Saturday, January 28, 2006

Where Have I Been All My Life?

Saturday Update: No, I'm not in a major "me phase". This was supposed to be my Friday post but not only did I work all night and injure my toe while acting like a foo (and with a sports injury of the same foot already acting up), I was also hit with a fever so now I'm all "I want my mommy!" and never did get around to posting. Amazing what sleep, a bath, and drugs does for a body so here is my magnificent Friday post. Oh and speaking of working all night, why not help me out and tell me if you think this trial underwater background I created in photoshop is natural and real looking. Please. :)


Hat Tip: 45-Caliber Justice

(Ok, the map had to go, messing with my game here.)

check out these Google Hacks.

I wanted to travel the entire United States and stopped in some of these states to live a few (2-4) years. As you can clearly see, after Kansas (there over 3 years) I backtracked my way home, but not before stopping to live in Kentucky awhile (about 4 years, I think, I lost track at that point).

And that's it for me, I may travel some more but I do believe I'll reside in North Carolina from here on out (although resisting the urge to stop and live in Tennessee on the way here was difficult, very pretty!). I consider myself a North Carolinian and have lived in this beautiful state more than anywhere else but am not a native North Carolinian. I pretty much decided to call it home when I was only 8 or 9 while just driving through with my parents on our way to South Carolina, which was to become our home for awhile. I begged my dad to stop and live here then but he just drove faster. *g*

The sights of NC from my back seat window were truly impressive and I knew I'd some day call it home. I think it's kind of neat that I not only remembered and did just that but have my family here as well. I've moved here and there since first arriving (I think at about age 16), but I keep coming back and finally for good now. It helps that my parents, my brother and his son don't appear to be going anywhere (although I suspect my dad would prefer to be further south I'm betting on my mom this time).

I surely prefer they all stay, though I will remain whether they do or not.

And this is why:

The park in spring.

The rainbow to the left of my house.

Roses in October.

And roses in November.

That poor rose bush that I dug up and toted from state to state for 7 years, now thriving by the front porch (inspiring mucho art photography).

"Gather the rose of love whilst yet is time." -Edmund Spenser

Ok, ok. Stop gagging. Moving on...

Butterflies in my back yard.

Frogs in the pond.

Ok, so it's not actually in the pond there. And it's more like a huge mud hole the frogs use for down and dirty mating purposes, I'm not taking photos of that. Just say no to froggy pron!

Ahem...moving on to beautiful sunsets.

This last photo was taken by the uber-teen and one of her first really impressive efforts so "ooo...ahh" appropriately. ;)

And last but not least there are the awesome lakes full of photogenic ducks.

Wait. Those ducks were totally dissin' me. Here are the polite photogenic ducks.

What's not to love? Now don't you just want to vacation in North Carolina? (All your vacation monies are belong to us! bwahaha)

So, that concludes today's episode of 'I really have no post because I worked all night and stubbed my toe while acting like a foo'.

Hey, maybe you'd prefer I cat blog every weekend? haha

Ok, I'm out.

Hope everyone has a schweet weekend.

As for me I'll be cuddling up with a bottle of water, favorite snuggler (who has mucho seniority), the TV remote and a bottle of advil.

Yay. Oo

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