Thursday, July 19, 2007

Live Blogging- Blogging (Plus, Lots of True Linky-Love)

Isn't that a novel idea?! Tell me, who has ever live blogged their blogging whilst bestowing linky-love upon all? Well, now you can say you've seen it all!

Yeah baby!

9:25 AM- Instead of feeding the always hungry OCD (aka the need to visit blogs in alphabetical order), I'm off to visit Linda, of Frankly, My Dear... because her health is way more important than my "issues".

Update- OK, so things are not anywhere near perfect, but she is ranting, and that's always a hopeful sign (plus, it's funny to see Lin type "WTH"??? repeatedly).

Frankly, my dear... We'll still love you if you spell it out (or even trade the "H" for an "F"). *g*

9:40 AM- Next up is RT, of Public Pondering, because I somehow missed visiting her blog yesterday and the "need to know" is stronger than "the need to be alphabetically crazy".

Update- Now here is a lady unafraid to type a big capital "F" on her public blog. Glad you're back, RT! :)

(This linky-action is like work, I need coffee.) Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Okie-dokie then.

10:15 AM- I am distracted from linky-loving by "Sex Ed for Kindergarteners 'Right Thing to Do,' Says Obama".

If this liberal can't rally conservatives, nobody can.

10:25 AM- I am distracted by a heart-to-heart with a certain uber-teen (see how that happens all natural like between mother and daughter, just whenever the time is right, without the intervention of jokers in Washington?) Coincidence? I think not.

10:45 AM- At long last! The need for organized alphabetical blogging shall be fed.

Hello 45-Caliber Justice, because who doesn't want some of that??

Update- Tyler D. posts, WEBCAM! Only I can't see because it's not loading correctly. Oh, the dreaded red x.

Ah well, linky-love you anyhow Tyler! (Pffft, indeed.)

11:02 AM- Must check out Cove Rebel's 5th Street Truths.

Update- So happy I stopped by. Because Cove Rebel just never disappoints nor fails to make one think. - So here I am...

Just so y'all know, do overs sometimes really do present themselves. :) How it turns out remains to be seen. However, when the time comes, I'll be sure to let you know. Until then... Be teased!

11:49 AM- Lunch break! Good thing I'm not hungry because I think had better take a blog break and get some work done. Never fear though!

I'll be back.


Dr. Phat Tony said...

Your live blogging is much better than mine. I always get stopped and have to go and do something.

linda said...

Thanks for the linky-love! Live-blogging. Terrific idea! Overcoming OCS, another terrific idea! heh

What a day yesterdat was! If I'm put to sleep, I'm going to make a name tag to wear with my name, birthdate and ss # and my lawyer's name! heh Bet they'll be very, very careful! (Think Porky Pig!)Yeah, I know I'm stuck in the toons! ;)

linda said...

Oh, OCD not OCS! whatever

And that word you were talking about is not in my vocabulary! mz potty-mouth!

Uber said...

Thanks, Doc! Thanks a whole lot. Now I feel pressure to not just blow off the live-blogging (and take swim instead).

Lin- Not in your vocabulary, huh? I see you knew exactly what I meant with only one letter to go on...haha

RT said...

Thanks for the linky love! I tend to cuss a lot when I am tired. It is one of my endearing qualities. :P

Uber said...

Always a pleasure, RT. :) "Potty-mouth" and all. haha

Guess my live blogging just got cut short, or will have to be continued later, yeah the good Doc jinxed me!

OK, not really. Actually good stuff.

A friend brought her little mermaid by to spend some time with me, and who doesn't like swimming and icecream???

Except maybe Fitch, who rumor has it...

hates children.

RT said...

Fitch loves children. He thinks they are tasty.

Insolublog said...

Howdy, Uber. So what's next? Love blogging? I couldn't think of a more qualified patron of the concept. I mean that in a totally non-gay way of course.

Uber said...

RT, Yummy fried in butter? Say it aint so.

Insolu- Hi! We really missed ya.

And, thanks... but here I thought I was love blogging the whole time. ;)

RT said...

I think he prefers them fried in bacon fat.

Uber said...

It figures!