all of them) coupled with mad dashes of feel-good social activism (I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that my own social causes would not be appreciated one little bit by one single signer of the manifesto). On the other hand, they've given me some fantastic ideas. bwahahaha!

So, as part of a design assignment I was to read, critique and comment on two fellow designer's critiques of the manifesto. At first it sounded like an OK manifesto (as far as manifestos go), but the deeper I dug ... the uglier it all became. What should have been a light week quickly became a headache! To exact my revenge, I turned the discussion forum critiques into a big (and equally ugly) debate (and then went to bed real quick). heh

Hey, if they're going to make us read that junk, formulate opinions and comment, may as well have a little fun.

One fellow student called for a boycott of all corporations everywhere, one attempted to convince that the manifesto only referred to the most dangerous products that harm (who did butt toner ever kill?) and still another lamented branding in general (because poor little children and teens can't always afford certain evil (aka successful) brands, graphic designers should all refuse to work on such projects). You have to wonder where the parents are in all of this "materialism taken to the extreme", huh? So of course I asked.(Our instructor took that particular discussion forum down from the online Blackboard and changed the subject fast enough after that).

Anywho, nothing but a bad dream now (and I have more important things to post).

Cat Blogging!!!

Below, you see the uber-teen's new kitty, Dante (the very first thing acquired for her very own apartment next spring). The thing is, she's just learned that she will only be permitted one pet and already has a cat! I'm not sure which cat I will keep for her, the one eyed Sugars (strangest animal on the planet, has nothing to do with the eye but that certainly doesn't help her case) or the insane Dante (who attacks me in my sleep for no other reason than I dared to move, or breath).

I'm fairly certain Dante is the first bipolar cat I've ever personally met. There is no in between with this furry fury, nor is there any rhyme or reason to his extreme moods.

However, he sure is super-cute in his little poet's beret and scarf!


RT said...

Umm...wouldn't there be a lot of unemployed graphic designers if they boycotted the mean capitalist pig corporations? There are only so many organic farms and hemp farmers out there to design for, right?

What a cute, but wily little kittie.

Stew Magoo said...

I got my brother (the liberal treehugger) so mad discussing "Corporate Greed" once that he hung up on me and later sent me an email that he was selling all his possessions and moving to Mexico to raise chickin's. And bet I would miss him when he was gone.

Of course his wife put the kabash on that REAL quick :)

I hear there's going to be a Joe Biden sponsored bill making the use of logic and facts when discussing anything with a liberal illegal.

Uber said...

RT- They seem to forget graphic designers are commercial artists (who assuredly like to eat). They are drunk with imagined power (like nobody else could be trained to do their jobs, duh.)

Cute by day and evil by night! Dante was rescued from a tiny little room (with no light even) where he'd spent every day of his life completely alone (until the uber-teen crawled in and drug him out a couple months ago). Took more than a month to get him to willing venture out of that carrier, much less stop scratching and biting us (perhaps why he's a little "off"). Whatever the reason...yikes!

Stew- That's rich! The essence of chicken poo would have gone a long way in teaching him a lesson or three (I speak with expertise, living on the border of chicken poo town n all). The smell separates me from civilization so I have to drive through...I imagine I can actually feel the smell hitting the windshield as I'm making 60-70 mph on that old country road. (Interestingly enough, it's starting to look a lil like Mexico there too, if ya know what I'm sayin'.) haha

Anonymous said...

Is Thor still around? I have an outside cat who has to become an inside cat with 2 others by Sept.

Everywhere you go seems to look like Maxico!


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Maybe the cat is P.O.ed about someone making him wear a plaid hat... ;)

Wyatt Earp said...

Anytime you read something entitled "Manifesto," you know it's gonna be brutal.

Just a tip from your pal Wyatt. :)

Uber said...

Lin- Thor is still around, still in that same spot where thousands of photos have been taken (only the background changes, and he doesn't move while I'm changing it either haha). Just keeps getting older, bigger and sleepier (it's like we're married!)

CUG- OR the plaid hat was a direct result of the lil rebel without a cause friggin' w/me while I'm snoozin'!

Earpy- Great tip! You'd think they'd be bright enough to leave that lil key word out (so as to fool us into reading some of it).

Ssssteve said...

Cat blogging trumps Manifesto!!

Uber said...

Ssssteve- Indeed it does. Good to see ya around!

Damian G. said...

AWESOME - Your cat looks just like my sister's!

Sending now...

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Loved your comment over at Vox's place.

God bless.

Uber said...

Damian- Sorry, I'm not gonna be here that day! *g* Seriously.

Are you stalking me jimmyb? Yay! Thanks! Bless you too, more even. ;)

All kindsa interesting things goin' on over at Vox's (link on side bar for inquiring minds).

Insolublog said...

> One fellow student called for a boycott of all corporations everywhere..

I assume he will soon be found, bereft of his mortal coil, in a pile of his own filth, with a big smile on his face.

As to Dante; If it's not Scottish, it's cdddrrrap!

Uber said...

Or, rubbing elbows with the prestiged Cheech & Chong, Hemp Festival 08. Same difference...

Dante concedes - O thou, my Muse! guid auld Scotch drink!

Captain America said...

I really need to write a Manifesto. Maybe a Manifesto about cats?