Friday, January 06, 2006

Cat (and frog-dog) Bloggin' Yay!

Other than cuddling up with a significant other to watch a movie, going out with friends on a Friday night, or working, what could be more fun than cat bloggin'?

Nothing, I say!

Meet my cat, Logi. :)

Of course he's all grown up and way bigger than that now but this is possibly the cutest photo I've ever taken of any of my many cats.

He just crawled right in the dogs water bowl, which had been demoted and was for storing cheese before that, and went to sleep.

Connect the dots. I think he may be a little "Frenchy", if you know what I mean. haha

Logi is the son of Biddy (Iddy-Biddy, get it?) and brother of Loki, who I've blogged about before.


I discovered Biddy had been abandoned in the house of my dreams while house hunting over a year ago (by some people who moved back to Michigan and just left her there to die). Since she was a bag of bones and nursing kittens, and there was some type of black mold growing on the massive rock upon which the house was sitting, I didn't buy the house but scored a cat and her kittens. A home was easily found for Biddy once she was fattened up and her hair came back. She was a great guard cat, chasing people and dogs alike away from her territory (and a couple of them lived here). I miss her. *sigh* But, can't keep them all.

Her other kitten is Hara, who has also been found a home but had one fabulous Christmas with me before that.

Then there's Mr. Frog.

Mr. Frog is not a cat but is an extraordinary animal (for a frog, that is) who came to live in the little pond that I dug myself (read: huge mud hole, yeah it's not finished yet ok?!) and lets me take his photo just whenever I like (until he gets bored and hops away, anyhow). And yes, it has occurred to me that it's a different frog every single time so shuddup with all of that.

Here's a cross between Mr. Frog and my mom's dog, Prancer.

This was a "Cross Any Two Animals" photoshop contest hosted by a bunch of liberals in which there were no winners due to the fact that they think having losers damages people's self-esteem. Not giving a prize to the winner damages self-esteem if you ask me! And it's stupid. All this occurred to me only a few minutes in photoshop with this project so that's why it's not completely finished, I never did enter. No winners or prizes? Geez. It's kind of a creepy mix though, huh?

And this concludes this week's cat (and frog-dog) bloggin' because there's just nowhere to go from here but down.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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