Monday, February 06, 2006

The Grand Irony

Embassies in Syria Are Burned in Furor Over Prophet Cartoon

Danish Imams Propose to End Cartoon Dispute (All 12 cartoons can be seen by following this link as well.)

Don't Reprint Cartoons, Begs Sheikh

So, does freedom mean the right to offend the fundamental values of millions of people?

The answer:

Yes it does. And considering these folks have so little respect for the fundamental values of Western society, why is it that they (or any one else for that matter) expects the other side would blindly respect their fundamental values?

A side note- The Christian's Jesus is given the title "prophet" along with Mohammed but we sure never see the violent outrage when His image is depicted in a most unsavory way, from Christians or Islamists.

These cartoons were published in a free land for a free people and should only be subject to the values (read: freedom of speech) of a free (Western) civilization.

You don't like it? Don't look at it!

The grand irony is that by reacting with violence and threats to other's lives, they validated the cartoons. If people weren't already thinking, "Wow, it's all true!" they are likely thinking it now. This does more harm to their own image (as well as the "sacred" image of Mohammed) than any silly satirical cartoon ever could.

These cartoons need to be shown out of respect for the principles of free speech and to show that these principles are stronger than the principles of violence and terror.

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