Friday, July 20, 2007

One More Try

So maybe I never was able to combine live blogging my blogging and linky-love (for more than a couple of hours anyhow). It was a lofty dream, no?

Since linky-lovin' is way more fun, I present....

Me Linky-Love You Looong Time!

(Or until I run out of time, whichever comes first.)

Beginning where I left off yesterday, I give you ...

The thoughts of SGT Wilks at A Female Soldier 2. You'll find some terrific photographs there as well. You'll love them, just go check them out already!

The Patriot, of A Soldier's Perspective presents- Soldiers Defend Body Armor


Here is something that you will not hear on the floor of Congress about how good our gear is:

Rachel, of Channelling Cloe shows us how to play the game, and I quote...

You tease, you lead, you beg and grovel...

Yeah, baby. ;) Go Pay heed to the geek!

Now, Rachel E. is doing a fabulous job over at
Conservathink, so go say hi and tell her so because it's true, Guns Don't Kill People, Gun Control Advocates Kill People!

This just in- I know I'm not live-blogging my linky-love blogging today, but if I were, it would look like this.

5:16 PM - Right in the middle of commenting on another great post from the Crazy Politico, of Crazy Politico's Rantings, the uber-teen walked by and I totally remembered to show her these super cool eyeglass frames (because I'm going to finally just go completely blind if I keep ignoring this particular need) and forgot what I was going to say on the topic of Merit Pay. Guess I earn very little merit there. Unless linky-love makes it all better...

Moving on.

The ever eloquent Dr. Phat Tony, of the one and only Dr. Phat Tony's posts, Huh?
Seriously, go read A Fallen Soldier, and check back for possible updates as well. (Bring tissues.)

Also, be sure to visit the Captain, over at First In Engine, and check out
HILLARY & BILL, A LOVE FOR THE AGES...WRETCH! (Yeah, bring barf bags.) No offense Captain. :)

Next up, is Sssteve, of First With Flair (whose last post was HA HA HA HA HA HA on July 11, 2007). Go tell him he's slacking, we need more photos!

Where, oh where, is The Great Spewing One, of Fmragtops Spews??? Because, if there was some sort of an announcement, I missed it. :(

Stew, of Get Stewed, is setting the scene and creating the mood in Yoink!
(Liberal tree hugging moon bat wacky persons beware...)

Now, the moment we've all been waiting for.


Insolublog is back!

Another Presidential Malaise Moment (Attempting to comment on this article, chock full of treasures, will be like saying "Um, thanks. Here, I have these pebbles to offer in return..." after being handed pearls, but go ahead and try anyhow. I did.)

Then, there's the issue of an Insolublog meme. You do not want to miss that. ;)

Finally, we are presented with, Pun With Fropaganda. Frightening? Perhaps. Worth the read? Absolutely. So, you go there now!

Our very own KateyKakes of Kate's Kafe, has become a Scrubs addict, and is suffering from insomnia. So sorry Kate. Quick, somebody rush over there and post some Al Gore videos!

Now, where is that Peakah? C'mon, just throw us a photo of the "pretty sweet rugged leather outback hat" and we'll all be happy! Or feature s'more family dimples, that works too. :)

Fitch, of Radioactive Liberty lays down the law, giving us the New Recliner Rules and then disappears. That's likely very common, not only after purchasing a recliner but likely involving a battery operated remote control. (Doesn't it always?)

Big news coming up.

The Anti-Hippy is engaged! (Why are you evil conservatives not lining up to tell him to run away, run away fast??) Anyhow, congrats, AH. We wish you all the best (even if it need be at knife point). That's code for, "Go over and wish AH all the best, or else!"

Next up, The CUG is offering free gun pron. Yeah, you know you want it.

Mister Spacemonkey, of The Flying Spacemonkey Chronicles tells us everything we suspected is true!

It is a little known fact (only because I have failed to ramble about it until now), that The Indepundit (way back in the "Lt-Smash-Live From The Sandbox" days) was the very first blog I ever graced. After having received a few letters and telephone calls from friends (all military personnel), stating the media's outright dishonesty about what was really happening on the ground in Iraq, I was very concerned. I wanted to do something, just anything really, to help. Our military should not have to worry about such things while they are already sacrificing their very lives.

I was told to "google" for more information because some soldiers, those who could, were already speaking out. So, that's how I first discovered blogging. Of course, IMAO was on the sidebar, and you pretty much have to click and love IMAO. I can't express how great it was to have discovered the blogosphere (because before that I was just flipping channels back and forth between FNC, ABC, and CNN trying to figure out how the news coverage could be so different). This involved lots of yelling, "What the hell is going on?!" at the television and this almost never goes over well with the cat collection. So, now you know. I yell at CNN, collect cats, and The Indepundit rocks. (Who needs a meme, huh?)

Now, stop yawning and go support your local gunfighter!

Have a terrific weekend (and if I missed anyone just whine in comments, that always works)!


RT said...

Yeah..."You tease, you lead, you beg and grovel..." It gets tiring, though.

However, I've given you the title of "Rockin' Girl Blogger"! Enjoy the glory!

Uber said...

Yay me! Thanks RT. I shall celebrate by turning the computer off and take a swim. (nanananana)

RT said...

A swim in the pond in a box?

Uber said...

No way! The pool was the first project from hell. *g*

Stew Magoo said...

thankee thankee

And you're one of the rare people who can actually say "we have a pool, and a pond. pond would be good for you..."

/caddyshack quote

spacemonkey said...

Thanks Uber babe!

And yes IMAO is awesome.

Insolublog said...

Once again, Uber, I am humbled and delighted by your linking and thinking.

rachel said...

Thanks for the linkage! I turned the computer off this weekend too, but there was no pool, just Harry Potter. :)

Uber said...

Stew, Yw, and your comments are repeatedly making me have to work! (If googling can be considered work.) *g*

Welcome Mister Spacemonkey! And yes, yes it is. (I'm still pushing the MM Hate Mail on people.)

Insolu- Thankies! Really nice to have you back. ;)

Rachel- YW, hope you enjoyed the weekend. :)

Dr. Phat Tony said...

Thanks for the link love. I'm glad you're back semi-fulltime or whatever.

Uber said...

Thanks Doc! (And even I don't really know).

Peakah said...

Getting linked when I've been the laziest blogger west o'tha Mississippi is truly an honor!

Thanks for the kind words hon, unfortunately my "pretty sweet rugged leather outback hat" has evaded me since the move... I hope it's in some box somewhere in the garage...

Garage gets tackled tomorrow, I miss my hat.