Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Friday Be Damned

I am feeling the need for a bit of mind-numbing this fine Tuesday, and thought I'd share. Let's face it, what's more mind-numbing than cat blogging?

That's right. Absolutely Nothing. It's not just for Friday anymore!

First up, meet Clopsy, new addition in Uber-World.

Clopsy was found a home but it was later discovered that he was deaf, so I brought him back to live with me where he can be given all of the special care that he needs.

Clopsy is fun, playful and perfectly normal other than not being able to hear. He's not always particularly bright, though. Evidence follows...

Yeah, Clopsy totally jumped right into the uber-teen's bath and needed a little help getting back out.

Thor is not so much in love with Clopsy as he is tolerant, for my sake I'm sure. Look deeply into his eyes. I'm not feelin' the love.

Next up, is newest kitty on the block- Pumpkin. She is the sweetest, cutest, and funniest little kitten I have ever had the pleasure of cuddling. Fulfilling all those biological clock/air raid siren needs, she pretty much rawks my sawks. (I've been waiting two whole years to say that about something.)

See? Even Thor loves her. This is their very first introduction.

Not so sure Pumpkin knows what, exactly, to make of Thor just yet. ;)

That concludes Tuesday's Cat Blogging.

Y'all have a great week!


linda said...

I had a white, part-Persian with blue eyes that was deaf when I was about 10. I noticed Clopsy has a blue eye and a mixed eye! Thor looks like he's king of the roost! Pumpkin is cute. Kittens are so much fun!

Guess where I'll be tomorrow! Eye clinic!

Uber said...

Hiya Lin. :)

Clopsy really shouldn't have been deaf since the white hair and blue eyes genes were from separate sources, and even at that he should have only been deaf in the ear on the side of the blue eye...so I'm not sure what's up with that. We don't care though, we just love him so much!

Thor has rarely left that spot in years, which is why all of his photos have the same background, btw. Not even if I use him as a pillow. haha

Prayers for a great eye clinic experience (if such is possible)!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Prayers en route.

Really happy for you about your sawks, too! ;

Uber said...

Thanks CUG. I knew you'd be supportive. ;)

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I generally don't like the death penalty, but I have been known to make exceptions...


Uber said...

Ew, just caught that one, CUG. Never seen anything quite like it!