Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Question For The Wise

Do people who don't vote, count?

I was just reading How To Slant A Poll 101 over at Right Wing News and some of the lefty commenters seemed to think that the opinions of Americans who don't vote actually matter. Now, the fact that these non-voting opinions benefit the left a good bit more than the right in polling (probably because non-voters also aren't paying attention to much, if you ask me) it doesn't really surprise me that some on the left would say that the opinions of these Americans actually matter.

I'm not saying these Americans in and of themselves aren't important to me or to America but I really don't think their opinions about anything of a political nature matter one bit. I will discuss the importance of voting with a non-voter and there are quite a few I call friend, but there's no way in hell that I'd ever spend my valuable time telling a non-voter what my opinion on any given political topic is, much less go so far as to ask them what they think. Unless of course it is in the context of why non-voters should vote if they give a damn about the state of the nation, then I might bother. Otherwise, I have more important things to do. Like sleep.

The non-voting American opinion does not matter, in my opinion, and it's their own fault. Vote or shut up, I say.

Is my thinking totally wrong?

Oh yeah, you should go read How To Slant A Poll 101 too. Relax, it's not nearly as long as the last link I posted. ;)

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