Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Blog Is My Boyfriend

In celebration of having achieved the 4.0 in my first semester of hell (and failing miserably in attaining a personal life)...

I'm back!

After taking a vacation in my head, checking out the specs in the spring semester (and failing miserably in attaining a personal life, can't forget that), it looks as if I'll be having some spare time to blog in upcoming months (and years).

Quick, pretend to be excited!

It seems as if only a moment has passed since I last posted, but so much time has passed that I hardly know where to begin.

Blog roll surfing followed by suitable applications of mucho linky-love (not to be confused with kinky-love, as spell check might have us believe) perhaps?

Yeah, baby! You know you want it...


RT said...

Kinky can be fun, but linky is safer. HA!

Is this where I pretend to not have spoken to you since August? ;P''''

Glad to see you up on the blog. My blog is my boyfriend, too. Only, you have more of a chance of getting a real one than I do. :)

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Welcome back, Uber!! :)

Uber said...

RT- I'd make a rhyme along the lines of, "Wine is fine but whiskey's quicker.." only not much to work with in the way of rhyming kinky.

dinky, inky, pinkie, pinky, prinkey, slinky, stinky, twinkie


Hey, can a boyfriend really give you all this?! ;)

Hayas CUG! Hope you and the fam are all doing great!

spacemonkey said...



Glad yer back.

Uber said...

Hi Mister Spacemonkey, nice to see ya!

(That was some awesome quick show of pretending to be excited! Duly noted.)

Anonymous said...

'Bout time, Mz Multitasking!

Spacemonkeys can't take the excitement!


Stew Magoo said...

I think I speak for all when I say you should detail the aforementioned kinky-love aspect of your blog.


Welcome back. Merry New Year!

RT said...

I'm not sure that "dinky" is a good thing to mention along with kinky.

It has been so long since I had one of those boyfriend thingies that I couldn't even begin to ponder what one might offer. Blogs can't keep you warm at night....the glow from the computer isn't all that toasty.

Uber said...

Nor twinkie, RT, and especially not winky < insert the Jr. Highesque giggles here >.

As for warmth, I make these cool little bean bags that you can just throw into the microwave (stays hot long time, baby!). Don't even get me started about other forms of bf technology here (just email me instead haha).

And that is as kinky as it's gonna get 'round here at PJ Max, Stew! Tsk, tsk. Wayward Episcopalian indeed... :p

Hi Lin! How ya been (other than the whole needle in the ye thingy)?

Wyatt Earp said...

I know I'm excited, but not in a way that I could properly express here. Boooiiinnnggg!

Heh, welcome back, babe!

Uber said...

Thanks for the excitement Earpy, great to be back!

spacemonkey said...

(That was some awesome quick show of pretending to be excited! Duly noted.)

I was not pretending! I'm major league excited. Big time.


We got the band back together!!!!

Crazy Politico said...

Nice to see you're back, and visiting, Uber. Of course seeing "your back" would be better, but I'll take what I can get :)

Good job on the 4.0, hope to see you around more.

kateykakes said...

Nice to see you back, Uber. :)

Uber said...

That's very sweet Spacemonkey, ty! (On the other hand, I've been to your blog and seen first hand some of the things that you get excited about haha).

CP- That could be taken two different ways and I'm not even gonna ask which it is! *g* Great to be back, good stuff on your blog! (Lil too much of the H word but what can ya do?)

Hiya Katie! Great to see you as well. Are you blogging again?!

Uber said...

Oh Katie...

When I tried to visit your blog, I receiced this message-

"It doesn't look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation."


kateykakes said...


If you can send me your email, I'll send you an invite. I had issues with someone online (meaning FREAK!) and I had to make it private.

I'd be happy to hook you up but I have to send it via email. If you don't want to list yours here, mine is

Uber said...

Thanks Katie! I don't mind listing mine at all, though I'll go ahead and email you to save you the trouble.

In fact, let me go ahead and say it just in case anyone else wants that info (spam hasn't killed me yet). My blog email addy that all the blogger buds have been given is but I've only been checking it once a month or so to save time since going back to school. Anyone wanting to email me personally (and actually get a response) should use!