Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hooray For Saturday!

Well, it's cold out and I have no weekend plans so maybe hooray is a strong word. On the other hand, sometimes nothing is good. Not being eaten by a Dobsonfly? Even better.

Last weekend I should have done a post about how busy I am in spring, too busy to blog even, but I couldn't move my arms. After using a tiller for the first time in my life last Saturday, I literally could not lift my arms to reply to comments after the first few initial arm lifts to click. Who could have imagined that a little tilling could be so debilitating?! And just a few areas for flowers? Anyhow, surprisingly enough, that really hurt.

Then the rest of the week was a busy time because it's that standardized test time of year for home educators, so I was helping some out with all of that mess. Personally, I don't do the testing with the uber-teen until mid or late June even though it is suggested that I do it in March because they didn't ask nicely and can't make me (and spring really is a busy time). Who are "they", you ask? Why, the NC Board of Education, of course.

When I first moved to the area they sent me a home educator's informational packet that was full of lies and insinuations. When not willing to just lie outright in every instance, they insinuated that one must do certain things in a certain way in order to not break the law. Since I'm not stupid I'd studied the laws and what they really meant months before moving here, and also hired a lawyer, just in case. So, it's not absolutely mandatory that the testing be done in March, it just makes things easier on those breathing down the necks of home educators. Maybe they should have just said so in the first place because now I'm waiting until June just because I can. It also amuses me greatly that they are really supposed to ask for the results of the tests once a year but are only able to do so every three years because of the sheer numbers of home educators in NC. What a shame, huh? Bwahahaha.

Anyhow, back to my point. It's likely that spring things will interfere with my blogging for the next couple of months. Between wrapping up the school year, setting up a pool on my own (yeah, I'm that crazy) and turning that pond (mud hole) into something to behold (besides froggy porn), I'm probably going to be MIA from time to time.

There's just so much work to be done in Uber's world and not enough time!

Since I don't have any new cat photos (stop crying), I'll post a couple of something entirely different.

My neighbor's horse.

Luckily, close enough to visit yet far enough away to not have to smell.

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