Sunday, September 07, 2008

Okay, Minions

Someone needs to go over and inform Mister Spacemonkey that I'm unable to comment on his blog. Both Safari and Firefox fail to produce that lovely little comment box we've all come to enjoy.

Maybe it's not just me and comments have been disabled? Nah, it couldn't be...

Woe is me.

Oh yeah, how could I forget. Woody is back. Mucho happiness!

You go say hi now.


Peakah said...

How exactly can anyone blame you for anything? unless it's the asshats on the left blaming you for the demise of civilization? In that case, you would accept blame happily!

Wyatt Earp said...

Looks like it's working now, deary.

John D. said...

I had the same problem with MSIE, so it's not you, and it's not your browsers.

RT said...

Maybe comments were disable, given that I was able to access comments on posts prior to the one of finding said "monkey" over at that other site, as stated in the first post on the blog.

Did I just write the most confusing and lengthy sentence in the world? Geesh.

I emailed you (you know, in case it went to spam again and it would take you a month to reply. HA!).

Woody said...

Thanks Uber. You are back in my blogroll.

Uber said...

Peakah- Obviously they can't, unless they fancy a stabbing. :)

Earpy- That, it is. Thanks!

You too, John, thankies.

I love it when people take my little woes seriously!

RT- To be honest, after I read that sentence, I asked myself, "Wtf?" lol But thanks anyhow..

I know I could always go visit the Spacemonkey over at IMAO, but that's like visiting him in a social setting. I like visiting where there are toes popping from socks, stick doodles and gravy rambles too, it's like visiting his house (only from a safe distance).

Yeah, I don't have much of a personal life. haha

As you can see from my latest post, I'm taking a stab at that spam lately, before it stabs me... Oo

Uber said...

It's great to see you back and spreading that linky-love, Woody!