Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Criminals Turned Stars, Controversial Soup And One Manipulative Bitch

New Bollywood Film To Star Real Criminals

NEW DELHI - "Little-known director Nabh Kumar Raju says he's making a mafia-themed film with an entire cast of criminals or people who say they've at least attempted a crime, The Times of India newspaper reported Monday.

About 3,000 hopefuls turned up for the audition. The paper did not say when it was held.

The paper said Raju asked all the wannabe actors only one question before their auditions: "Have you ever attempted any crime?"

The six people chosen include a sharpshooter, a local mafia boss facing trial, a man involved in past kidnappings and a thief, the report said."

Sounds like something we should do in America to draw out terrorists. It's not so far fetched that terrorists might believe that Hollywood would want to honor them by making them stars, is it?

Pork Soup Becomes Political in France

In Strasbourg, France, pork soup was banned this month after officials deemed it could disrupt public order.

"Schemes with racial subtexts must be denounced," said a statement by Strasbourg Mayor Fabienne Keller.

A leading anti-racism group has urged Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy to ban pork soup giveaways [for the homeless] throughout all of France.

I've never before considered soup to be capable of so much. Who knew?

More interesting news of the day, my dog, Shadow (who thinks she's a cat), has been in bed shivering under a baby blanket for more than 24 hours (but only when she thinks I'm looking) because I clipped almost all of her hair and gave her a bath. She's totally milking it...

...for treats of forbidden kitty chow.


Yeah I know I'm being played here, but she's just so darn cute!

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