Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back in Business, Baby!

Photo Update: OK, so I ended up being too busy to even post photos! You know how it is. (4.0...blogging...4.0...blogging. 4.0!!!)

Since time is an issue, I will just post a few of my personal favorites from the vacation photo files and y'all can just go to my Photobucket album if you'd like to see them all (and I'm still in the process of adding more, but even still, many more there to see). :)

First, I pit stopped in WV and while I was unable to catch up with (read: stalk) a close friend while there as I had hoped, I did manage to get a beautiful shot from the main overlook in Grandview, WV before dark, so the pit stop was not a complete wash -

Then, off to NYC! I look about as happy as one who packed one pair of platform sandals, one pair of 6 inch heels, one pair of leather boots, and one pair of open heeled Prada loafers can be after hiking all over NYC just to find themself holding that bull up at 4 am while attempting to teach a liberal how to shoot a photo that isn't blurry. (Goes something like, "Tap that button then shoot the photo, dammit!") Complicated stuff there, huh? Needless to say, this is the only photo of me (and it took 4 or 5 tries to get that). *g* -

Here, I'm pretty sure I stumbled upon Michael Jackson sitting a a bench in winter garb while it was no less than 95 degrees. Not the best focus ever but I was very far away so had to blow this one up in photoshop (which always results in a blurry photo). Even still, funny stuff!

Below we see a pretty funny character. I gave him a dollar and proceeded to share meaningful (and long) bits of wisdom about the virtues of education and hard work. I think he would have liked to give me everything in his collection bucket to just shut up and go away. He was super funny and a great sport about letting me take his photo though!

Once again, click here for more.

So, there you have it, my favorite photos. Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend!

No, really.

As you may have noticed, I temporarily lost control of PJ Max for a couple of weeks, but all's well that ends well.

Since I last posted- The uber-teen has begun college (still residing with me until spring though, yay!), I've gone back to school as well (though I'll still be doing what I do, I may as well have the degree to tape to my wall, huh?), I actually took a real vacation (not just in my head and thanks again, RT) and got some work done too.

So, while I have very little free time this week, I do have lots of photos to share. Be sure to stop by tomorrow for those!


RT said...

You're welcome! I can't wait to see the pictures.

linda said...

Are you and Uber Teen going to same college? Did you get the online site up?

I'm finally having surgery in the morning--woo-hoo!

Stew Magoo said...

You know, you could have timed it better. End of March/beginning of April. Posting something like "Goodbye cruel world" just prior. Would have made a great April fools joke.

Like you had a choice. :)

Glad yer back.

Ssssteve said...

Good to see ya back!! Now Wyatt can come by and drool somemore! HA

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Welcome back, Uber. :)

Uber said...

RT- As promised...even if late!

Lin- Yes, we're both attending the community college this fall (only I'm participating in a graphic design program they've made available online, one that I'll wrap up by next summer and the uber-teen is actually physically attending). We'll both transer and go our sep ways next fall. She'll be in dorm here in NC and I'll be off to WV. So sad! :( However, there won't be much more distance than if I'd remained in NC anyhow, so whaddyado? (I've considered just tying her up and dragging her with me! *g*)
The site isn't up yet, I've decided to hold off just a bit longer while I wrap up a course in web design (taking that online as well) so I can design it myself. Yay! If you're wanting to see photos and art though, click on the main album link after checking out that vacation photo sub folder at Photobucket. :)
I know I'm all late and stuff, but prayers that your surgery went well anyhow!
Stew- I prefer to tell people great big truths in April, then sit back and laugh because they think I'm pulling their leg. NEVER stops being fun. *g*

Ssssteve/CUG- Thanks guys, great to see ya!

RT said...

YAY pictures!

My favorite NYC moment was when I was walking past a homeless guy and an actor/model type sitting with him. It was neat to hear them discuss the meaning of life.

You definitely see a lot of life when walking around NYC.

Uber said...

You smell a whole lotta life too, RT. HA!

Stew Magoo said...

Apparently rss through google reader doesn't pick up changes...

Love that photo of you with the bull. You are exceedingly not ugly! If I ever get to go to NY I'm getting my picture taken grabbing the horns.

Which will probably make my wife run, full speed, in the other direction...

She has a different interpretation.

Uber said...

Thanks Stew!

I not only saw people lining up to have their photo taken grabbing the bull by "another interpretation", I took a photo of a friend doing just that. *g*

Captain America said...

Good to see you back Uber!