Thursday, January 26, 2006

Teh Funny

These protesters are holding a sign with a Ben Franklin quote. As reported by Michelle Malkin, among others I'm sure, they've got the quote and Ben Franklin all wrong. Franklin said:

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Malkin continues with other examples of just how wrong they've got it but my personal favorite from one of her readers is this:

The misquotation of Franklin in the argument about "domestic wiretapping" strikes me as particularly amusing in light of Franklin's role as one of the premier intelligence agents during the Revolutionary War. The CIA has a nice summary of the intelligence activities undertaken in that war, and no one is so prominent as Franklin, including in covert activities. More to the point here, Franklin was a member of the original committee, appointed by the Continental Congress, to review and publish intercepted communications from England. Hmm, Benjamin Franklin: Domestic Spy!

But what does the wacky liberal Daily Kos have to say on this topic? Read on.

"The protesters that stood up backwards to Alberto Gonzales deserve to hear our strong strong support for what they did.

Like how a Washington Post Maryland comment page was randomly selected for messages to Deborah Howell, and it worked, messages of support to the Georgetown University Law Center protesters should go here.

Go there and send your love. They will hear it. Make it big."

The left will not improve behavior with this attitude. They not only allow these young people to continue to look silly and reflect that upon their political party but encourage it, becoming complicit in the foolish behavior.

Ah well. They only hurt themselves in the end.

I'm at a loss on what could possibly be said that would cause them to appear any more foolish and hateful than they do already, all on their own, but it is a shame that these young people are left without adequate role models. Dissent is one thing, this total lack of honesty and intelligence by radical liberals high on hatred is quite another.

They could take a lesson or two from Forrest Gump on the subject of what love is. Hint: It's not letting a friend walk around in public with their fly down, toilet paper stuck to their shoes, spinach between their teeth, or encouraging dastardly (not to mention embarrassingly wrong) public behavior on C-SPAN for all to see (although pretty funny to watch).

It wouldn't surprise me if Georgetown University was purposely chosen for this very reason. The rabid little liberals have become so very predictable.

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