Friday, February 10, 2006

5 Days Until Valentine's!

Just call me Dr. Love, or The Ubmiester of Love

I wonder if I can get a cape with that title? heh


*New Suggestions-
1. Chocolate and cherries jubilee facial at Wine and Roses Spa. This treatment is for men as well as women. It's a relaxing hour of pampering featuring a seven-step process. Aestheticians apply different products to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and refresh. The facial includes steam treatment and a shoulder, neck and head massage using sour cherry whip and sugar plum soufflé.

» Information: (209) 334-6988

» Cost: $105

2. Adopt a Manatee. This special gift is available through the Save the Manatee Club in Maitland, Fla.

For $25, your special Valentine will receive an adoption certificate for an endangered manatee, a photo, a biography, membership handbook and a subscription to the organization's newsletter. For $10 more, your sweetheart also will get a stuffed manatee. "We do this every year, and there's always a wonderful response," said Janice Nearing, director of public relations for the club. "People like something other than the traditional gift."

» Information: (407) 539-0990 or (You may have to use express delivery.)

» Cost: $25 or $35

3. Sit down and write a letter. If Napoleon can do it, why not you? Need some inspiration or want to plagiarize the famous? Here are some letter examples, courtesy of the Web site

From Napoleon to Josephine, before their 1796 wedding: "I wake filled with thoughts of you. Your portrait and the intoxicating evening which we spent yesterday have left my senses in turmoil."

From Winston Churchill to his wife, Clemmie: "What it has been to me to live all these years in your heart and companionship no phrases can convey."

*Tried and True- Say I love you with personalized photography and/or art. For new couples this can be anything from having a snapshot together snazzed up to giving your partner a new hot photo of yourself (easy on the TMI here) to having a poem you wrote (or some famous lines that touch home) put on a schweet background (from sunsets to beaches to mountains). For long-term couples the possibilities are endless. A romantic scrapbook or photo album can be thrown together in mere moments. Highlighting some of the good times your relationship has produced is really sweet. Old Valentine's cards, snap shots of you together or individual images taken by each other, kids, family stuff, even the little cards that came with flowers past can be included in a scrap book. You could take out that old wedding photograph and have it snazzed up and reframed, poetry or just a few heartfelt lines added in an inconspicuous area. Faded or damaged photos can be repaired and framed, with or without the extras and all of the above mentioned ideas for new couples as well. You can get really creative or keep it simple. I've personally tried all of the above, either for the sake of my own romance or for others, and all work really well because it is a very personalized gift. I think most of us just want to know we're thought of on a very personal level when it comes to romance and Valentine's is a great excuse to show that.

So, I hereby offer my services free of charge for anyone wishing to present any of the personalized gifts above (except scrap book idea, on your own there). There's an endless supply of poetry and I've me own stock photography supply for backgrounds. Give me an adjective or two and I have a photo for you. Jazzing up, adding artistic extras, or repairing fading/damage are some of the quickest and easiest jobs so my time is of no concern. The only catch is that I'd be sending a file via email and it would be up to you to put it on a CD and take in to have printed and framed (c'mon, even Wal-Mart has the one hour deal now, and sells frames). So, if you'd like to take me up on my offer and give this type of a gift, lay it on me! It really doesn't take as much time/work as you might imagine. :) Just keep any romantic nekkidness to yourselves. haha

Speaking of which-

We have some new unscientific stats.

"It doesn't take much to please a man on Valentine's Day. All you have to do, ladies, is strip. At least that was the consensus of half of the male respondents to this year's completely unscientific Valentine's Day Close-Up poll, who chose "anything naked" as the best Valentine's Day activity.
Nude naughtiness was edged out, however, by female respondents who chose a good, old-fashioned fancy dinner. The dinner date won 44.3 percent of the vote, followed by a hot tub and champagne, which pulled in 28.7 percent of 180 responses."


People sending love texts on Valentine's Day should be careful they don't message the wrong person.

Forty per cent of people will be texting rather than sending cards on the international day of love and one in four people have misdirected a provocative text or photo, a poll of 3000 mobile phone users in Britain has found.
Recipients of the unwanted texts include bosses or colleagues (9 per cent) parents (3 per cent) and perhaps most embarrassing of all -- ex-partners (2 per cent).

See? 1 in 4...I'm not alone, accidents happen. Oo

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Update- We just can't have a decent Valentine's without advice from The Real Fake Dr., Dr. Phat Tony that is, so be sure to check out his
Valentine's Day Help.

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