Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday's Cat Bloggin'


I'm beginning to make myself ill with all the Valentine's bloggin'. If I don't stop soon, I'll be all "Ack. Who Cares!" by the time Tuesday actually rolls around.

Anyhow, there's a new cat on the block to add to the uber-cat collection. I named her Franki (after Frank Sinatra ha!) and have been hoping she'd prove to be one photogenic kitty. She's pretty but has she got what it takes? Will she run away hissing or attack the lens and slobber on it like Precious does? I'd like to use her in the 'greeting cards for children visiting the children's hospital' effort mentioned before, so today we gave it a whirl just to see how cooperative she is. Here are one of the results:

Franki was great. A little distracted maybe but not really what I'd call easily distracted and didn't get so scared that she puffed up like a Halloween cat and ran away or anything like that. She didn't sink her teeth into my camera either so that's always a plus.


I think I'll forget all the other things I've been working on and just use one of the photos from this shoot. Add some schweet words, maybe some artsy butterflies too, and call me done even though it was just a test shoot.

What do you think? Does Franki inspire smiles?

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