Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Yet Another Halloween Gone By...

It's not Halloween til every muscle in my body hurts from running to and from the scene of a tp crime.

Well I hurt!

This year it all started when someone (likely welcomed to my home to participate in the festivities) decided that it would be funny to TP the tree in my front yard but failed to consider Zeke, uber-toilet paper chewing machine, would make a huge mess of it all. Not knowing who the culprit was, since everyone was cackling like a bunch of hyenas, I decided to take all my vengeful pranksting needs out on the "Flander" guy who said nobody would ever think it amusing to roll his home or trees with tp because he's always so considerate of others and doesn't do things like that.

"What would a medieval wench do in this situation?" I asked myself. There was really only one answer.


I traded the boots for sneakers, hid a roll of toilet paper in my hood and grabbed the nearest Medieval teen to run through the woods to the "Flanders" home to exact a little revenge. We were back shortly after everyone noticed we were gone (mwahaha). Were anyone to have been looking from any of the back windows to see me with my costume hiked up, running as fast as my bright white Dr Scholl's sneakers would carry me screaming "Pull those knees up and move it!" at the whiney Medieval teen who said the briery field was tearing her legs up, well...I can only imagine what they'd have thought.

All in all we had a fabulous night of spooky yet still very goofy fun and my refusal to plan the event on any other night because "it's just not the same!" caused more than a few, including myself, to miss a day's work. Yeah, Halloween only comes once a year so I can totally live with that.

And we have photos, yay! I put The Prodigy, aka whiney Medieval teen and budding local artist at just 15, in charge of photos. After bequeathing to her my beloved Sony Cybershot (best danged amateur digi-camera, imo) she had no choice but to say yes, and did a marvelous job too. :)

Soldier boy. Very handsome, no?

The Scream, scary stuff there.

Moi, Medieval wench. She even gave me a spooky glow. Schweet!

The Uber in party over ponytail clean up mode.

There are so many I'd love to post but blogger is being a slow poke so to heck with that.

Hope everyone's Halloween was spectacular!

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