Friday, October 21, 2005

The Carnival of...Gossip?

Friday @ 8 P.M. EST: It's Ladies' Night at Conservathink!

My submission-

Creating Gossip about Hillary Clinton! Yay!

Since so much attention was given to Karl Rove's so-called ordinary garage, I thought it would be of even more interest for us all to take a peek into Hillary Clinton's closet. Now since our VRWC seems to be a little slow these days and was unable to get this photograph for me, I used my mad Photoshopping skillz instead. Hopefully this photo will generate enough gossip that Damian (who really hot chicks!) will allow entrance later tonight.

I'm pretty sure the only rule was a Carnival submission (he never stated that it couldn't suck). Oh, yeah, and actually being a chick. There's that other pesky rule. Looks like you guys are barred from Conservathink after 8 pm. Unless you stop by and post as a bunch of fake chicks, which would be really funny. Now I know none of you, not even the gun molester would do such a thing. ;)

Anyhow, here's to you Hillary. A closet never said more about a gal.

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