Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It's the American Spirit, Mister Potato Head

A fellow blogger has brought something on the subject of portrait morphing technology to my attention with his link/comment to my previous post concerning Christopher Columbus.

Insolublog, (witty guy that he is) says-

Liberal morphing technology was used to produce a composite portrait of (fill-in-your-favorite-evil-America-related -white-guy-from-history)

the result is here.

Now, I've some personal experience in not only portrait morphing technology but the early history of this technology as well as indigenous peoples and evil American white guys.

Uber-Conservative Elaborations on the History of Portrait Morphing Technology According to Uber

When I was a young child, indigenous people were unable to afford much in the way of their interests in their children's educations, along with lower income minorities and whites as well. The children attended public (government) schools all over the United States as their parents could not afford private schooling and the evil white guys (mostly Democrats) had forced mandatory compulsory attendance laws onto them.

There were lots of non-indigenous people in the same boat, though most in that sinking ship still seem to have no idea exactly who the evil white guys in America really are. Since the evil white guys (Democrats) had successfully ensured their lack of education through unconstitutional legislation (government education provided by unconstitutional taxation), better educated children were honing their conservative morphing skills of evil white guys (Democrats) with this-

while, being wrongly imprisoned against their will in failing government schools, all the other children had to practice their conservative portrait morphing skills of evil white guys (Democrats) on was this-


Thankfully, many parents got tired of being treated like criminals for merely wanting to provide for their children (at no cost to taxpayers) and decided to take their constitutional rights back. Many went to jail, their children seized and forced back into government schools even after they proved they were able to provide the most superior education available in the U.S. (superior to brick-and-mortar private education even) but they just would not give up and their numbers grew.

In the nineteen eighties, a well educated group of conservatives (totally not evil but mostly white and all Christian lawyers) decided to form a legal defense association, HSLDA, to protect these parents from the evil white guys (Democrats) with the support of other conservatives and conservative Christians (Republicans) and are still working together to protect the parental freedom to provide a superior education to their children (indigenous and non-indigenous alike) to this day.

No thanks to the evil white guys (Democrats) these children have been able to break free and pursue their dream of reading books that aren't ignorant (riddled with fundamental errors & liberal indoctrination), and have avoided having the pinko-commie status quo forced onto them. Along with many other indigenous and non-indigenous children and teens alike, they have received or are receiving an education that's far superior to that which the evil white guys (Democrats) planned on their behalf.

Evil white or any other color guys (Democrats) beware, these folks will have their Mister Potato Head!

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