Monday, February 04, 2008

I Have Questions

I keep reading the statement, "If you don't vote.." or "If you throw your vote away.." (code for don't vote for whoever the collective we think you should vote for), " do not get to complain or opine for however many years the collective we decide!"

I need more information.

While I understand perfectly the notion that one renders themself inconsequential when they do not exercise their right to vote at all, (and there are reasons other than national presidential election to vote anyhow), I don't really get why a vote cast with principled personal conviction is considered trash.

Moreover, I don't really get how it is that those who choose to "throw their vote away" will lose the ability to complain and/or opine.

Who will come around to find out for sure who we all voted for? If we freely admit we didn't "make our vote count", who will shut us up? How will they shut us up?

If the collective "they" all cast votes that result in catastrophe, do "they" then magically lose the ability to *&^%&, whine and complain?

I think that's a pretty ignorant statement to make, as there is absolutely no intention or method I've seen for anyone to actually back it up, yet I keep reading these words from seemingly intelligent individuals (again and again). If the collective "they" really have these special shut up powers, I want to know why the hell they weren't used on Michael Moore a long time ago. Rosie O'Donnel? Senator Biden? C'mon!

If you have this power and haven't already used it for the betterment of mankind - you shut up.

I guess this is where "they" say, "Oh yeah? Make me!" and I either don't have the will or the way to back it up. Don't I feel stupid.

Update - Perhaps this would be a great topic for a Sunday Retarded Argument?

Update II - Speaking of stupid...


linda said...

No, you shut up! (j/k)

What have you been reading?? That manifesto again? heh

Can't we just all get along? HA

Uber said...

Bring it, Lin! ;)

Interestingly enough, I have been reading another stinking manifesto (different but a manifesto all the same) but that has nothing to do with this post (likely my next post).

Oh the joy that is 08.

Crazy Politico said...

Uber, I think it's quite simple. If you vote your convictions, then it's not a wasted vote. Tomorrow I'll cast a ballot for Duncan Hunter, even though he's pulled out of the race.

If you don't vote, I do think you've forfeited your right to complain about what we get. But if you vote your convictions and conscience, even if it's for Micky Mouse (my 1996 vote) then you can bitch all you want.

Uber said...

Makes sense to me, CP. Thanks for stopping by!

I think considering almost 50% of eligible to vote America doesn't vote at all or have much of clue as to what's going on in their own nation, much less the world (I assume), then that "they" should worry a whole lot more about those civic dead-beats than those who care very much but just don't have the stomach for John McCain.

That might well be the longest sence I've ever personally written. Well, maybe not. haha

Wyatt Earp said...

I'm voting for Uber for Empress of the Americas. Heh.

Uber said...

Why, I humbly accept your nomination, Earpy. I hereby grant you the position of telling me how much I rock 10 times per day (essay format please). ;)

RT said...

Uber, you might not want to grant Earpy anything involving positions. I'm just sayin'.

I'll be voting my individual conscience tomorrow. It's my vote and I'll cast it as I please.

Ssssteve said...

Earpy wouldn't know a position if it bent him over and bit him on the butt!

good stuff Uber!!

Uber said...

Touché, RT. And.. Your vote is a very personal decision, which is why it's cast in private!

Hiya Sssteve, always great to sorta see ya!

Insolublog said...


My classic approach over the years has been to vote ideology on the primary, strategy on the general. I wish I could say it is a working formula, but it is not.

In the blindness of our collective prosperity, a large component of the American middle were deliberately led by crimes of bias and partisan omission, in our irresponsible journalist community and a comfortable desire to not be bothered by any duties of conscience.

If you vote your ideology in the primary and the general, even if it means a write-in on the general, as suggested by c. politico and wyatt, you are not surrendering any right to complain.

You are an informed voter who could and would challenge any of these candidates, in these ridiculous, simian debates with genuine hardball questions. You could also slap them down on the first and second counterpoints. Given the quality that I have seen on these televised exchanges, if the pathetic image component were stripped away ( yourself excluded of course! ) , any member of our small community could run circles around these media fools.

New Bumper Sticker:

Don't Blame Me, I voted for America.

Anonymous said...

If you vote your convictions, then it's not a wasted vote.

That's really all that needs to be said..

Wyatt Earp said...

1. You rock!
2. You rock!
3. You rock!
4. You rock!
5. You rock!
6. You rock!
7. You rock!
8. You rock!
9. You rock!
10. You rock!

That concludes Tuesday's session. :)

Stew Magoo said...

I'm voting for Ann Coulter because I want to see liberals heads explode.

I can dream can't I?

linda said...

Sorry, I can't get pumped about politics!

Uber said...

Insolu- Well put. The media has played a large part in this and even though I'm hearing some rumblings from groups of people who weren't real clear on exactly who they were voting for but are now(their own fault but that in no way excuses the role the media has played), I fear it's just too late. But...maybe, hopefully, not.

Love the new bumper sticker idea, no matter which way this goes. It's a very thought provoking statement. So much so I think maybe I'm going to have to whip something up using the new mad InDesign skillz!

Hiya Fitch, simply right on again. ;)

Thanks Earpy, you do that real good!

Stew- There's one thing we should all be able to agree on. You should write the whole "I have a dream.." speech and share. *g*

S'ok Lin, it's all a little flat anyhow. Takes the fun out of it when we dislike our front-runner way more than they do. At the very least they should give us our show!