Thursday, February 09, 2006

6 Days Until Valentines!

* New Suggestion- Give that special someone in your life...

...a kidney.

Unusual yes, but still so sweet.

Most women give their hearts on Valentine’s Day, but a Long Island woman is donating a kidney to her husband instead.

Joe Agnello, 45, of Islip Terrace, who suffers from kidney disease, jokes that his wife, Leona, is a little confused about what makes a good Valentine’s gift.

They've been married since June 2003, after meeting when Joe was her mailman.

Joe went on disability from the Postal Service shortly after their marriage because of kidney failure.

His brother was not a match; his sister had to back out because of medical problems.

Doctors at Stony Brook University Medical Center said it is unusual for unrelated people to match. Doctors said that although they are not a perfect match, advances in medication that fight organ rejections make for a good outlook.

The operation will be on Valentine’s Day at the Stony Brook.

* Tried and True- Think "stalking", only with rose in hand. Purchase a dozen roses and leave them for your significant other in different places, surprising them throughout Valentine's Day. A note or poem left with each rose? Even better. C'mon, anyone can make a two naughteh line rhyme.
I once snuck around stalking that special someone from noon until well after midnight having left a rose for them at work, where they picked up lunch, the dry cleaners, windshield of their car, etc...etc.

On the other hand, this could also be a way of saying "I know your every move!" or "You will be mine!" Muahaha


Ahem...moving on.

Know your roses:

The red rose signifies romantic love.

The white rose can mean reverence, humility, innocence or purity.

White and red roses combined means unity.

The yellow rose represents joy and friendship.

The pink rose expresses gratitude and appreciation.

Purple roses signify love at first sight.

Coral and orange roses express much desire.

The peach roses can mean either sympathy or gratitude.

And for the Gothic in your life the black rose (while really just a darker shade red) usually represents death. Oo

Side note- Be sure to check out Operation Love Our Troops.

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