Saturday, September 13, 2008

Vacation 08 - Take Deux - And Trois

*&^% Blogger!

Vacation 08 - Take Deux - And Trois

After I spent pretty much the entire afternoon milking the last vacation for another post, Blogger went haywire and all was lost. Well, not all. Blogger turned me on to a little recovery trick.. which recovered 1/4 of the post. Woohoo. (They should be stabbed for this.)

So, instead of a super long post, complete with photos and witty commentary, you just get photos with much lighter commentary (unless it's one of me in a compromising position and I feel like I should explain a whole bunch, anyhow.) because I have a hot date with Mister Bubble and Malibu rum. Heh.

If that last line doesn't drum up the hits, nothing will.

Trying one more time..

Since I have lots of work to do today, the sun is out and it's Saturday, I decided there was no better time-

To sit indoors and blog! (I should be stabbed for that.)

I did promise to share more vacation photos, and haven't shared any at all from the New Orleans trip, so here we are. (Maybe.)

I'd never been to New Orleans and while it might not have been my first vacation choice, we did have lots of fun (plus the liberal in my life offered to cover travel expenses and accommodations if we'd go, and not only can you not beat that, it's an anomaly).

Yeah, baby! (Okay, I'm feeling much happier again, that did rock.)

I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but it was something along the lines of "All Mardi Gras, All the Time" involving lots of drunken and even some naked people. I was wrong. (That didn't begin until 7pm each evening and ran all night long.)

It was a very interesting vacation, to say the least, but New Orleans does offer some of the best food one could hope for and I'm officially a fan of Blue Moon and even dabbled in a Hand grenade (or two). (I'd be feeling even better if a had one, or two, of those right now.)

(I don't know why I'm providing commentary to my commentary, but I'm telling me it's cured by drink). Oo

Photos- A shot of the street from the balcony of a restaurant, and our pretty room at the Ambassador, before we cluttered it all up.

One of the hotel halls, which were all designed like a mad rat maze. I guess the uber-teen photographed it so I wouldn't forget the story because I'm just that old. ;) Anyhow, I bumped into a young man in that hall who was searching for a room number (his room) which didn't appear to exist. As I was searching for the uber-teen (who was hanging out by the snack machines, talking on her cell with friends), we agreed to help one another and kept getting lost and bumping into one another again and again during the search. The uber-teen finally appeared, all freaked out "because some strange and creepy dude was wondering the halls, saying her name and looking for a room that didn't exist". haha Speaking of creepy, the second was taken from outside a shop window.

We ran into this couple on the street. I'll bet you can't guess where they were headed. :p 

Of course I popped inside too, for scientifical purposes..

I found this display in the window of the "Trashy Diva" to be pretty ironic considering all of the promises to "land and keep that man via trashy corsets and lingerie". Maybe this is plan B.

The following was a charity event which involved the donning of little red dresses (and free beer). The other was an art event which involved, um,, I think (and free Vodka shots).

This probably should have creeped me out as much as it did the uber-teen, but I really just found it kind of amusing for some strange reason. Now, the "I heart Satan" bumper stickers, newt eyes and bat's feet inside the shop? Totally freaky stuff there. We played one stooge short of The Three Stooges getting back out that door.

Lots of art to be found about New Orleans, lots of fun to just walk around taking it all in.

The first photo was our last night on the town (poor quality, sorry, not my camera) and yes, that is a grenade in my hand, don't hurt the eyes squinting ;) The second was my last day there, out and about trying to get as many photos as I could and looking every bit like I'd been hit by a grenade (or two) the night before. 

While we did enjoy ourselves quite a lot in N.O., I still say nothing quite compares to the beauty of the coast. Not even tons of booze and the prospect of a liver transplant . :)

Hope you guys enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them and have a fantastic weekend!


RT said...

Well, you had to disarm the grenade, after all!

Glad you had such a great vacation with your daughter. :)

I would have left imprints in the sidewalk from my feet trying to tear by that evil looking shop. Creepy!

I wonder if the corset shop is online? Just for future use is all.

Uber said...

Disarming grenades..

Wow, wish I'd thought of that. lol

For your own future scientifical studies-Trashy Diva.

Insolublog said...

My sister's a big N.O. fan. It is good to see you carrying some Uber conservatitism to that town.

Wyatt Earp said...

Uber-Teen looks as beautiful as ever.

Mom? Hubba friggin' hubba!

Stew Magoo said...


RT said...

Loved the site! Can't wait to be skinny!

Uber said...

Insolu- The best I could hope to accomplish in that respect is providing a breath of uber conservative perfume. It's a pretty smelly place.

Mucho thanks, Earpy!

Hiya Stew, nice to see you survived the hurricane. ;)

RT- You may not even end up wanting to shop there, but the potential prerogative sure is schweet, eh?

Now, I don't wanna be over there on your blog beggin' your skinniness to eat a friggin' sammich or something already this time next year!

Peakah said...

words to a WEEN song pop into my head reading this post...

"Voodoo lady... shakin that stick and drivin me crazy... your eyes are red and hazy..."

uhh, dunno what that means but thought I'd pass it on! Heheh

My wife would have a hard time getting me out of the awesome Jazz clubs down there...

Uber said...

I think that's one of those things where ya just nod the head and pretend to understand it, there Peakah, but I'm thinking someone's a lil bit cracked up myself. lol

And yes, the Jazz clubs not only rocked, but it was nothing to find it right on the street. I ran into very young and jazzed up Lenny Kravitz in the French Quarter (never did catch his real name) as well as beautiful violinist, Tanya Haung outside the Cafe du Monde, (also known as Tanya and Doris and Mother Tongue.) "Art of Making Snow" at that first link... Pretty!

linda said...

Like the pictures! I may send the witchcraft/dr to the Nigerian real estate scammers! NO is a unique place. My first trip was with the French club and so much fun. Did you get some of their famous breakfast goodies--can't think of the name! I didn't want to get up and had to listen to most of the group talk about how good they were the rest of the day!
Second trip was after I was married and there was a drink called a hurricane that knocked my husband off his feet! Other than that, it was a fun trip with my college roommate and her husband.
I'd liked to go back--for the food and music!

Uber said...

Hiya Lin, great to see you!

I work so much that I'm accustomed to just eating coffee for breakfast, and no way was I getting up to watch a liberal eat his weight in breakfast goodies...but yeah, he rambled on lots about that too. haha

Now I want to go back just to drink a hurricane, although maybe it's not so popular these days (all considered).

I should just google it!

kinda said...

This may be it:

The hurricane was red, in a bigger glass than what you're holding and I guess it really wouldn't be popular now!

How does it smell there? It already had its own odor! Twas a tad smelly!