Friday, January 13, 2006

Alito- To Be, Or...uh...To Be? That Is The Question!

OP-ED by The Uber-Conservative
13 January 2006


Ok, so I know I said I wasn't sleeping on the job but I watched as much of "The Inquisition" as was possible, read no less than 30 editorials covering the confirmation process, poured over some transcripts and I've still no inclination to write anything of substance on this very important subject.

Good thing there are those out there who have already and will continue to do so. As for me, I just have one question and an analogy.

My question is- If liberals speak and nobody cares, do we still hear it? Oops, I mean why. Why do we still hear it?!

My analogy of the liberals showing their ignorance of constitutional law while attempting to use the confirmation process to garner attention for themselves (I'm being generous here because lots of it was just rambly junk that didn't have anything to do with anything whatsoever and the rest was repetitive ignorance) which was largely ignored by the general public and turned out to be a good thing for democrats (you know exactly what I'm saying if you watched/read about even a little of that mess)-

I once had a looong coversation with my cat on the topics of fur balls, bird hunting and grooming. He (being the expert on such things) opened one eye, yawned, and went back to sleep to the sound of my ever droning voice.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. With a capital z.

Wait, maybe I should have used the "neutered cat" analogy (one guess as to who the cat is in that analogy).


Oh well, either way...Alito will be confirmed (as he should be) and if the liberal goal here was to risk appearing more foolish that usual (if such is even possible) in order to excite the Soros crowd into giving them more money, I suggest they go the "porn/booze route" next time. They want a little entertainment for their $ so take it off, Teddy baby, take it off!

Oddly enough, that thought isn't much more sickening than actually listening to him speak.

Ok, maybe a little.

In all seriousness, liberals have succeeded, in my opinion.

In proving beyond a doubt just how much John Q. Public has in common with our fellow furry friends.

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