Friday, September 26, 2008

Will the Real Voter Fraud Please Stand Up?

*Updated Information Follows Original Post*

Blogs For Victory bring us-

Voter Fraud Groups Gear Up For Election Day Shennanigans

Oddly enough, the headline here is, “Watchdogs Gird for Election Day Troubles” - which means that the author is either amazingly ignorant of voter fraud in the United States, or a mere shill for the left:

These people will be around to gather bogus stories of disenfranchisement and, as necessary, file suits to keep polls open long enough for Democrats to find out how many more votes they need to tip a State’s electoral votes to Obama.

As has been truly said, they can’t cheat if we don’t allow it to be close - in 2004, we managed to wrack up several million more votes than the Democrats and that made it impossible for them to manufacture enough votes to take the election. If the 2008 result boils down to a few thousand votes in one or more States, then this effort will go gangbusters to muddy the waters and manufacture votes for Obama.

I recall a humorous yet still very telling clip from The Tony Snow Show in 04, in which he reported that while almost all of the noise about voter fraud was coming from left-leaning groups (just all kinds of accusations across the nation, but especially in key states), after further investigation there was almost no valid instance of voter fraud from the right at all, and a whole lot of proven instances of voter fraud from the left. The link to that report, which I linked to long ago, is now dead, but I'm still looking and will repost if it can be found. At the time, I'd also stumbled upon a second source to back up this claim, as PBS did a very thorough study themselves. Looking for that as well. Meanwhile, check out the Voter Fraud archives of Bill Hobbs.

File this one under, "Know Your Enemy!"

Oh, and speaking of fraud...

Since John D., of Nobody Move! and InsoluBlog have been so kind as to share links to more information, I'm updating and plan to gather all I find on this topic in a single post as it develops (upcoming election, it's bound to develop).

Feel free to grab a link for a post topic or drop one in the comments for me to add to our collection here.

Voter Registration Fraud Allegations Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg, Says Employment Policies Institute

The Acorn Indictments

McCain Fears Voter Fraud

Elections Officials Look Into Voter Fraud

ACORN and Voter Fraud

$100 Million More in Funding for the Left-Wing Housing Entitlement Thugs and Heavily Tax-Subsidized Fraudsters at ACORN


John D. said...

And it's worth noting that ACORN, the Microsoft of voter fraud, is one of the community groups Barrack Obama used to "organize."

RT said...

Yeah, that cracks me up. Those who represent the interests of the left have PhD's in voter fraud.

Philadelphia is a shining star of it.

Wyatt Earp said...

I was working a case in '06 and during a records check, I noticed that a woman was registered twice under the same name. The date of borth was the same, but one year apart. As if a parent would name their child Sheila, and their next child Sheila!

I notified our Committee of 70, and they promised to look into it. Nothing happened. Go figure.

Insolublog said...


You are touching the tip of a very rotten fruit. One of those fruits is ACORN, which is rightfully being investigated for fraudulent absentee ballot activity. We are seeing the same style of fraud and intimidation used to elevate Hugo Chavez to power in Venezuela.

Uber said...

Wow, thanks for the links Insolu, and John. Tells me I was debating with the moon bats too much at the time and paying too little attention.

Did a quick googling of this too, and notice that there's very little (almost no) media coverage (aside from WSJ and left-wing nut jobs).

Most interesting (okay, just funny) was one who was mostly just upset at the timing of the WSJ articles and the indictments themselves (no mention at all of whether or not ACORN was really actually guilty of anything at all).

In the comments someone finally gets a little wise and asks, "Yes, but was there any real voter fraud? That's what I want to know. It's a given that the Cons are turds." and the best reply to that (besides crickets chirping) was from someone by the handle "zuma"...

"acorn is cool.

on my bus ride from oklahoma city to caribou, maine, one of it's members, myron johnson, sat next to me and we talked for hours. i had never heard of it before that.

they're about pragmatic, practical approaches. ones that work. focusing on small arenas of low income dillemmas that are clearly otherwise obscure and unknown and ignored, they use organization and smarts to get the job done. myron told me of a recent accomplishment of his in setting up a tenant's union to deal with a hostile property owner. and so on. he is also known as 'Brother My'. hell of a poet too. he recited a ton of his stuff for me. good poet. great reciter. said he wrote a book called 'the last poet' and that it, and he, could be found in the national library archives -oh, what tth heck is it called nah, tha's the library of congress... no matter. anyway, um, yeah.


dig it"

Pretty funny because just anyone can have poetry published and be recognized as a poet (through, some of it is just embarrassing really) if they merely submit it, and of course all egotistical poets will have to run right out and buy that expensive book hosting all that crappy poetry (okay, some is not that bad, but still) ...and on that little fraud goes.. A scam the uber-teen became wise to at the tender age of 9 when she was first published as a poet via the very same scam. haha

It bothers me lots that I didn't have to search too far down that google list to produce these gems. God help us...

Insolublog said...

My apologies to john d. for not noticing he already pointed out ACORN. I attribute it to lazy comment digestion.

Insolublog said...

Another good one today:

Uber said...

My bad, Insolu...comment moderation is on so most comments were published all at once. Helpful to have both links in playing catch-up, and fast, though.

Thanks for the new link too!

Insolublog said...

Uber. Since you are on the blogroll for this topic:

This just in... Part of the proposed bailout is a big fat wad of cash for ACORN. There is no better way for socialists to fund their takeover of the American election process than the use of taxpayer dollars.

This is effing scary.

Uber said...

Don't forget disgusting..

But thanks all the same for passing that along.

Old NFO said...

The biggest attempt at voter fraud was denying the troops ballots from overseas in 2004 in Florida... The reason? Because about 80% typically vote Republican! That is not the first time that has been done either.