Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Let's Just Get Flagged?

Hat Tip: Dr. Phat Tony's

I interrupt our regularly scheduled Valentine's love fest to share something just a little different. It's not pretty and it's not romantic but it's important all the same.

D. T. Devareaux, of The Study of Revenge, has been flagged by blogger due to complaints concerning his art which is displayed above. I repost and risk being flagged myself not because I think it would be cool to be flagged (though it might) and not because I would like to insult others (but I'll admit the prospect isn't exactly killing me here) but because every repost means those who would attempt to squash freedom of speech (only that which offends them of course), lose. I'm also sick to death of the double standards. I think everyone should click on over, exercise their freedom of speech and show their support for his.

That is all. Thanks. :)

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