Monday, December 11, 2006

Holiday Fun

All holiday fun should begin with song!

Oh the Senate change is frightful

Their leaders weak and spiteful

And since so many don't seem to know

Socialists blow! Socialists blow! Socialists blow!

It doesn't show signs of stopping

Pelosi's veins are popping

We have reached a new all time low

Socialists blow! Socialists blow! Socialists blow!

Give your security a kiss goodnight

How we'll hate the terrorist's scorn

But with our dollars liberals hold really tight

Laughing all the way (to the bank) they'll be warm

The freedom is slowly dying

Ruled with fearful spineless crying

Better stock your own arms and ammo
Socialists blow! Socialists blow! Socialists blow!

Hooray for holiday fun, huh?

Wait, that's not all!

Throughout the month of December, in anticipation of Christmas of course, we will be making a list. Yes, a list. A naughty or nice list to be more exact.

(pause for effect...)

We all know what a busy guy Santa is, so I thought we'd all pitch in and help him out this year by making a list (and uh, yeah, checking it twice...etc...etc).

Meet 3D Uber (who will be helping us keep track of those on Santa's list). Hooray for me in 3D! (created at

Here is how we'll be keeping track of the naughty (and nice) who make our list.

If you'd like to add someone to the list, just tell me who in the comments and I'll add them. Add anyone you like (though I'm leaning towards crummy politicians). Giving a reason, quote, or link as to why you'd like to add them to the naughty or nice list is suggested but not required.

You can't produce a link? That's fine.

Your reasoning is merely because you don't like their looks? That works too.

You just want to make stuff up about them? Even better!

Hey, it's Christmas. :)

Just be careful to be nice throughout the month of December (the list will be finalized the 25th...or whenever I get to it). You wouldn't like to be the ham of a Clinton/Pelosi sammich on Santa's naughty list, would you?!

So what are you waiting for? Let's make that list!


Dr. Phat Tony said...

I nominate Wyatt for the Naughty list. My crack whore investigative reporters tell me that he is on all of their lists. They will not disclose anymore information other than that. I'm going out on a limb and say its the frequent buyers club though. Did I mention that they're all men?

Dr. Phat Tony said...

Also Wyatt confessed that he does want to be the ham between a Clinton and Pelosi sammich.

Uber said...

Ewww, that's just wrong, Doc.

Poor, poor Earpy. *sniff*

fmragtops said...

I think the entire MONGER HORDE™ should be placed on the naughty list. Because we are.

kateykakes said...

Uber, I love it! Absolutely awesome.

Could you add my neighbor to the naughty list and hope that Santa brings the wench nothing but coal (and that's being nice). She's an evil, spiteful, hateful bitch and I despise her for vandalizing my car.

Uber said...

FM- Done!

Ok, people...let's not forget to add people to the nice list too...lest we look like a bunch of hate mongers! Surely we know some nice people deserving of lots n lots of presents (other than myself of course). heh

Katey- Wow. We may need something a bit more poignant than a naughty list for this individual. I'm thinkin' more along the lines of a clandestine gathering. Besides, it's a good excuse to wear something sluethy (don't forget your oven mits, weeny tongs, and a pillowcase). haha

linda said...

Oh the nice list:

Uber for her actions on behalf of homeless animals--the 4-legged kind!

Fm, as a single parent, for seeing that his daughters are taken care of,

Ssssteve, Peakah amd Deathlok for speaking lovingly of their wives and families.

SK for her support of the military guys.

Basil for being an all around good guy

Lots of others--and some naughty ones, too.

fmragtops said...

Aww, Linda, that's very sweet. Thank you.

Can I put my girlfriend Lindsey, and her family on the nice list?

Oh, and what's wrong with being any type of monger?

RT said...

Joe Kennedy....naughty list.

Laura Bush...nice list...she has had to put up with a lot of crap and she has handled herself gracefuly. I'm sure her hubby is proud.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Uber is nice, even when naughty.

Great Christmas song, too!!!

Wyatt Earp said...


Can I see the naughty Uber again???

Wyatt Earp said...

Oh, and Doc . . . get bent!!!

faded_glory47 said...

As for the naughty list? As a Vietnam Vet, (sorta giving away my age on this one, gulp) I have a posthumous, lifetime achievement, perennial nomination here (that was quite a mouthful to lump altogether, Frau Uber) My nomination was Nixon, errrr let's make that Nixon's father, for not pulling out soon enough.

For the nice list, I am with Linda above. Uber, you belong permanently on that list (yea, perennial lifetime achievement, etc etc) After all you have undergone this year, you still take the time to put a smile on this old soldier's face with your "make me happy" blogs, your overall positive spirit, and unselfish attitude to everything. I have a feeling my thoughts are shared (the nice list by a good many of your fans and fellow bloggers out here. Enjoy your new more than deserve something that nice...and just maybe you can give your oft mentioned, uber teen, a quick class on picture taking, and bless us with an update, of your pretty self, just one more time. any amount of dimensions..I'm certain all are equally as pretty.

linda said...

I think le spacemonkey should be on the naughty list for pretending to be something he isn't!

And Tom Selleck should be on the top of the nice list for enhancing the area whereever he is and for making me smile whenever I see him! I'm smiling right now, just thinking about how great he looks!

J. Mark English said...


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Ssssteve said...

I want to put Bush and the repubs that want to give amnesty on the Naughty list!!!

And put Doc on the nice list because he just punked Wyatt!! HA HA HA!!

RT said...

Rachel at Pay Head to the Geek gets a NICE! She helped the Earps with their Christmas needs and she saved Wyatt's butt.

linda said...

Maj P goes on the nice list. He has served in Afghanistan as well as Iraq, and knows how to smack down some mouthy liberals! (One Marine's View) ;)

spacemonkey said...

I tagged you, does that make me naughty or nice?

linda said...

Spacemonkey, you're already on the naughty list for pretending to be a spacemonkey when we know you're just a plain ole monkey who likes to imagine he's in space! heh

Uber said...

Considering I've been tagged twice in one week and haven't responded to either, I think maybe I'm the naughteh one here, Spacemonkey. ;)

spacemonkey said...

Hmm, what do naughty people need?