Friday, July 06, 2007

Blogger Excuse 101

I have been blogging since the summer of 2005 and so far I have managed to come up with some very original lame blogger excuses (that all hold at least an ounce of truth), in my opinion. I've snapped and transformed an evil Murray Mower into a 4-wheeler and torn up my entire yard, been attacked by malicious log dwelling bees, was assaulted by a killer tiller, fallen down mountains (OK, hills) hiking in the woods, vacationing on the beaches of Florida in my head, on VRWC spy missions, digging 6x8 mud holes in my front yard for froggy pron, and was even once kidnapped by a band of wild-eyed baptists (that was really scary). I really have been taking more and more time away to write other things, though (just so you know). That one was no lame excuse. Oh hey, maybe I should write a book of lame excuses?!

No, no! No more bright ideas that make me have to work.

So anyhow, in keeping with good tradition here at PJ Maximum, I have another lame blogger excuse. Perhaps the best ever!

So, there I was, no s**t, just sitting by the pretty pond enjoying a real girly moment when I decided I should move to the mountains of West Virginia, become a mountain mamma and find mahself a mountain man. Yeah, baby!

Uh-huh. Just like that.

Seriously. I moved further and further away from the area as a young adult and have spent the latest years moving closer (little by little), until I'm almost, but not quite, back there.

Ironic, isn't it?

It's one of those old tales of chasing dreams and following whatever path life lays before those itchy feet, just to realize that everything one could possibly want was right there the entire time. (Expect to be treated to fantastic photographic displays at some point in the future, because the entire state is quite an eye-catching subject.) Those of you who have been reading awhile will remember my writing a bit about much missed friends and photos of the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia already, so I won't force you all down memory lane again, this time.

Soon enough, you will not be able to escape so easily! From the lovely southern states of South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida.... < insert deep breath here > the colorful horizons of Kansas to the "Unbridled Spirit" of Kentucky (and all those many states in between), what I've seen of the United States has been awesome. However, only that breathtaking mountain view makes me so teary that I can only barely drive upon first glance after having been away for some time. So, yeah, it's simply time to go home.

Suffice to say, while it is only a two hour drive and will not take place until the spring (at the earliest), it is a very big deal for me (after digging all those mud holes out here in the sticks, mountain living will be quite an adjustment), and I'm thinking I'll be having lots to do between now and then. Especially with a new business venture in the mix. (It may very well take 6 months to just pack the cats! They've sure collected plenty of cat nip, toys, and other furry pals along the way.)

So finally, it's not with a completely unhappy heart that I have to say that blogging will have to take a backseat to these things (and after I've just announced that I will be blogging more often too). Just how much of a backseat remains to be seen, but I'll do my very best to keep up with you blogger buds as I have the time. (Just e-mail me already when tired of waiting!)

You guys will be holding down the Blog Fort without my incessant rambling and railing, once again. I feel a little guilty for being in and out so much this past year or so because you all just continue to do such an awesome job of keeping our wayward and bleating politicians in line (as much as is possible anyhow). And "I'm" slacking, again.

So, I must say, in highlighting the great injustices and most importantly keeping the memory of U.S. Service members around the world to the forefront -- honorable and true, as they so greatly deserve -- blogging with you all has been one of the most enjoyable tasks I've undertaken to date (even though I only began because the witty Frank J. once made an entire post of my verbose comment, gave my ego a boost, and I thought if The Doc and The CUG could do it, anybody could). *g*

It's also a task that I hope to have time to undertake quite regularly again, at some point in the future.

Wow, that's sounds lots like "goodbye" and it's not, honest! Look for weekly weekend posts at the very least. ;)

That is all.

Hope you all have a most fabulous Friday!


RT said...

WOW! How exciting. In my desire to be near mountains and trees, I changed my header three times today until I was happy! Lucky you!

I look forward to your "when-you-can" posts. :)

Uber said...

Hiya RT! Wanna come with? Lots of mountain men...c'mon, you know you want to... haha

On my way to check out the new header!

linda said...

Hey, I can barely see to read--are you planning to move?

RT said...

I'm kind of stuck here for another year. The mountain will have to come to me. HA! (At least temporarily...yeah, I'm not eager to move away from this am I?

I thought I'd be moving down South this summer, but...

God didn't allow me to be eager to move for nothing. I'll end up somewhere (hopefully with mountains, lakes and lots of trees or views of them).

Uber said...


RT- HA! Ok, then, but I can still treat you to some photos of random mountain men in front of those mountains can't I? To tide you over until the time comes.... ;)

I have actually been a bit afraid to tell anyone that I'm making the move for fear that that will jinx me and I'll still be right here this time next year!

Now I know it doesn't really work like that...

Wyatt Earp said...

Anything that brings you closer to PA is a good idea in my book! :)

RT said...

I jinxed myself, but good! I had two houses picked out, too.

RT said...

Pictures will good, btw. ;P

Uber said...

Hiya Earpy!

RT, you got it. ;)

Damian G. said...

You could always do what I've done and get a blog-sitter. I do that whenever I plan on being away from home for a week or more.

They're cool because they aren't paid but keep up blog traffic! It's like non-immoral slavery!

Uber said...

Good idea Damian, non-immoral slavery rocks!

But, I'm hard pressed to think of any bloggers not already having trouble keeping up with their own blogs (plus, remember the one time I tried that & jimmyb did a poor impression of leather...which gave Earpy nightmares?)

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Heh. I apologize about the whole leather thing. Best forgotten... ;)

Glad like is going ok for you Uber; we'll be thinking about you, and don't be a stranger! :)

linda said...

I've actually been thru part of WVA on the way to PA. I remember interstates that seemed almost empty--it was dark on the way back, maybe that had something to do with it! I remember thinking Byrd must be doing a good job on the roads!

You could always do what Imaginesmith does--just post great pictures! Or artwork. But you'd still have to do some regular posts to keep us informed on what you're up to!

Good luck with the move!

(And I can see better now than the day of the "drops"--mz smartypants!

linda said...

Oh no, a mistake! Okay, so I'm not perfect! ;) The blog I mentioned is actually The Imagesmith. It's in my blogroll if you'd care to check it out.

linda said...

I forgot--he's from WVA! Cue spooky music....or not.

Uber said...

CUG- Thanks and no worries, your own blog posts have blocked it all out (yeah, the gas mask is still crackin' me up). *g*

Lin- I'd say it's not a real happening place but I've not lived there in about half my life and don't know if I'd even recognize it today. It's been a loooong time. However, I think my first order of business in embracing those redneck roots, should be kicking Byrd's ass. haha

Hey, thanks for the heads up, I'll pop over and check the Imagesmith out.

Uber said...

Lin- I checked it out, thanks again, so preety! (And I'm pretty sure it's appropriate to just go ahead and cue the spooky music after that particular phrase, no matter the circumstance. hehe)

Rodrigo said...

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kateykakes said...

Congrats and good luck with your move! I'm still trying desparately to move to NC, but there's those things called "kids" that won't let me leave yet. :)

Ssssteve said...

Hey, I have some friends that live in WV. Greenbanks area. Wherever that is! HA. Hope all goes well! Watch out for the "dancing outlaw"!

Uber said...

Hi Katey, thanks! Hope you had lots of fun on your trip. Hey, NC isn't going anywhere,... and it's just amazing sometimes, the changes of heart time can bring. (in the kiddies too.) All in good time... ;)

Ssssteve- I don't have any idea where that is either. *g* Thanks and I will!

Dr. Phat Tony said...

How did I become so inspiring?

Captain America said...

I always wanted to see that part of the country. We have been talking about taking a vacation one of these years to see Tennessee and the Shenandoah Valley and just drive in an RV all through W. Virginia.
I have also been thinking of giving it all up to become a Mountain Man...coincidence? I think NOT! Good luck, and stay happy.

Uber said...

Just bein' your Alabamian self, Doc. ;)

Thanks Cap! You should definitely make that trip, imo. You'll love it!

Just curious though, has the sig other been consulted about this whole mountain man thing? *g*