Tuesday, February 07, 2006

7 Days Until Valentine's

* New Suggestion- Give your significant other a shotgun wedding.

Lovers caught on Valentine's should marry: ABVP
February 7 2006
RANCHI: "Couples spotted canoodling on Valentine's Day will be forced to get married, or so says the students wing of Jharkhand's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as it launches another diatribe against Western concepts overtaking Indian traditions.

With only a week to go before Valentine's Day on Feb 14, the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) is gearing up for another campaign as in previous years.

According to Anshuman Chaubey of the group, couples found cosying together in zoos, gardens and other public places would be caught and taken to the police station. Then, their parents would be called and be asked to get them married.

As the day becomes increasingly popular all over the country with an entire industry of cards and gifts building up around it, anti-Valentine's Day protests have also become more violent. Protests and violence with stoning of outlets have been frequent.

Groups like the ABVP justify their protests saying that Valentine's Day goes against Indian traditions.

"We do not like this vulgar display of affection. This time, we appeal to the administration to play a greater role on Valentine's Day and help us in getting the couples married," said Subodh Dubey of the VHP."

* Tried and True- Dine in, pick a romantic theme. This can be as simple as table decor (table cloth, napkins, rings, candles, glasses & a bottle of wine) or as elaborate as decorating an entire room. I once chose an Italian theme because one room of my home at that time was already decorated in Italian decor. I cooked all side dishes early in the day and saved the main dish only for late night cooking. Other than cooking, the only task was to move a small table into the room and throw a few choice items onto it. This is a great idea when the significant other works hours that do not permit a romantic dinner out or they may just be too tired for the whole "go out" production. ;) (Can't or don't feel like cooking, can always have something prepared and reheat it later.) Be the theme Italian or Hawaiian restaurant, a google image search should produce a fine example and cost is not an issue as even disposable table cloths can be found. (As I've learned in shopping for photography props, craft sections of lower cost dept. stores are a great place to look for things on sale too.)

Ladies, yesterday I read the results of a survey (which I forgot to save the link to so you'll just have to trust me) showing well over 60% of men prefer electronic gadgets as Valentine's gifts (but only a very small number actually get what they want...if memory serves correct, only around 20%).

Guys, the survey showed that women are so varied in their Valentine's gift preferences (around 20% like electronic gadgets, aprox 20% candy & flowers etc etc) that it's no wonder y'all are in trouble on this "make you or break you" lover's day. haha Looks like you'll just have to do your homework.

And last, but certainly not least, everyone has some great tips that must be noted!

Dr. Phat Tony makes a quick list of Valentine's gifts that also double as murder weapons.
1. Mop
2. Weed Eater
3. Golf Shoes (ok, maybe not a murder weapon but, ouch, that's gonna hurt)

Tommy, of Striving for Average thinks he's beat the system with his plan to just "be in a whole 'nother country for Valentine's Day". Bwahahaha. Let us know how that works out, Tommy. (Pity the fool!)

Linda asks if Tommy is planning to ever come home, I second that question.

Nathan shows everyone up by reminiscing the day of "café Naton, complete with flowers, music, candles, wine, dinner, rose petals and a candlelit bubble bath. Oh my. *wink*

All bow to the king of Valentine's romance!

Bob, of Crazy Politico suggests a nice household item with jewelry hidden inside. You're not so crazy after all, Bob. Great idea. Women love surprises (of the shiny or nice smelling variety). I just hope nobody with an impulsive mate tries this and gets clobbered with a coffee pot before she's discovered the jewels hidden inside and if they do, I hope they dare to share the tale with us all. *g*

Amazingly enough, The CUG suggests firearms, with the support of Tyler D. of 45-Caliber Justice, for the women in your life. Or was that a suggestion for gifts women should be purchasing for men, in hopes of a shiny new toy that goes bang? Hm. This is a high risk gift if she's offended by it. In any case, some women might actually like this Valentine's gift idea, you never know. It is at least possible to weave a romantic evening of such a gift.

Sssteve, of First With Flair throws us a curve ball by reinforcing the idea of a Valentine's massage and supports Dr. Phat Tony's quick list of Valentine's gifts that'll get you "kilt". ;)

With the very mention of massage oils and thigh-high leather boots, Wyatt Earp, of Sharp Shooters, asks for a moment to compose himself, then takes 20 hours. haha C'mon back Earpy, we're totally keeping it PG up in here (so far, anyhow).

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