Sunday, October 23, 2005

Rat-infested French Jails Likened to 'Dungeons in Middle Ages'

BillyBudd over at American Dinosaur brings something of interest to our attention-

Hypocritical Froggies

"Rat-infested French jails likened to 'dungeons in Middle Ages'

FRANCE'S prisons are the worst in Europe and their cells are akin to dungeons in the Middle Ages, according to a watchdog's report yesterday.

Hygiene is "deplorable", with inmates crowded into filthy, rat-infested cells, leading to an explosion in the number of prisoners with infectious diseases, the International Observatory of Prisons (IOP) said.

It described conditions as "catastrophic" and condemned the French government for failing to improve matters. "The situation is totally unworthy of our level of civilisation. Conditions of detention are close to those of the Middle Ages," the Paris-based IOP said.

It blamed the government's tougher sentencing polices for aggravating chronically bad prison conditions without solving the problem of delinquency.

The report said French jails suffered from overcrowding, bad hygiene, rising violence and suicide rates of more than six times the national average - France has Europe's highest suicide rate among prisoners."

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Well, well.

How about all the stink made by France over the so-called "poor conditions" at Abu Ghraib? What was the term BillyBudd used?

Ah, yes.

"F&%$ing hypocrites."

I must agree. The stench of hypocrisy is overwhelming.

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