Sunday, March 12, 2006

Excuses, Excuses

OP-ED by The Uber-Conservative
12 March 2006

"That's loser talk!"

No, I wasn't kidnapped by a wild eyed band of Baptists, nor was I playing Nightingale to anyone I almost killed. This time my absence was due to a frigged up thingymajig (that normally enables an internet connection). I got a new thingymajig now, though, so I'm back.


Thanks to all who continue to visit and comment throughout my frequent disappearances. You so schweet! :)

This morning I'm laying out of church to blog, just because I missed y'all so much. Ok, I'm also laying low because some kid decided to tell everyone that I said "That's loser talk!" when the Sunday school teacher told the children that they were all winners of some silly contest. haha Ok honestly, I'm laying out because I just don't want to go this morning. The "loser talk" issue has given me something to blog about, though.

I don't remember saying that but I don't doubt that I did. It was likely during a game of front yard football. Hey, I also threw the uber-teen at a grown man because she wasn't blocking me very well and at some point yelled "Move it Brittany!" (as in Spears) because she looked scared and froze with the ball instead of running after only accidentally catching it while throwing her hands up to block her face. I can't be held responsible for my actions while playing football (read: won't be). It's all in good fun. It must be fun, they keep coming back for s'more even though I can't be taken down. Bwahahaha!

While I wouldn't exactly yell "That's loser talk!" in Sunday school, let's be realistic here. Competitiveness is fun and winning is fun too. The fun of competitiveness (and the urge to win) is the reason adults use contests to get kids to do things in the first place. What is the lesson in claiming that everyone is a winner after one tries and works hardest of all? I think it tells the real winner that they'll not be rewarded any more than someone who didn't work so hard and next time they'll not put forth as much effort. It also encourages those who didn't try as hard or at all to keep up the status quo. They'll be rewarded the same as someone who really did win and next time they won't bother to try at all either.

How about this: If you don't want to turn learning bible scriptures into a competition where there is a winner and multiple losers, then don't have a contest. Healthy competition is what a contest is all about. Is it not?

So, when the child told me that the Sunday school teacher said "Hm, well she's different than most mothers..." (I'm not sure how the "mother" part comes into it) I explained that I am very different than most of the people who attend this particular church (as I'm conservative and they're totally liberal except for the whole 'don't be gay' thing). I went on to say that while I was being facetious at the time the statement was made (the pre game show pretty much consists of my 'we're gonna stomp you' antics), I stand strongly by the theory behind the statement. I also added that "everyone's a winner" stuff is liberal talk as well as loser talk, neither of which is permitted in front yard football. I asked that I not be quoted on that, knowing I probably will be. Whaddyado? *g* I don't want to needlessly offend anyone but it is the truth, imo.

To quote a very wise person, "Equal outcomes are not guaranteed in life -- nor should they be. Individual productivity, innovation and hard work are the keys to success --".

What do you think of contests for children in which everyone is a winner (or is that everyone is a loser)? Do church related contests make it all any different?

Am I really "different" than most? Am I goin' to hell or what?! ;)

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