Sunday, October 23, 2005

Fun Stuff Saturday- Yay!

The debates are on. To participate, or not, in Halloween.

I have a confession to make.

I love Halloween!

I love the costumes and the late nights. I love the kids and the candy. I love the decorations and all the time spent decorating (for the children, of course heh). I love the fall breeze, the scent in the air, and the trip to the pumpkin farm, especially since I've moved to the country this past year and can walk or bike ride the distance. I love the Fall Fesitival that comes the week before and of Halloween. I love working late nights the week before on some new amazing piece that will lure prospects into my (mwahahaha). My spooky, cute, and fun Halloween fine art/photography attracts a whole new clientele this time of year, many of which stick around for years to come. Stuff I have to blow the dust from gains new found attention once again, so you know I'm lovin' that. I also love all of the sales that come after Halloween which enable me to stock up on all sorts of props for future use at little cost.

So, every Halloween when that old 'to participate or not' debate is polished up and brought out for dissection, I personally will not participate in that. My motto for neighbors and friends is this- If you want to stop by on Halloween night, there will be entertainment in the form of a children's/adult's costume party where I will have an area set up and dedicated to free portrait photography for all. Spooky, cute, fun...whatever. If you want to turn your lights off and stay home instead, I certainly will not think any less of you. I won't TP your house or anything like that. Honest. ;)

As for me, I'm costume, candy, and party supply shopping this evening!


Happy Halloween from Betty Crocker

Spooky Halloween Recipes from Nestlé

Halloween Online for all your Halloween needs.

And last but not least.......

Halloween past-

My cat, Loki, this time last year at just 6 weeks old. He's a versatile animal in the way he makes a nice Halloween cat, portrait subject, cuddle bunny, and kills mice too. Also, makes a sweet Halloween desktop wallpaper so I've uploaded original images that are free of those unsightly copyright watermarks just in case anyone wants to right click and save for that purpose. :)

Update- Costumes half price, yay! I'm a Medieval wench, on discount.

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