Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Countdown to Valentine's

Nothing says "I love you" like slippery massage oil.

With Valentine's just around the corner I think a countdown is in order. Since most of my regular readers are men (except that one, hi Linda!), who are not known for their creativity in such occasions (sorry guys, you know it's true, back me up here Linda), I thought I'd share some helpful Valentine's ideas as well. Each day from now until Valentine's day, I'll be reminding you guys that "the day" grows closer and share a few ideas as to what you might consider to please those women in your lives. I am a hopeless romantic and a woman so this makes me an expert. I'll be posting at least one idea per day until "the day" and one idea that I have personally tried that went over well. I'll throw in some tips for the ladies too, just in case (especially since I have no idea who's visiting regularly but failing to comment). Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions as we go, and I will post the questions and answers as well as any good (or funny) suggestions here.

Disclaimer- While men and women alike are best viewed as individuals and vary in their romantic preferences, there do seem to be some generalizations that separate the sexes. However, it is your job to know your significant other, not mine, and not only will I not be held responsible for any Valentine's disasters that occur due to my advice, I reserve the right to taunt you over said Valentine's disasters. ;)

8 Days until Valentine's!

* New Suggestion-
Let Llamas Kindle The Spark of Love
"Stuck for romantic inspiration with Valentine's Day just a week away?

Then consider llamas."

Yes, you read that right. Llamas. Who knew? Oo

* Tried and True- Buy or rent a video on the art of sensual massage (no, no, not pron!). Watch before Valentine's (prep is everything here), purchase nice smelling massage oils (Bath & Body Works offers an affordable set of many scents in a sweet little pink heart box, complete with a massage tool) and treat your special someone to a little Valentine's bliss. Guys, ladies will love the thought put into this one as well as the massage (and are likely to reciprocate) and ladies, men love massages...Period. Nothing says "I love you" like slippery massage oil.

Tune in tomorrow for the next romantic Valentine's Day tip. :)

Guys, you can't go wrong Valentine's Greetings, but a greeting alone will not get and keep you out of the dog house!

Ladies, nothing screams "Look at me, look at ME!" on that special day for lovers like a shiny new pair of leather boots. Thigh-high leather boots? Even better. Best to order now before it's too late!

Let's not forget, our pets need love too.

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