Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vain Memester...

...why dost strive my quirks to type?

Because memes are fun, that's why!

Here are the rules.

1. Let others know who tagged you.

InsoluBlog: Always separates when shaken

Otherwise known as... The Great Wise Insolukuta.

Ah, memories.

OK now, that was just cruel. Moving on...

2. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.

Relax, we'll get to that.

3. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.

Mission accomplished!

4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

That's right, because tagging without informing is just not cool.

Here we go, 8 random facts.

1. I scream inside at every single spammish e-mail alert all day long. I'm slowly bringing myself closer and closer to a stroke because I get all excited at the sound of the e-mail alert, just to see promises of singles in my area, colon cleanser, penile enlargement, and stupid credit card offers at the sound of that chime. Yet, I rather miss "hot and sexy single Sally who wants to meet me" (no, really, she does) when she's not there, waiting for someone special. Waiting for someone just like me.

2. I have watched late night 1-900 commercials just for new material to amuse, scare, or disgust (whatever the case may be) telemarketers. A telemarketer from Australia once called back "just to talk", and continued to do so until I changed my telephone number. It was still worth the laugh.

3. At 16, I was caught smoking at church camp, ratted out but not sent home (because I cried pretty). My mom was mortified and my dad was amused (especially that I paid 90 of my very own hard-earned dollars for that), and this is why I am who I am. (Yes, it's all their doing.)

4. Nobody likes to play truth or dare with me because I always pick truth and it's always more shocking than any dare could be. Yes, I was ranting, "You can't handle the truth!" long before Jack Nicholson, yet he makes all the big bucks.

5. I've found that the above can also be used to curb other's urges to be overly interested in one's personal business. TMI can be a valuable tool, just don't misuse it or you might find yourself a permanent spot on the Jerry Springer Show.

6. I think, no I know, that the F bomb is an extremely valuable life saving tool as well. Most especially if you are a person who exudes quiet southun charm (one who isn't known for dropping the F bomb at all), people shut up and listen when you finally do drop that bomb. I once went four or more years without dropping the bomb and shut down a very large neighborhood argument (that didn't even involve me). When I dropped it, I dropped it with glee, creating a truly violent and destructive shock that is likely remembered by all to this very day. There's just nothing like seeing grown men and women alike shut those gaping mouths and walk away. On a military base. I've not dropped it in 10 years, but I'm really just storing all that energy up for the next battle.

7. I am a huge Malkin fan, but I personally thought it was incredibly silly of her to assure everyone that she hadn't worn a two piece bathing suit since having children when someone tried to pass the "two piece clad hottie photoshop job" off as her. Of course, I support her right to dress in any manner she pleases and was about as irritated as her other fans that she was being attacked in that manner, but I saw no need for her to have to defend her honor in such an extreme way and would have preferred to see her highlight the difference between scantily clad little girls on a public beach and grown women in the privacy of their own back yards. Of course, I was also upset to once hear FNC's Sean Hannity say he was so modest that he wore a t-shirt in the pool with the family. C'mon, that's just wrong. So, let's just clear the air. I am a Christian, a conservative, and a mom. I pay plenty for the liberty of living in the privacy of the woods and wear just whatever I darn well please to the pool, especially if alone. It must be the risque libertarian streak because I just don't really care at all what anyone thinks of that. If my example causes teen aged girls around the world to drop their tops in public and forsake Jesus, then we have bigger problems than my wardrobe folks!

8. My favorite song by Zero 7 used to be "In The Waiting Line"...

...but now it's "Somersault"...

...because those who share jelly beans rock (and there's no available video code for Blue Merle's "Every Ship Must Sail".)

Oh, and I ate a taco for breakfast while reading classical poetry this morning.

How's that for 8 random facts plus a bonus? ;)

Maybe y'all should all be sweet and give me some of your personal ideas for unusual and/or original memes in the comments, because this one has made the rounds and then some.

Go, do it now!


linda said...

Hmmmm..this meme sounds familar!

A taco for breakfast? I've had cold pizza but not that!

Verry interesting as whathisface would say! heh You know--on that show Goldie Hawn was on--Laugh In! Thought I was gonna have to leave ya hanging!

RT said...

I got caught smoking at school (had a smoking section) by my youth pastor. He was subbing. He didn't rat me out, though. Strange. However, he was right around the corner from me and some guy playing some serious tonsil hockey while at snow camp (church camp in the Anirondaks).

Chinese food is awesome for breakfast (as are tacos).

I'm from Jersey. The "F" bomb is learned before "mama."

Stew Magoo said...


Sorry, slipped out.

Anonymous said...

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Insolublog said...

- Now that old post brings back memeries. - How about that comment spam? It's probably not as exciting as e-mail.
- The F bomb is like a capacitor; using it infrequently lets it charge up to a higher impact potential.
- Teen aged girls do not need much prompting these days. If Obama gets his way, it will extend into the pre-teen

RT said...

I've given you the "Blogger Reflection Award"! Enjoy! :)

Dr. Phat Tony said...

Hey you got things worked out. Great!

Uber said...

Thanks everyone, sorry for the interuption but I lost control of the blog there for a couple weeks.

I guess throwing the term "copyright violations" around works after all. ;)

Honestly, once I actually got through to a member of the Blogger team, the blog was restored within 24 hours.